I have always collected vintage or new brooches. They can add a lot to an outfit whether you wear them on a coat, jacket, hat or even shoes. Lately, we have seen them used on ballet flats. Here's 5 ways to wear your brooches on shoes and where to get them.

Suede Ballet Shoes: H&M $34

Satin Red Ballet Shoes: Etro $1,000
Leather Ballerina Flats: &OtherStories $85

Porselli Ballet Shoes: $225

Pair your ballet shoes with these brooches:

Yellow Brooch

$128 (Free shipping)

Galerie Slavik
Acqua Lily Leaf

Vintage Art Deco Duette Rhinestone Brooch

Need a step to step tutorial? Emilee Anne can help you and inspire you.

Stuart Weitzman Shoes with Brooch

Stuart Weitzman Shoes with Brooch 

Ever wonder what are the most delicious and popular recipes these days? Here's you'll find 5 top recipes on Pinterest. Now you can impress your family and friends.

1. Cardamon Rolls with Pistachio with Rose Frosting from the Baking Bird.
Credit to bakingbird.com

2. Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake from It Does Not Taste Like Chicken.

Credit to ItDoesntTasteLikeChicken

3. Blood Orange Cake from Beyond Sweet and Savory.

Credit to Beyond Sweet and Savory
 4. Easy Thai Tea Latte from WhiteOnRiceCouple.

Credit to WhiteOnRiceCouple

5.  Avocado dressing on top of raw zucchini from my blog.

What do you do if you have too many avocados around your house? You make a delicious avocado mayo or avocado dressing - a healthy avocado dressing. I started searching through Pinterest to get some inspiration and soon enough I came across Tiffany's recipe from Creme de La Crumb's food blog. You know that I like to try recipes from other sites and then write about them, so this was just another opportunity. Let me tell you she is a genius! This is one of my favorite and easy healthy recipes, especially if you are trying to cut on carbs like pasta or meat. You can't go wrong. I can see how this avocado dressing can be used for zucchini spaghetti, as a spread for sandwiches and also as an avocado pasta sauce. I am posting the exact ingredients from Tiffany's recipe below, with notes on what I did differently. I encourage you to visit her site to see more of her delicious recipes.
  • 2-3 large or 3-4 small zucchinis. [Gin's notes: I bought them already cut in spiral at Whole Foods. They cost between $5.00 and $8.00. Well worth the money). 
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 avocados [I added 2.5 to get a creamy denser dressing]
  • juice of 1 lime
  • large handful of cilantro (about ⅓ cup loosely packed)
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic OR 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt (or to taste)
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • water, as needed [This helps if you want to have a liquid dressing, otherwise retain from water if you want a more mayo consistency.]
  • I added half tomatillo and it turned out to be a great addition. I just had it around the house. 

I used the food processor, but you could use your blender or hand mixer. Put all ingredients together except for the water.  Mix together until super smooth. If it is too dense add water a little at the time. Taste for salt and pepper.

Place the zucchini (raw) (already cut from Whole Foods) into a large bowl or a plate. Pour the avocado dressing or avocado mayao(however you want to call it) on top of the zucchini spaghetti. You can use a spoon and just put a big spoon of the avocado dressing on top of your zucchini. Pour the remaining dressing in a small bowl in case your guests want to add more.

That's it. Again, I can't rave enough about this recipe. It's healthy, low in calories, delicious, vegan, and just perfect. 

Eating organic is the first step toward a healthy life, but we rarely (at least I don't) think about what we put on our skin. In the past years there have been many companies coming up with organic skincare products yet it is hard to choose which products will be good for us as we attempt to make a transition to all natural skin care brands and products. Organic skin care product reviews are a good way to find out what products you might want to buy.

If you like to try out a bunch of organic skincare products whether your skin is prone to acne or dry, Whole Foods is running a really great deal beginning March 18. They will be selling a beauty bag with a variety of products including organic lipstick, organic toner, organic mascara, etc. for the price of $15. The bag retails for $80. This is an amazing deal. If you have been using already organic skin care products like Burt's or Mineral Fusion, you know they are not cheap. I am already planning to get a bunch of these bags for friends!!

Here is what you get in the bag. I got to have a preview. So if you want to know a good organic skincare brand take a look!

1. Mineral Fusion Mascara: My friend Brigette has been using their products for a while now. You can get them a Whole Foods and Earth Fare if you have one locally. Why she swears by it? "I don't like to put more chemicals on my face than I need to. Especially when we already spend so much time trying to restore our skin" Brigette.

2. Weleda: This is a company that is well known in Italy. Their line of children's natural products is really good. It is very pricy in the States depending on the product, but if you ever get to go to Europe go to a pharmacy and fill your suitcases with these products. I recommend the Skin Food Creme Nutritive for winter times or if you have dry skin. I love how it smells. It reminds me of summers spent on the Mediterranean Sea. Avoid if you have oily skin or are prone to acne. I like to use it at night before I go to bed.

3. Trilogy: This is a new product for me, so I will probably review it separately in few weeks. I like to try new products for a while before really deciding if they are worth or not. You will get an oil that is said to brighten and increase elasticity. Can't wait to try it out.

4. Derma e: Their charcoal masks are a nice alternative to mud masks. It is made with algae and activated charcoal. I use these masks only when I have blackheads and I am in need of a detox for my skin. Another trick to use this mask is that if you have a zit put a small amount on this mask on it, leave it all night there and in the morning wash it off. Your zit should have disappeared.

5. ACURE: Poor minimizing scrub. I never used this one, but it is something that regularly use in the summer time to maintain my pores cleaned. Again, I think I will use it for few weeks and see how I like it.

6. EvanHealy: Rose Facial Toner reminds me of what my grandmother and later I used to use to clean our skin. At the times the most famous rose water was just in a beautiful blue bottle that you could buy at the grocery store. Santa Maria Novella has its own version. Evanhealy adds geranium which makes it refreshing to use. I dig this product especially as it is getting warm out.

7. MyChelle: Perfect C Serum. My friend and dermatologist have been encouraging me to use some type of C serum for a while now. I tried another brand a while back but I truly was not sure if it worked. I think I was doing it wrong because after talking to MyChelle they gave me some great tips to maximize the effect. Use it in the morning on clean skin. Then apply SPF! It is supposed to reduce fine lines.

8. Dr. Hauschka: Soothing Cleanising Milk. This is a great product if you have allergies and can't use fragrant products. It does contains alcohol in case your skin is too sensitive for that too. I don't know much about milk so again another organic skin care product I need to try for few weeks.

9. Burt's. I love their products. I use them for my daughter so I am already a fan. I have been wanting to try their lipsticks for a while and finally I got to do so. They are awesome. They are very soft, will provide you some pigmentation but it is not over the top. This is so far my favorite product of their line.

You take all these great pictures when you travel and then they get hidden in your computer. You keep saying that one of your annual goals is to clean up and organize your photos but you never do it. So, while attempting to clean up some pictures on a Friday lunch break, here are few pictures of my last trip to Paris in September.