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5 DYI Hair Masks That Everyone Can Try

5 DYI Hair Masks That Everyone Can Try

There are many different ways that people can damage their hair while going about their daily lives. Harsh sunlight, city pollutants, and not having the time to nourish your hair and scalp can all take their toll. Even worse, most people think that the best way to undo this damage is to buy expensive hair masks. That is why we are going to take a look at how to make hair masks at home and the five best DIY hair masks for damaged hair.

1. Banana Homemade Hair Remedies

The ingredients in this hair mask might be a little outlandish, but it is a very good hair mask to promote healthy hair and scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and heal your already damaged hair. For this hair mask you will need two overripe bananas, a tablespoon of honey, a table spoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. You have to blend the bananas so that there are no chunks, add the rest of the ingredients, and then blend the entire mixture together. Once you have let it sit in your hair for five minutes, you simply wash it away with warm water.

2. Olive Oil And Egg Hair Mask

Another one of the best DIY hair masks for damaged hair is the Olive Oil and Egg hair mask. The best part about this one is that it is one of the homemade hair remedies for which you already have the ingredients. All you need to do is combine three tablespoons of the olive oil with two eggs. Allow the mixture to sit in your hair for about twenty minutes, and then rinse off with warm water.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon

If you want to know how to make hair masks at home that are simple and effective for oily hair, then this is the one for you. Simply take a ¼ cup of the apple cider vinegar and mix it with the peel of an entire lemon that has been grated. When you put this in your hair for 15 minutes it will begin to wick away the excess oily moisture from your scalp.

4. Avocado Hair Mask To Get Shiny Hair

Avocadoes are one of the favored items for DIY hair masks for damaged hair, and can help restore the luster that you want in your hair. This mixture is simple: take one ripe avocado, a banana, and a teaspoon of olive oil and blend it all until it is smooth with no clumps. Then apply it to your hair for fifteen minutes and wash it away for shiny, beautiful hair. You may want to actually take a shower to make sure that you get it all out of your hair, but the results are worth the hassle.

5. The Yogurt Approach To DIY Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

The final hair mask that we will look at uses the amazing properties of yogurt to create homemade hair remedies. Not only is this incredible for moisturizing, but it has so many valuable vitamins in its mixture. For this you need to have a half cup of plain, probiotic yogurt, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (seriously, just stockpile this stuff), and a teaspoon of honey. Combine the mixture in a bowl, work it through your hair and scalp, and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Then, take a shower to wash it away using organic shampoo for incredible strength and moisture in your hair.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Post Baby Before and After Photo: 12 weeks recap

Week 12 is over. (It was over 2 weeks ago but I did not have time to post) This symbolizes the end, the 'reveal' of my work out program to get back in shape after having my baby. I thought I would share some background info and a brief summary of my journey.

I started working out right before Thanksgiving 5 times a week doing 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weight training. My diet has not been perfect but I definitely eat/ate healthy and organic. I just can't find myself to optimize the diet to achieve more definition on my body because I have said this many times: I like my wine and pasta.

During pregancy I gained 46-50 pounds. I lost about 20 after giving birth and within the first week but I was left with an extra 30 pounds. When I started working out after 6 weeks of giving birth (this is what doctors recommend) I checked in at 144.2. I had not worked out during pregnancy, due to complications, so I was out of shape in so many ways. I was also breastfeeding when I started working out, which demands more calories and energy. I had problems with my back which prevented me from even lifting my own baby. 

I decided to go back to Body Trac, which focuses on group training. You get the attention of a personal trainer but you don't pay all the big bucks. I knew I needed the motivation otherwise I would have not done it myself.  The staff also does an initial body assessment and measures even your metabolism rate. Based on your rate, weight, life style etc they calculate how many calories you are supposed to eat, burn and how long to expect changes or weight loss. We set up a goal of 120 with calories intake at 1500 for a 12 weeks duration. We also took measurements of my body because the scale is not the most appropriate way of measuring success in many cases. 

The initial measurements (in inches) were: (before starting the program)

Waist: 34
Legs: 20
Arms: 14
Weight: 144
% Fat: 37

After 12 weeks of consistency here my results:
Waist: 26.7
Legs: 20
Arms: 9
Weight: 133
% Fat: 33

Here the pictures: Remember that I did not start working out until the 6th weeks after having Olivia, but for the sake of it I wanted to show you how I looked. You can see that after delivery you still look pregnant. This is normal as your body is slowly adjusting. Also the after baby body picture is from week 13th because I did not work out week 12th.

This second picture is from week 0 to week 12 of working out at Body Track. My diet did not change much (I need to work on that now). This was all about consistency and being active at least one hour a day (Sunday rest). 

And here a picture of the front. Is it amazing how malleable our bodies are? We should all love our bodies no matter the size and just focus of being strong and healthy. This picture shows week 0 of working out versus week 13. Here you have it - my progress so far and my before and post baby body pictures. Not too bad right? 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Wear Your Jeans Shirt

I have been in Salt Lake City for the past week at the Adobe Summit 2015. The conference was pretty amazing and very instructive for analysts and tech nerds like me. Plus I got to see the band Imagine Dragons so I can't really complain much.

Packing for a cold state and being from Florida it was quite a mission. I don't like to pack heavy; on the contrary, I rely on a small carry-on luggage to travel. Among the many wool and cashmere sweaters I packed two major items which turned to be versatile for cold weather and conferences : a plaid shirt and a jeans shirt by J.Crew. You can see on my Instagram's account how I paired the plaid shirt and jeans shirt, but I am posting here few pictures Mallory, my photographer, took before I left. Now, you won't see my denim shirt or plaid shirt anymore because it's totally summer here in Tallahassee.

In general I stay away from wearing all denim - I don't wear jeans on jeans. I just don't personal know how to pull that look off and have not found the perfect jeans and denim shirt to get that look. I pair denim shirts with more elegant pieces from nice dressed pants to texture evening skirts.

The look below reminded me a little bit of my friend Hilary because it is moving into a more bohemian style, with ethnic pieces used as accessories. All accessories are vintage.

Friday, March 6, 2015

How to Wear Plaid Shirts

How to Wear Plaid Shirts

I absolutely believe that a plaid shirt is a 'must' in somebody's wardrobe but it can be quite difficult to know how to wear plaid shirts without looking like you are about to chop some wood. So here my personal tips for wearing your favorite plaid clothes. 

Photo by Mallory Brooks 


Photo by Mallory Brooks

I hope you got some ideas for plaid shirts outfits. please remember to subscribe and follow my blog for for fashion tips for real people. 

All pictures have been taken by Mallory Brooks. Please visit her site because she has great shots of Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Pinterest

This is a list of top fashion and design bloggers to follow on Pinterest. Some of them are not popular bloggers but actually just regular people with great style. They truly post the best fashion pictures on Pinterest.

1. Evie Mitchell: Her clothes's board is full of charming casual but cute outfits, ranging from cute skinny jeans with big sweaters or bohemian dresses paired with leather glad sandals.
2. Bea Herzberg: Follow her arts & craft and her fashion boards to get inspired by art, beauty, and vintage style. As her introduction states "images help to notice the beauty of the world" and we can only agree with Bea.

3.  Anne Louise: Australian Anne inspires us through her clothes and food & drinks boards full of minimal but colorful looks. Outfits are clean with a hint of color and girlish accessories. 

4.  Helena Kerr: Follow her Hiden Beauty you will find cute polka dots swimsuits and tropical one piece swimwear. Her fashion board captures designers' clothes that resemble art paintings. 
5. Amy S.: Follow her {Street Style}'s board to stay in touch with the latest from all fashionistas walking the streets of major fashion streets. You will learn what's in, what to buy next, and how to wear it. 
Do you think there are other top fashion bloggers/people on Pinterest? Share below your account by commenting on this post.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Wear a Trench Coat

Are you intrigued by trench coats but are not sure how to wear them without looking like a British Detective? Let me show you how I wear my Coach trench coat. A trench coat is a must item in your wardrobe for the simple reason that it does its job. When it rains you need something that is impermeable, will dry fast, and will get the water off you.

There are limitless styles of trench coats, the most classy one is by Burberry and if you are lucky enough and are in London you will find them for a good price at flea markets. No matter what your budget is you will find a trench coat that fits your needs. At the end they all look very similar. I compiled a list of the best trench coats by price and check out my pictures on how to wear a trench coat.

How to Wear Your Trench Coat

PS. All pictures taken by Mallory Brooks

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