My friend and I had lunch the other day at Zoe's Kitchen. As a FYI order the tossed chicken salad. It is so juicy and filling you won't regret it. I am impressed by the menu and customer service of that place. Anyway, we were briefly talking about my fashion blog and what it is like to be a fashion blogger, how to be a fashion blogger and how to inspire readers. She made a statement that caught my attention, "Don't you need to buy new clothes to be relevant and be a fashion blogger?" - I never thought about that. I never assume fashion bloggers need to constantly buy trendy or new clothes to maintain credibility or a repertoire of fashion items. Contrary to having a food blog, where you have to buy fresh ingredients every time you make a recipe, blogging about fashion, style or decor does not require to become a shopaholic. My blog is intended for real people, people who might have a fixed budget each month, or maybe they do indulge in heavy shopping each week. The point is that having a new-out-of-closet outfit for each post you write as a fashion blogger does not make you a better fashion blogger. We also need to remind ourselves that we probably have more clothes in our closets than Carrie from Sex in the City. That alone could generate different outfits for months. In fact I started blogging about fashion when my friend Hilary and I decided to go on a 90 days no shopping journey wearing a different outfit each day from our closet. At the end of the 90 days we had not had a chance to wear even half of what we owned. So we did a swap and then donated the rest.

In honor of re-using what we have saved over 10, 15, 20, or 40 years here a dress I bought back in 2006 in a small boutique in Tallahassee, now closed. It needs some TLC as the hem came undone but overall, the point is that I still wear it and I like it.


For more pictures from this shoot check out the "Walk these streets" session of my blog, which is dedicated to anything in Tallahassee. You should also check out my personal photographer Mallory Brook's website.
I have promised myself that I will try to buy fashion items that are out of my comfort zone. This means I would stay away from basic cuts, prints and color and opt for something more trendy and totally not me. The first item I bought was a striped jumpsuit at TJmaxx for $16. It is totally out of my comfort zone: it has stripes (which usually make you look bigger), it is a bare back jumpsuit (which means no bras), and it has a low cut front (again no bras). I would never think I would wear this in my 30s, but I was quite surprised how classy, fun, and normal it looked on me whether I used sneakers or 1970s inspired BCBG sandals. All pictures taken by Mallory Brooks. Scroll down to get her details and book her now.


Urban Casual Chic: Hair Up,  Kick Ass Shades and Sneakers

Ash white leather shoes (similar at Vans), TJMaxx Jumpsuit (similar at Forever 21), Kenneth Cole Shades

1970s jumpsuit: Hoops earrings, a bare back, waves, and sandals

    BCBG wood and leather sandals (similar here), Bare Back Jumpsuit TJMaxx, Kenneth Cole Shades, and Italian gold hoops.  

All pictures are taken by Mallory Brooks. For booking with her please visit her website

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Have you ever wondered how hard is to walk in wedges?
Wedges are definitely easier than heels and they can be quite comfortable because there is a wider surface that touches the ground on the contrary of heels. Wedges also put less pressure on the top of the foot. I wear wedges quite often if I want to look slimmer and still be able to walk and be comfortable. They are definitely not as sleek as heels but wedges can be fun and funky. And now you know how hard it is not to walk in wedges shoes. Below some funky wedges, wear them with a black jumpsuit or jumper and you are all set. 

Sorry for my ugly feet. Actually can anyone suggest treatments and remedies for dry feet?

***All pictures from Mallory Brooks.