I am very excited for this entry. I have met another fashionista few weeks ago through my cousin Valentina and decided to do a collaborative piece on fashion.

Monica is originally from Italy but lives in Australia. Her blog, The Moni Diaries takes you through her journey in Australia as well as beautiful trips to Italy. She definitely brings the classic Italian style into her life: her wardrobe does not lack designers like Gucci, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana and her Monica Bellucci look definitely makes us want to dress like her.

What I did for this entry is that I decided to look through her blog, which I religiously follow and created a look based on her personality, style, and items she wore. This is my take on her style and how to replicate it. See what you think.

Asos Leggings; Asos top; Leopard bikini; Gucci Bag at selected store; Armani shoes; Blue Marine Orange top.

I also wanted to show you some of the pictures and entries from her blog that I most enjoyed.

Is she amazing or what? I love the dress, the necklace, the hair and make up. To me this is Italian style or moda italiana, perhaps something we have lost in the past years, preferring casual clothing over sexy and well put together. Not that you have to be sexy all the times, but more a glorification of the body and feeling comfortable in your shoes. Again leave your sweat pants at home.

Monica is wearing: Richmond dress, Armani Collier, and Dolce & Gabbana shoes. You can read more about this entry here.

I asked Monica 4 questions about fashion:
Describe your style: I don't like to categorize my style into one fashion label. I select different items from different style from vintage to chic to bohemian. I guess I would refer to my style as casual chic if I really had to.
Favorite Designer: Chanel because she has inspired and revolutionized women. Armani because he represents elegance.
Describe Australian fashion and style: It's hard to adapt to Australian style. The style is casual and at times lacks quality, quality we are used to in Italy (e.g. cashmere and leather). I am becoming more interested in Australian fashion especially for Wish as I live here longer.
Name an accessory that should be in all female closet: A pair of Louboutin shoes. 

Other Australian brands:
Bec & Bridge
Be an e-tailPR blogger

Ever had problems putting together outfits with items from your wardrobe? It's the common dilemma:"I have nothing in my wardrobe to wear." This past weekend I helped a friend of mine to put together outfits with certain items we already owned. She had many clothes that she never worn because she just does not know how to match them and with what. It was a learning experience that inspired me to write about in this blog. Here 5 different looks with 9 fashion items either from your wardrobe or your shopping list. Mix and Match. Share if you like or comment if you adore all looks.

White TopAlexander Wang; SoleSociety bag; Madewell skirt; Forever 21 shoes; Boticca ring; Scarf

White TopAlexander WangSoleSociety bagMadewell skirtForever 21 shoesBoticca ringScarf; brown shoes

White TopAlexander WangSoleSociety bagMadewell skirtForever 21 shoesBoticca ringScarfbrown shoes; Oscar De La Renta top

White TopAlexander WangSoleSociety bagMadewell skirtForever 21 shoesBoticca ringScarfbrown shoesOscar De La Renta top

I went to the grocery store last week and saw the cutest outfit this woman was wearing. I almost approached her to tell her how awesome she looked, but I was with other people and thought it would be weird.

I definitely want to replicate the look and have been looking for selected items. This is how this girl wore leopard flats on a Sunday day. She added a super high cute chignon to add character to the outfit.

1. Kate Spade $94; 2. J.crew tee $29.95; 3. Steve Madden $99 4. Aldo flats $84; 5. Tory Burch $285; 6. Asos jeans $84.85; 7. Oasap shoes $112; 8. Levis jeans.

Here we go you have a variety of choices in regards to leopard flats. All you need is a good pair of dark jeans, preferable skinny or straight leg and a simple gray tee. You might want to tight a node on the side so you will look ultra trendy.

Simply classic and chic.

I have been asked by some of my devoted followers to talk more about possible outfits for women who might have concerns around certain part of their bodies. The first request is around what to wear if you have big thighs. You might have a really tiny waist and just bigger thighs. You might have long strong athletic legs, or you might just be short and have some extra meat on your legs. No problem there are ways to minimize big thighs. I am sharing some outfits below.

 1. Daniela Carlotta nude skirt; 2. Tibi pink skirt; 3. TopShop White Blouse; 4. Grey Tank Top; 5. Valentino white sandals (at selected stores); 6. Asos sandals; and 7. Look by Malene Birger (obsessed with her at the moment).

1. Avoid items that are too thigh on your legs and have prints or bright colors. You can choose blacks, browns and solid prints for your bottoms and bright colors for your upper body.

2. Flowy skirts are not only comfortable but they minimize big legs because they do not draw attention to these areas.

3. Most likely your waist is small, meaning that you should emphasize your upper body. Wear tops that are tighter on your chest and waist. Tuck in your tops inside the skirt to avoid losing shape and looking like a stick. You can have fun here with prints and colors. Unfortunately, these days the fashion dictates oversized tops. It might be difficult finding well fitted blouses or t-shirts. Check out Marshalls or TJmaxx or American Apparel.

4. Heels elongate legs no matter if you have short, big, or long legs. Avoid wedges they look heavy and add mass to the body. High heels sandals will do it. If you don't like heels, opt for shoes that do not wrap your ankles, because these types of shoes make your legs short and bulky.

As you may know by now, I like neutral colors and basic items. I know, I might be boring but I am going through this phase of rejection for neon colors or flashy items. Whoever brought the 80s back should be banned from fashion. Although I love prints.

Picture by LuckyMagazine
Avoid heels that wrap around your ankle. They make your legs look shorter. 
Tuck in your tops to emphasize your waist. 

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This summer you will probably see me strolling down with one or more of these items. I am always looking for light-weighted items because summer in Florida equals humidity and rainy days. It is also a moment for experimentation trying new things and moving forward with my fashion journey.

Tocca; 2. Jennifer Fisher Jewerly; 3. Alexander Wang; 4. Tibi dress; 5. Shourouk bag; 6. Tabitha shoes; 7. Deepa Gurnani hair accessory.

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I was in Miami for a business trip, which prompted me to talk about what a person should pack for vacationing in Miami.

Miami is another world on its own. Seasons do not change, tourists are always strolling the streets and a combination of hot and humidity makes it difficult to wear layers of clothes. Be prepared to show some skin.

Items you should pack for Miami:

1. Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses are comfortable because they do not stick to your body. Many brands offer maxi dresses at any prices. Check out Miss Selfridge or Anthropologie (shown on picture). I actually bought the one at Anthropolgie and wore it while in Miami. I even got compliments so I was totally comfortable and ready for Miami:).

2. Shorts: even if you are not a big fan of shorts like me, you will get to love them in Miami. Women wear them even in nightclubs paired with high heels and a sexy top. And when I mean shorts I mean really short shorts. If you are concerned about cellulite you could use a spray tan to hide imperfection or just get over it because you are indeed going to Miami where the motto is "the less the better." Check out this pair of shorts by Malene Birger (shown in picture).

3. Sweater: believe it or not a sweater is Miami is needed. The air conditioning is always set to 60 and you will literally freeze even if outside there are 97 degrees and 100% humidity. Pack a light cotton sweater like Las Garconne sweater. (picture) H&M sells similar ones for $24 or less.

4. Heels: You should only wear heels unless you are walking to the beach and even so you might want to opt for wedges. Zara heels (shown in picture).

5. Tees: A cute tee is always perfect for strolling down the beach, doing some shopping or having a drink. Celine tees are super cute, but a simple white one will do it too.

6. Few swimsuits: Shimmi sexy black bikini. Norma Kamali.

7. Hat: hats protect you from the sun and make you stylish too. Hoku hat.