Do you buy multiples of clothes? 

I curate a Facebook group off my Facebook page. It is a private group for my friends and few devoted fans to freely discuss fashion, exchange tips for gifts and just learn from each other. One of the questions that came up was whether we buy multiples of clothes we love. I was surprised that all of the people who responded admitted buying multiples of clothes. So why do we do it and when should we invest in buying the same pair of jeans, shoes or blouses?

 Buying multiples of the same clothes
1. If it fits right, you'll be fool not to buy a t-shirt or blouse in different colors. This is a no brainer. It is hard to find good fit, especially after our 20s. We have less time to shop, less interest, we are busy and our bodies are not the same. When you find something that fit buy extra shades, colors or pairs.
Banana Republic Silk Blouse

2. Colors: Men have multiple shirts and different colors. Why not women? I bought 3 tops from the same company in different colors because they just looked polished,  professional and age appropriate. They also make me feel stylish and good about myself. They are comfy but at the same time elegant. It is the best investment I made.

3. Jeans: It is impossible to find a good pair of jeans. IMPOSSIBLE. When you do buy in quantity! I regret not buying multiples of this Zara pair of jeans that I scored at a sale back in 2012 in London. Since them I have been searching for these jeans on Ebay, Postmark, everywhere but nothing. I don't know what I am going to do when they will get consumed. I would buy not only multiples but in a size up in case I gain weight. 

4. Shoes: it is hard enough to find comfortable but stylish shoes, even harder to find them later because you have waited too long to buy your second pair. Shoes like tops can be bought in different colors and they get worn out easily. 
Atlantic Pacific Glittery Shoes

5. White pieces: let's face it, deodorant turns everything into a yellow stain under your armpits. It is impossible to retain anything white for more than 2 years if you are like me. If you really are going to use those white dresses often, buy multiples.
Why buying multiples of clothes is a good idea? I realized that I don't wear most of the clothes in my closet. I tend to go to the same items that make me feel good, comfortable, stylish, elegant, dynamic, you name it. It is always the same outfits or a mix of the same clothes. This is where having multiples comes in. I can assemble easily cute outfits with different colors, have a coordinated outfit and feel great. It cuts time and it makes me presentable to public. 

Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee and while the storm did not damage and kill people the city was left with no power for several days. Having lived Hurricane Gilbert in 1987 when living in Jamaica this was not that bad, but I definitely learned something.

1. Never ever I have seen so many people working out and going to the gym when the power is off at their house.
2. Never ever I have seen so many people walking on the streets. PERIOD.
3. Never ever I have engaged and talked to ALL my neighbors this much, like all day because there is nothing to do.
4. Never ever I partied on the front porch with my neighbors dancing to Nirvana and drinking champagne and having a blast.
5. Never ever I thought I would be so American and desperately searching for air conditioning and then complaining it is still too cold
6. Never ever I had 6 portable chargers in the house to charge my phone
7. Never ever I had so many candle light dinners and realized there is nothing romantic about it
8. Never ever I enjoyed not been on social media or in front of a TV
9. Never ever I met my step goals and hit 10,000 steps every day. EVER
10. Never ever I cleaned my fridge and freezer from left overs from 2008
11. Never ever I learned that Americans don't know a gas stove can be lit with a match!

What were your never ever from Hurricane Hermine?¤cy=USD&mrkgcl=760&mrkgadid=3313962867&utm_content=9383573633&utm_term=pla-316852329085&utm_channel=shopping_ret_p&sp_source=google&sp_campaign=645528200&rkg_id=0&adpos=1o5&creative=57187812113&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkdyI8d7A3gIVT4GzCh3Xaw0qEAkYBSABEgJJr_D_BwE I have gone through a period of vegan diet where I cut completely dairy and meat. I had to stop because my blood levels were very low, but regardless of this I still prefer eating vegetables over meat. There are many recipes that I created or adopted from others and I'll like to share with you.

Fresh  Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Sprouts Salad

INGREDIENTS (you can adapt the recipe based on your liking)
2 cups freshly cut Brussel sprouts (uncooked). I bought the ones already washed and cut from Whole Foods
1/4 cup chopped red onion marinated for few minutes in vinegar (so it won't be too bitter)
1/4 chopped pecan
1/2 cup of yellow cherry tomatoes cut in half (they are so good)
1/4 of a bag of fresh sweet sprouts the ones sold in a plastic square container at Whole Foods. Those are usually used in sandwiches.
1/4 chopped green bell pepper
2 TBSP vinaigrette dressing (You can buy the pre-made dressing by Whole Foods)

You can grilled any meat or tofu and add it
You can add crumble blue cheese (yummy)
Avocado is laso a nice addition

Once you chopped everything, take a bowl or a large plate and start building your salad in layers. I start with the Brussel sprouts, then red onions, green bell pepper, pecans, and cherries. I always leave the sweet sprouts last. Pour the dressing moving quickly to ensure it gets everywhere. Add meat or tofu if desired. ENJOY!

I find salads to be fast, filling and refreshing especially in the summer. For another delicious vegan recipe check out these raw vegan lasagne made with zucchini and pine nuts.

I am an avid online shopper. I began many years ago with Ebay. At first, I had hit and miss. I would get items too small, short, or long. At times, I still do but it does not matter because I never spent more than $5 on risky items. So, how do you shop online if you are not tall or skinny or looking like a model? How to buy clothes online? Here's few tips to make your online shopping experience better.

1. Buy a Brand You Already Wear
If you have been shopping at Banana Republic you know very well how their sizes run and how their clothes suit you. Most likely you can go in your closet and look at what size pants you wear there and select the same size online.

2. Read Reviews and Look at The Chart Size
One of the mistakes of women is rushing to buy something online without the propers research. It takes just few minutes to look at the size charts that come with an item online or to look at the overall rating for that item. I just recently bought a pair of J.Crew pants in pink. I knew their sizes run bigger than my usual size in pants. I also read few of the reviews which mentioned that the pants were longer than usual and somewhat see-through. I knew that I would have to wear heels and wear nude panties. The pants ended up been fantastic, but it is true that were really long. I would suggest every woman to measure themselves (hips, chest, waist, and shoulders). This will really help to determine the true size given that each brand has different sizes. Zara for example runs smaller, so I know I need to buy a medium. Valentino shows run small, so I need to always get one size bigger. How do I know? I either bought something in the store, or I looked at their chart size on-line.

3. Look at the picture of the model
Most companies now provide details of the models wearing their items (heigh, size she wears, etc). This is useful to get a picture of the clothes on yourself. If you are interested in a pencil skirt like this one I bought at Target - you probably need to know that won't look good on you if you are 5' unless you alter it. A mini skirt on a 5'11 model, might look like a knee length skirt on you. The point is that you can't expect the same look and you need to know your measurements and those of the model.

4. Read the return policy.
Sometimes you just will get something and it sucks, especially when it comes to fabrics. This is a difficult one. All I can say is that you need to trust the brand and look at the price. You can't expect to spend $20 for a cashmere sweater from Forever21 and then get disappointed that the fabric did not feel soft enough. I would read the return policy very careful. I have had great experience and horrible experience and now I only buy online from companies that have great customer support and easy return policies in place. It is not acceptable anymore having to pay to return an item. If you think about it, you don't pay when you return an item to the store, why should I pay if I bought the clothing item on-line?

5. Don't give up
There are so many options these days when it comes to shopping online. Think about sites like Lyst, which is a curated high fashion website with a variety of brands and the latest trends in fashion. You don't need to rely on your local GAP store (I love GAP, but sometimes it is fun to spicy it up). How do I know what to buy from a new site? Here's few example on how to shop online for the first time.

1. Boohoo dress $26 - Lyst
This is a cute dress, traditional cut, good length and color. However, this is one of the pieces that could look great or horrible. Why? The fabric is light cotton, most likely some type of stretch material as everything has it these days. This means that it would highlight all my imperfections. You could see your underwear and love handles. In addition, if you are petite this dress would be considered a maxi dress. On the other hand if you are pregnant or have a pronounce belly everyone will be able to see your panty as the front opening won't stay shut! [Trust me, it happened to me]

2. AG Jeans $198 - Lyst
I love this dress. I like the dark color, which makes it easy to dress it down or up and also hides imperfections. It is proper for work, running errands, or just hanging out with friends. If you are short, the dress will probably look like a long dress, which in this case I think it is quite acceptable, since it is already long on the model. If you are tall, the dress will still look great and not too short. It's a win win situation.  I would probably buy it and determine whether I want to make it short or keep it long. This is also a great dress if you are pregnant, so you are buying a dress to wear both pre, during, and post pregnancy. And remember during your pregnancy the length of the dress will change. I would wear spanx underneath but that is because I am obsessed with spanx. In your 20s you probably don't even need to wear a bras!

And now you have it! Tips on how to shop online if you are tall, short or just you! I know how frustrating it can be to buy online, but it does not have to be, just follow some of the tips discussed here and let me know what you all end up buying! 

DISCLAIMER: All photos of me are from Mallory Brooks. All content is written by Ginevra Adamoli and should not be distributed elsewhere without consent. 

5 Fashion Movies to Fall in Love With

By Cassie at

Fashion is one of those art forms that really benefits from the film medium; fashion, like film, is all about what one can view with the eye, appreciate with the senses, and fall in love with from first glance.

For these five style-minded movies, it’s all about seeing with a more careful eye and just falling in love with fashion all over again (or for newbies, for the first time). From inside an esteemed couture house to the streets of New York, these five films are sure to give you a second look at one of the most socially relevant art forms in the most beautiful, behind-the-scenes way possible.

1. “Valentino: The Last Emperor” (2008)

This was my first foray into fashion documentaries, and while I’m neck deep in favorites now, this was the first movie that really changed the way I saw fashion. With a very intimate look into the last year of Valentino Garavani’s time at the head of the couture house that bears his name, “Valentino: The Last Emperor” isn’t just about him or just about his clothes; it’s about the teams of seamstresses, artists and creators behind every single one of his exquisite pieces.

With incredible artistry, sumptuous materials and a grandiose finale, this film proves that there’s so much more than a pretty face behind one of the world’s great art forms but heart, soul and true workmanship as well.

2. “The September Issue” (2009)

The September Issue” was the first film to show the world what the inside of the Vogue offices looked like; it is definitely one of the reasons fashion has continued its meteoric rise to the forefront of the social consciousness. Documenting American Vogue, Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington as they build the September 2007 issue, this film is a must-see for anyone who hopes to work in the hallowed halls of Condé Nast’s most famous production.

From photographing locations to the editing board and chopping block, this film gets unparalleled access to the beloved magazine that has shaped American fashion and society since its inception.

3. “Bill Cunningham New York” (2010)

Starring one of the most renowned New York Times photographers in the world, “Bill Cunningham New York” gives an inside look at what it takes to get the best picture. The film documents photographer Bill Cunningham’s relentless photo and editorial take on the street fashion of New York City.

Offering commentary from friends and colleagues, including Tom Wolfe, David Rockefeller and Anna Wintour, this documentary is less about the curated pages of a fashion editor and more about the gritty fashion from wearers on the street. For any street style maven, this documentary is a must-see, as it launched the ever-popular obsession with what real people are wearing on the street.

4. “Neon Demon” (2016)

This much-anticipated film is not necessarily one that provides any truths about fashion, but it’s avant-garde look at how one face can change an industry is something akin to “The Devil Wears Prada”—you know it’s not necessarily real, but that doesn’t make it any less fanciful and fun to watch. Starring Elle Fanning as the fresh-faced 16-year-old Jesse looking to make it in the fashion world, “Neon Demon” is one that provides glitz, glamour, light and action, as well as a surreal amount of thrills along the way.

From the famed director of “Drive,” this is fashion-meets-horror includes a lot of stereotypes of the fashion world that may not ring true, but it also glitters like an editorial and sparkles with wit—and isn’t that what we love about fashion in the first place?

5. In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye (2012)


In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye” is one of those documentaries for someone who's not just looking for an inner eye into the secret world behind all the clothes but for an explanation and an introduction to fashion's key players. Filmed as an ode to Vogue's 120th anniversary, “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye” breaks down the magazine’s famed editors’ methods of madness—or, in short, what makes them tick—as well as the huge landmarks that have occurred in the publication’s timeline.

From Grace Coddington to World War II, this film puts the women and their world in the forefront to show how fashion and, in particular, Vogue has shaped our society since its inception. You can catch the film in its entirety on YouTube. International viewers can get around the geo-location block with a VPN—no Redbox renting or Netflix login needed!

Whether your aim is to dress well or dress other people well, these movies are the perfect education in all things beautiful. So sit back, relax and get into your best fashion frame of mind because from the moment you press play, anything goes!

Love these five fashion titles? Leave a comment below. We’ve got about a million and one more style-minded adventures for the fashion lover.

About the author of this post: Cassie lives to be a fountain of knowledge on any given subject, using movies and books as resources. From fantasy literature to fashion, she’s determined to be as well informed as any one human can be from watching and reading the best that’s out there.