[caption id="attachment_884" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Pensively-Examining-The-Sky Hil."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_885" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Oh-No-I-Forgot-How-To-Dance Hil."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_886" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Super-Attractive-Body-Language Hil."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_890" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The-Walking-Dead-Extra Hil."][/caption]

I am so versatile. I can't believe I never made it as a model. I mean, clearly... I have the height, the waif like frame, and the mad skillz all required.

Wearing [AGAIN] Silence + Noise jeans [that I want to burn because I wear them every other day now, but I think it's because it disguises my curves in a flattering way] [aka, I probably need to lose weight so my other clothes fit better] [I'd prefer it if you'd agree with me in silence, please], black Cheap Monday tank dress, blue and black BB Dakota sweater, and Dolce Vita moto boots.

BTW, The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen it, you are a square.

Let me just say in pictures how I felt tonight taking a picture of my outfit AGAIN.

Okay. It's a teensy tiny picture. I'm being a little unladylike.

Here is a more forced attempt at joviality.

Well, it kind of worked.

Wearing forest green cargo pants from Lulus, maroon knit tunic - gift from the madre in law, black tank from target and Gianni Bini cream patent leather pumps.

I'm a little grumbly!

But let's not dwell on that! Took a cue from Gin and the husband and I pulled out our Wii. Did an hour of Wii fit and then had a bowling match and a game of tennis.

I am also starting to want to get rid of my most beloved pieces of clothing because now I am entirely aware of how often I wear these things... in every imaginable combination possible.
Sunday Post

In the past week I have totally changed my lifestyle. I usually wait until December 31 to set goals for the new year. These goals always include eating healthy and working out to be healthy and get in shape. I also know that I will never stick to these goals, because I am lazy. I have always being lazy. I hate the monotony of the gym. I don't like the outside cold hiking or getting dirty in the field. I like laying on the beach and swimming, but I am scare of sharks. You get the point. To get me out of this chair where I am sitting now, is a mission impossible that not even Tom Cruise can win. ahahah

But Kinect truly changed my life. It killed any excuses I had before including: (1) I don't feel like driving to the gym; (2) it's too late to go; or (3) I don't feel comfortable, all these people are staring at me. Kinect allows you to select your personal virtual trainer that appears on your TV screen. It also scans your body and your silhouette appears next to the trainer. All you have to do is repeat the trainer's movements. Based on your height, weight and type of results, the computer selects exercises beneficial for you. It seems to work because my legs hurt and I am sweating. So, out of curiosity, I am monitoring, with the help of the console, my 'evolvement.' I want to see if this virtual work out works to my desires. All I want to do is to be tone and have some more definition in terms of muscles. To be realistic I ll give myself about 6-8 months to see some results. This sounds like another blog, right?

This is my Stallone's move...ahahah Oh My, I am so no sport-type....

Wearing all Victoria's secret.

After working out I had two smores. ;)

Today, after months of contemplation I decided to go vegetarian. So today it's my first day as a vegetarian. I was vegetarian when I was 17-18 for a year and half. I decided so after I came to the States the first time. I was grossed out by a dish my first host family made with beans, tomatoes sauce, sausages, pork and some other unknown meats. I switched back when I was in Italy. One night at this restaurant my friends ordered 'salumi misti.' At the sight I just could not resist.

There are multiple reasons why I am going vegetarian again: the food industry, being #1, health is a result of the n. 1. But also, because I like vegetables much more, and want to experiment with new recipes. However, I love cheese and eggs so I am definitely not going vegan, at least now. I am also debating whether to eat fish or not. I don't want to force an ideology or diet. I want to embrace it. So maybe a gradual 'demeatizing'...(I just made that word up). I told my mom I was thinking to go vegetarian and she got mad because I tend to be anemic already. Also my cousin was vegetarian for years and she had many complications at a point that the doctor told her to either eat meat or die. So to those who tell me vegetarian is healthy and that you can get the same nutrients out of veggies, I will respond, 'not really.' Moderation is the key.

Today I had a zucchini quiche. Tonight, I ll have some soup or pasta. If you have recipes, pass them along.

Love this outfit. Jump Suit by Anthropologie. Hilary suggested to try it on. I never thought it would look good, but I feel in love. It's so cute. I love the pattern and the shape of it. I paired it with high boots as suggested by Hilary. Thank you Hilary!!! Boots by Coach.
Fall is fashionably late this year. We were fashionably late to church. This blog is fashionably [one day] late. And I enjoy the concept that being late is considered fashionable because I am always late to everything. Except when I have to get people to TV Stations. Then, even at 4am, I can be remarkably prompt. Thank God.

Wearing grey maxi dress from Lulus, tan booties from Forever 21, teal sweater from Old Navy [one of the few items I own from that store], scarf from Spain, and feather necklace [which my sister tried to claim she owned and I had taken from her - wrong, but ice try!].

My main source of inspiration for this look was warmth, church appropriate [aka covered], and comfortable. All I really wanted was to lay in bed and eat chicken ramen noodles or chicken noodle soup or some other variation of chicken broth and carbs. Not been feeling super on top of my game, but sometimes church calls. And it's the advent! So, it's nice to see all the candles being lit and the trees decorated and to sing all the carols.

I love the holidays.
Finally! I know all these Gator Haters are gunna come up with a gazillion reasons why this win is meaningless, but let's face it. Let's be honest. We killed 'em. And I'll take it! I'm usually the girl feeling sorry for the losing team, even when it's my team who is beating them! But not this time. I have endured some major Gator hatred over the last few years and I am happy to see their faces smeared in our beautiful dirt for once. We all know the Gators suck more than words are a great team and will come back from this. So... BOO IN YO' FACE YOU LOSERS. What what!

My game day uniform. Wine, black cotton miniskirt from Urban, vintage red and gold [close enough to garnet] plaid blouse, black wool sweater from Urban, black knee high socks [same from last post, but worn differently], and black suede Urban boots. Very Urban, this outfit.

A blue hue, although I couldn't be further from wearing orange + blue OR from feeling blue. I am super joyous! AND Maryland beat NC State. It is great to be a Florida Stater, as I saw my friend say! [Very clever, Lilterra!]

This look has been on my back burner for weeks now after seeing it on whowhatwear.com. Finally got a chance to wear it!

Go Noles!!!!!
How many days until the end of this journey? Just a little over a month. I have to admit that I have not worn half of what I own. I had to reorganize my closet in such a way to force me to wear clothes I am avoiding and yet I don't want to get rid of. Right now I have put all the 'untouched' clothes on one side and the 'used' ones on the other side of my closet. I don't know why I have not thought about it before.

Wearing: Banana Republic's boots; Skirt by H&M, top by A&F and sweater from Italy.

Inspiration: Olson's twin. Picture from Vogue Italy.

It is so easy to get lazy with my wardrobe... even being required to not acquire any new items and not wear the same look twice... it's still easy to be lackluster! At this point I thought I would be wearing some crazy concoctions, but no. Today? Today I wore khaki cut offs, a plum tank and mauve sweater and moccasins. Just... normal.

So tonight I decided, in my solitude [husband's off playing with his bizand], to finally take the buttons and snaps off this vintage floor length floral vest and give it a go. In my house, but still. It's a test run.

Wearing chambray dress from Zaras, black thigh highs, black suede boots from Urban, vintage vest, and this grey woven hat from Urban.

This pattern is a little outrageous! But it speaks to me for some reason. I love the colors and the flowers and how big it is.

Spending my night eating oven pizza, drinking some red wine, scouring the new Scientific American that just came in the mail, knitting, working on the book some, and watching movies. [Sounds like a lot more than can be done in one night.] Already made it through "Easy Virtue" starring Jessica Biel. It surprised me. Based on the play by Noel Coward and set in the 1920's, it tells the story of a couple that gets married on a whim in the South of France and then moves back to his home in England. The only problem being her wild nature [she is the first female race car driver and completely free-spirited], which causes all kinds of interesting problems for them.

That's what my awesome 7 year old cousin asked us while we were taking emo photos, waiting on dinner. I think, at 7, he nailed it better than the rest of us.

Thanksgiving was great. Made the world's most complicated mac-n-cheese recipe, baked a pie, snapped some beans, drank some delicious champagne and Zinfandel, rode a tire swing, and spent some much cherished time with the family.

[The husband's emo face. Fail? Or win?]

Wearing Aldo moccasins, Silence + Noise jeans, and cream top from Anthropologie. Went without many frills, but threw on the mocs in honor of the Native Americans. I feel bad about their plight... truly.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

As for Black Friday... obviously avoiding all stores today. My resistance weakens in the face of astounding sales.


Pumpkin Vegan Soup

Pumpkin Squash Soup

Croissants with asparagus, cheese and prosciutto crudo

Turkey stuffed with pears, apples, prunes, pistachios, mushrooms and sausages

Vindaloo with white rice

Green beans and peas

mash potatoes with cheese

quiche with zucchine

quiche with eggplants

2 different types of gravy

spinach dip

pecan pie


bread and a lot of wine

Wearing Urban Outfitters Silk Dress and Neckless from Formentera, Spain.

While Hilary is 'living' drinking and eating pizza, I have spent my afternoon cooking like a maniac, making center pieces, cleaning the house, setting the table for tomorrow. I am having few people over and the rare times I do, I go Italian all the way. It means that I become June Cleaver.

Perplexed? Wearing Express Jeans, Tank top from Forever21, bare feet. Apron from Italy.
Off to eat some pizza and drink some beer! Tomorrow we celebrate things we are thankful for... like being an American. [Sadly at the expense of the Native Americans.] I am thankful to be American and I am thankful for food and drink and fashion and fun. More on my thanks tomorrow. Right now, I am leaving the computer to go live!

My hair actually looks like a head on fire.

Wearing a navy jumper [that is too big because it was up high and I was too lazy to get a different size... that won't be happening again in the future, but I think it works still], a floral jacket that I can't remember where I got it... Zara?, huarache heels from Lulus.com, wooden bangles, turq rings, and green beaded Bali earrings.

And I'm off!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am so ready! Big feasts, family time, great excuses to drink and days of relaxation [hopefully]. Oh, and some awesome football! Yes yes yes.

Wearing Martin + Osa cream sweater dress, tan suede belt from Urban, pink plaid wood flats from JCrew, beaded earrings gift from a boutique I think, wooden bangles.

This year I also get to spend time with my favorite pup on the planet. Gotta love the Ginge.

Looking forward to starting my holiday shopping... in a way. Although I will probably be more frugal and more creative in my gift giving this year. [I usually go... overboard. To put it gently.] But still, giving gifts is fun.  I know its some kind of mass consumerism brainwashing yada yada yada, but it feels good to see someone open a gift and love it. Material goods are good, even if the high only lasts a while. [I'm sure coke addicts would say the same thing.]

I am also really starting to wonder what I will buy as my one item... Some awesome grey knee high boots? A fun dress for the holidays? A big huge sweater that costs more than a sweater should ever cost? Or... diamonds? [I actually considered buying some diamonds.]

Wondering about what will happen when I can suddenly shop again, too. Maybe I should put myself on a one item per month limitation after all this. Or maybe it should be a big free for all? Ay. Questions questions.
meant to respond to Hilary's post Fatigued, but I had other things in my mind. I feel 50-50 on this 91 days journey. There are days in which the blog becomes an impostor. We are forced in a certain way to publicize our lives, our everyday looks. We are forced to wear different outfits, to think about the way we dress. After a long day at work when all you want to do is sip on that bottle of wine, you still have to set the camera, look decent, post the picture and write something meaningful. There is also the side of going into stores with your friends without buying anything. In that instance all the clothes become crap. You lose your interest, shopping is boring and a waste of time. But there is the other 50%. The one that gets you excited at the view of black velvet tuxedo pants from Banana Republic, or Porselli leather boots that you inquiry over the e-mail because you want them so bad. In those instances shopping is therapeutic art, is the need to upgrade your wardrobe so you look decent, acceptable. No more holes in your sweater, no more patches or tape to keep your old converse in tact. I have to agree with Hilary that I want to keep few items that are really nice opting for a minimalist closet. I was just talking to this woman today and she had read that we only wear 20% of what we own. A very low %. What happens to the 80%?

Wearing: Black Benetton Dress; Black sweater by Promod, Black Velvet jacket by Ralph Lauren, big scarf (unknown), shoes by irregular choice.

I meant to respond to Hilary's post Fatigued
You know how when you come home from work and strip off your worky wear and throw on some cool ripped jeans and a suede jacket and feel totally renewed? Too specific to be relatable? Bah. Well! That's exactly how I felt tonight. Still swimming in thick gooey workload and recovering from under the weatherness, but there is something about going from day to night that activates my spirit.

Work Appropriate: black knit skirt from Forever21, vintage blouse [with gold design that you can't see], red Gianni Bini pumps, red/chain earrings.

Revamped for dinner in the city! Guess jeans [natural rips! what what!], LaRok suede jacket.

See, you can tell I am having a good time already because I am checking out my rack. [Not really. I don't do that. Definitely have never done that.]
I had to write this right away, even without posting my outfit for the day. I heard it few months ago, reheard about it yesterday and today I just got pissed off. Apparently, H&M (see scandal involving the company) and designer Lanvin (really not that great of a designer after all), teamed up to launch a cheap line available at H&M. The grand opening of the line was I think Saturday morning. As a result thousands of girls lined up at 4AM in front of the store of NYC and Chicago to name few to get a piece of cheap fabric. It's not even Black Friday. To maximize profits Starbucks decided to offer danish and coffee just to boost the sugar level of these crazy maniac women. Could you imagine once the doors open? Look at this video here filmed in Montreal. Che cretine! I just want to shake these people and tell them to do something for meaningful with their shallow lives. I did stand up outside Bestbuy at 4:45AM to get a digital EOS Rebel camera, but that's because it was cheaper and it was a camera. Or are clothes the same as a professional camera?

Dress from Anthropologie - silk with little dogs.
...was action packed. New micro-brewery grand opening, 10 yr anniversary of our local hangout, wine festival, and football! I'd say that is a Saturday night for you, if there ever was one. We had fun at least. It was all very alchy-centric.

I put on yesterday's outfit and photographed it tonight. I wore Dolce Vita moto boots, high-waisted denim shorts from Topshop, target paisley dress/top, and fuscia fringe Bale earrings. Changed into black knit leggings and added a black scarf for the later parts of the night to keep warm.

The look I gave the husband as he instructed me on how to pose.

It's nights like last night where you remember why exactly Jacksonville is awesome. How great to be a part of so much growth and activity. I feel Jacksonville buzzing all around me. We're on our way, baby! :)
I am getting burnt out on the picture taking, the posting, the incessant personally imposed demand that I pick out unique outfits every day!! It is Day 52... 29 days to go. We are definitely winding down to the end now... but there is still a long road ahead. I have to say that not shopping has really stopped bothering me almost completely. I have even been shopping a few times and haven't even had much desire to see what is out there. I do want to buy some better fitting, better made items - aka more expensive. I also want to get rid almost all my clothes and getting really minimalistic. Owning only things I love and that work really well with my taste and figure.

Wearing fuscia skinny leg cords from Alloy.com [I think they cost $15], grey H&M tank, and one of the husband's grey thermals.

I have also been getting more into crafts. I bought some buttons yesterday to revitalize an old sweater and I am working on a new chunky scarf. Artsy fartsy. I feel better about making something and being somewhat productive than mindlessly throwing dollars away on something I don't even really want.

Talk to me in January, though. Could [easily? likely?] be singing a whole new tune.

[I will post yesterday's look in a bit when I get enough mojo to get off the sofa.]
Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Well, I am sure everyone had. I had many, but one was for Bono, U2. My friend Simona and I used to spend the afternoons after school watching videotapes of U2 concerts, videos and interviews on MTV. At the time MTV played music videos. Eventhought we knew how old Bono was compared to out age (16), we just could not avoid being captivated by his voice so sensual and his videos so perfect. Videos these days rely on digital manipulation and striking special effects. Voice and charisma of the singer become secondary. In my days people like Bono and George Michael with Freedom were enough to get you to buy their CD. It also helped that they were actually talented people.

For the occasion of the good times spent memorizing every song and move by U2 here my rock and roll look. I have bought this crazy white jeans by Guess in 2005 in Italy and NEVER worn them. They were too small so I had to use my sewing machine to expand them. Top by Old Navy, the worst quality store I have ever been. Shoes by Zara.

It feels like Autumn today. The leaves are changing colors even in Florida. I had my first serious meeting about my dissertation topic. I thought I had everything figured out and I came out of the meeting lost and confused in a good way. There are so many possibilities out there, so many approaches I can use. But which one? I like what my professor told me. He said to pick what I am most passionate about. This is why I like academics. Today my office was full of intellectual conversations. It looked like a Moroccan outdoor market: chaotic, loud and flavored, but instead of spices and foods, goods were opinions. It reminded me of why I chose to be in school forever.


Wearing: Shoes by Mango bought in Ibiza, pink wool pants by Benetton bought in Destin, FL, top by Zara bought in Paris, Armani glasses bought in Hong Kong. Neckless with key from CA (a gift from my friend Gina), pink neckless from Italy (my mom's gift), and earrings from Milan. I just realized that all the items come from outside Tallahassee. Is that a sign?