5 Minutes Natural Make Up Tips:

Even before I was a mom I was super lazy to get ready for work, so I would always opt for a natural make up. I hate getting up early and having to think about where I left my shoes the night before. To get 5 minutes more of sleep (at least when I used to see) I would just roll out of bed, brush my teeth and go. Over the years I learned few tricks on how to pull off a decent make up for work in just 5 minutes.

1. Prep your skin with a good lotion. I usually wash my face, put the lotion on and I get dressed while waiting for the lotion to get well absorbed. In the winter time I use Estee Lauder Day Wear face lotion because it's too dry out. For summer I use other skin care products since it's very humid in Florida. I usually buy the pre-packaged git sets at Dillard's since you get more of a value kind of deal.  Follow with your foundation or tin moisturizer.

2. Get your coffee or tea, take your vitamins and your Lanakin's eyelashes supplement. The product is said to get your eyelashes and hair to grow faster, fuller and longer by using natural products. Lanakin is said to work if you take it twice a day for at least 2 weeks. It said to provide results within two weeks. To see the complete list please visit their site. By the way, if you want your FREE clinical trial go and visit their site now. Until supplies last!!!

3. Focus on one area only. I don't use eyeshadow because I am not good putting it on and I always end up looking like a prostitute or old lady. Plus it takes forever. What I do instead is using an eyebrows pencil. I am all about my eyebrows. At Marshalls I found an eyebrows kit for like less than $5 and it is the best ever. You can find a similar one on Sephora but expect to pay more. I ended up finishing my eyes with a simple rimmel and I am all set.

4. Shimmering gloss or lipstick: I never go out without my lipstick. I love lipsticks. I like bold colors or nude depending on the mood and what I wear. Just take a look at my Instagram account for some of my bold lips. I buy all kind of lipsticks (cheap and expensive). The new Chanel collection is just amazing. Their lipsticks are great to moisturize your lips too. But I also like Cover Girl lipsticks or Revlon. You can try to score some designers' lipsticks on Ebay. They sell old collections. I use Ebay when I am in love with a product that the company stops making.


I have been wanting to make home-made healthy granola bars but just did not have time or thought it would take a lot of time to make them. After searching for the best recipes and ingredients I came up with this simple but delicious recipe for healthy organic granola bars. There are great for snacks in the office or at home. If  you store them in a dry place they will last few weeks.

1 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1 cup sunflowers seeds
3/4 cup dry cranberry and raisin
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup honey
1/4 pecan
(optional) some peanuts

in a large bowl mix all ingredients until they are sticky. Use a spatula so it will be easier to get the mixture on the pan.
Pre-heat the oven at 350.
Line a 9X13 inches (or smaller depending how thick you want the bars to be) pan with parchment paper.
With the help of the spatula spread the nut mixture evenly.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until gold on top.
Let it cool off and then cut in squares.
Store in a glass or plastic container layering each nut bar with parchment paper.
Enjoy!! I hope you liked this home made healthy granola bar recipe.

Avocado Spread 

We have seen so many posts on avocado lately, especially on Instagram. Avocado spread has replaced heavy breakfasts and there is a reason for it. Avocados are said to provide 20 essentials nutrients and despite their high content of fat we can't resist the temptation of starting out our day with such a vibrant breakfast. The most common and shared avocado's recipe online is the avocado spread. This recipe consists of a wheat toast with smashed avocado on top. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and you are done.

I like my avocado with eggs or in a salad. However, my trainer told me not to overdo it. It is still has high percentage of fat (good fat). With anything moderation is key.

5 Fashion Brands to Follow on Instagram

Ever wondered which ones are the best fashion brands to follow on Instagram? Whether they sell shoes, clothes, or cute paper clips, we are always looking to be glamorized via beautiful pictures. Here a list of top fashion accounts on Instagram.

What They Specialize On: Stationery
Why We Love Them: They typography is to die for. We are reminded of a forgotten world when lovers, friends, and family members used to write long and beautiful hand-written letters.

Sonia Kaskuk
What They Sell: Make up/Accessories
Why We Love Them: Their pictures on Instagram make us run to Target to get those glamorous brushes we see every fashion blogger displaying on their Instagram's accounts. We just can't wait to see what else they will come up with.

What They Sell: Clothes, Make-Up, Home Decor, Shoes, etc.
Why We Love Them: They have the best deals for designers's clothes and accessories. This Stila Set originally priced at $199 was on sale for $9.99. Their customer service is amazing. If you see something on-line call your local store and they will find the item across all department's stores.

What They Sell: Home furniture and accessories.
Why We Love Them: They have the best style for home decor. You will want to hire them to come to your house and pimp it up. They are based in Canada but they ship to USA. Watch out for their sales on Instagram.

Victoria's Secret
What They Sell: Lingerie, swimsuits, PJs, lotion
Why We Love Them: Because their pictures inspire us to take exotic trips, attend parties, have some fun being naughty with girlfriends and feeling sexy.

***Credits to these pictures go to each account. I do not take credit for these pictures.
This post has been sponsored by ThirdLove. All opinions are my own.

I have been looking for the past year for a new company that produces bras. When I got pregnant my breast tripled in size and never really went back to my original size. (you can read about my pregnancy here). I used to shop at Victoria's Secret but in the past years I have been disappointed with the quality and style. I got more into comfortable bras. In addition, I am breastfeeding, which demands a certain type of bras: supportive and easy to open. When I was approached to do a product review for ThirdLove I was excited given that the founders really wanted to produce bras that fit and were functional for all women.


1. Virtual fitting: They can do a virtual fitting that matches your real bras size. All you have to do is download their app, take 2 pictures and you are given your bra size. It works. I personally know how to measure myself because I worked at Victoria's Secret and we got trained to measure clients. I was super surprised that an app can actually get your measurements right. It was a total match. Even when I received the item it worked perfectly. So don't be afraid of buying bras only.

2. Style: I was looking for something that could open from the front so I could breastfeed. I was also looking for support and a very mild/natural push up. I love fun lingerie but this time I opted for functionality with a sexy element. I ended up getting the Evolve Push Up Front Closure. If you are afraid of push ups you will be surprised with this one. It does not make you look like a stripper or some reality TV show girls. It is very natural and you will need it if you are breastfeeding or you had a child.

I got mine in nude color so I can wear it with white t-shirts, although I am probably going to get the black one as well since I have been wearing a lot of black tops and dresses. The back is adjustable so for all of you ladies who hate bras that stretch out this one is a keeper. 

3. Functionality: given that I am breastfeeding, for me it was important to have a front closure. I love this feature. All other breastfeeding bras are not that durable and/or pretty. Plus, I still wanted to have a nice, normal bra. I am not ready to let my style completely out of the door just because I have a newborn. I feel even when I am done breastfeeding I can still use this bra. So good investment on this one. 


I would suggest any new moms to buy the Evolve Push-Up with front closure. No doubt about it. For all regular women I would recommend this particular bra if you don't want the 'over-the-top' Victoria's Secret push-up look. Get the app to find out your true size. You won't be disappointed because for me the sizing was spot-on and the fit was flawless.

So here we go again. It is the new year and we all write down goals we want to accomplish. According to a study I read the other day, the most common goal for new year is hitting the gym or/and losing weight. So we all rush to the gym and we run on the treadmill, our elbows touching the other 100 sweaty elbows who joined the gym at the same time. Then we hit Valentine's Day and we never go back to the gym or our healthy diet. So why do we even bother setting up unrealistic goals? We set up for failure, don't we? This is why I started working out at BodyTrac the week of Thanksgiving. Crazy I know, but a date should not matter when you are trying to change something in your life. Plus, after 10 months of pregnancy I was ready to be active. (you can read about my pregnancy on here).

Now, I did have my cupcakes which did not help, of course, but I feel very good about my small achievements. What I need to work on in January is my diet. This is my resolution. I eat healthy but I am not consistent. I like my wine, bread, and pasta, oh and my chocolate. I also have a problem with the so-called diet recipes because they are so boring. I love food. I love cooking, preparing it, inviting friends for dinners. For me eating is a special occasion. A smoothie or sad poached chicken won't satisfy me.

In search for fun recipes I ordered the Kayla's Help Guide. If you don't know who Kayla is shame on you. She is the rock star of Instagram right now for getting girls to lose weight and gain muscle the right way.  I bought her online food guide as well as work out. If you are interested January 5th she is doing a #kaylamovement: whoever wants to change using her program will post pictures of their progress on Instagram motivating each other. Of course my friend and I are doing it. I hope this program will give me the kick I need to be consistent with my 'healthy eating.' #nomorecupcakesforgin.

If your goal includes working out and eating yummy recipes, then follow me because I will be posting recipes, yummy recipes that do not look like diet recipes. I will also discuss my progress going to the gym at Body Trac and also using Kayla's program. We shall see. Subscribe to my channel on Instagram.

The 6 Apps Every Fashionista Should Use in 2015

1. THIRDLOVE APP: virtual bra sizing that works. This app takes your bra's measurements and tell you what size you truly are. Works for real.

2. CLOSET APP: This app allows you to catalogue your wardrobe and create perfect outfits. Create traveling package lists, special events lists, everyday outfits' lists. It even allows you to know how much an item you bought was worth. What more do you need?

3. POSE: Imagine mixing Ebay with Vogue magazine. Pose allows you to get inspired by looking at other fashion bloggers. But it is more than just another fashion community. You can sell and buy. 

4. POLYVORE APP: If you have a fashion blog or are looking for new fashion and trendy ideas this app is for you. You can create outfits and save them onto your wall. The database is huge and you can even add items you see on other websites into the Polyvore's database. If you are a fashion blogger you have the option to publish your creations on your blog. Each item from your outfit will have a link back to where you can buy the clothes. I personally use it to find specific items I want to buy.

5. GOODGUIDE: Are you environmentally conscious but don't know where to start from? This is the app for you. According to GoodGuide, this app allows you to snap a picture of a product (e.g. shampoo, lotion, etc.) providing you a rate between 0-10 for health, environment, and social impact.  This can be a handy tool for new moms looking for organic and healthy products for their newborns.

6. PICK MY STYLE APP: Receive feedback instantly about an outfit you are wearing or you are thinking about wearing. You can also give feedback to any of the members. The idea is pretty genius. Think about trying outfits on in a store but you can't decide whether the red shoes look better than the white ones. This app will find immediately a friend to help you out making the right decision. Download the app here

here you have the top fashion apps for mobile, which one will you download?