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I am quite obsessed with Zara at the point that I have weekly posts just on Zara new arrivals. This week is all about their shoes. I want them all. I am trying to build a new 'basic shoes' wardrobe and I found these shoes to be just perfect. What you think? 

Fall trends for 2013 are amazing and exciting but we can't afford to buy an entire new wardrobe. What I like to do is look at the common trends and see what I have already in my closet. If I don't have an item that will be trendy in the Fall I either shop the summer sale section of stores or wait to get the one item I just can't live without - in this case it will be a leather skirt. 


Leather skirts: pleated, pencil, mini, long, there are everywhere. I already blogged about this so check it out.
Where to find affordable leather skirts: on Ebay. Create a save searched for "black leather skirt size x" and periodically check. Make sure the leather it is genuine, unless you are against animal cruelty. 
Banana Republic just came up with a new look for a leather skirt that looks amazing and perfect for work, so I have my eyes on it. It is pricy at $198, but cheaper than other brands. Realistically, I would rather invest in a good leather skirt because they will never go out of style. This is the one item I will definitely want to buy. If you have in town a Burlington Factory store I would go and check it out. I have found an amazing leather coat that was originally $500. Again it is one of these pieces that will last. Despite being an animal lover I am big fan of leather products for two reasons: 1. they last and protect you from wind and cold; and 2. you actually consume less and are more environmental friendly. I literally have items that belonged to my mom when she was in her 20's that I still wear on a regular basis. I even have clothes my grandmother used to wear in her 30s. One good quality item to me equals a safer environment both for animals and humans. This is obviously only my personal opinion and you are welcome to disagree but think about the consumption of natural resources to produce endless pieces of cheap clothes and the cheap labor in developing countries. But this is an off topic since I could talk about it forever.

Flower prints: Spring and summer gave us flower prints for shorts, jeans, tops, and dresses. D&G had marvelous contrast with dark and gold flowers and J.Crew was just refreshing. 
Flower prints for the Fall are dark and mysterious. So if you are shopping in the sale section to find your Fall trend stay away from pastel colors and light flower prints. 

I am not a huge fan of Fall/Winter flower prints. I saw few that I really liked but I would not spend more than $30 on them. They remind me of old Italian ladies. I guess I have not seen anything that caught my eyes.

Knee long skirts and dresses: I am super excited to a return to the 1940s style for skirts and dresses for two main reasons: 1. I  can't wear mini skirts at work; 2. I don't have legs of a 20 years old girl. Miu Miu, Prada and Nina Ricci just have marvelous items. I just wish I could afford them all but I have spotted in the sale section some similar items. Asos has really reasonable priced sunglasses so check their on sale section. 

Check out my Profile on Polyvore to get more details on the brands shown in these pictures. 
Happy Sunday!!!

Marika Vera Black Satin PJ // Charlotte Olympia Loafers // ModCloth Pillows // Christian Lacroix Coffee Cup //

Guest Writer: Hilary Johnson. Read more about her on the section "Guest writers and guess fashionistas."

1. To the Maxi
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Maxi dresses exude bohemian freedom and flexibility like no other item of clothing. It’s a fashion one-stop shop, a chance to express your unique personality without the fuss of multiple items. And it can be thrown in a backpack in a heartbeat to set off on whatever next adventure comes along.

But maxi’s and nungas don’t always get along. Make sure to choose a maxi with wider straps (hide the bra that you should be wearing), has a nice deep v to show off your neckline and avoid the dreaded boob shelf, and has a high waistline to keep your torso from turning into a box.

2. High-Wasted

High waisted shorts work for two reasons. One, it pulls in your torso below your bosoms, creating shape instead of the square your ladies lend to. And two, it creates another curve at your hips, turning a nunga tent into a beautiful hourglass. 

Photo on Netrobe

3. The Cold Shoulder
Showing off your beautiful shoulders only accentuate how awesome big nungas are. It shows the other lines of your body, taking focus off of your gals. And it’s sexy. And demure.

Get a solid strapless bra and throw a tube bra over it to keep it in place for extra support.

4. InVESTed

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Vests. They hold you in, give you length, or enhance your shape. And they’re cool. Win win.

5. Go With the Flow

 Photo on We Hear it
Tops that are snug around the bosoms and then flow out from there show your drool-worthy curves without putting it all out for show. And it avoids the frumpy dumpy look that too-flowy tops can achieve when you’re working with a little extra somethin’ up top. 

Basic necessity and must have in your wardrobe are simple white, pink, nude, and gray cotton t-shirts. These are items that women can wear running errands, attending birthday parties in the park, teaching or working in an office. We have seen Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Ritchie wearing them with jeans or on top of an elegant skirt, launching a trend of the white tee, resulting in high prices for a T-shirt. 

Despite the trend of tees I had a hard time finding stores selling simple and basic white t-shirts or gray. I am not going to pay more than $30 on a white tee that will eventually get stains. So I finally went on the site and ordered two tees: one yellow and one light pink.  They were both under $10, one was 3.80 and the other one around $8. I wanted to check the quality since Forever21 is one of these stores that you really need to dig in to find something that will last more than one year and sometimes the materials/fabrics used are so synthetic that they feel like sand paper. I actually like the tees. They are soft and look very nice with a high pencil skirt. I wear them at work during the week and to go out with a pair of jeans. They are not 'hugging' which is great if you sit at a desk all day. You get a sense of comfort. Check out more inexpensive tees at Forever 21. I got a size small and it's perfect. 

If you have more money to spend and are looking for a step up you might want to check these designers and their version of the basic perfect tee:


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