How to wear your Black Dress and be a little different

These days you have a variety of choices when it comes to get a black dress. Without falling always on the same classic cocktail black dress you might want to look for something with an accent color that is not  too strong to overpower the entire dress. This dress is from On And On Wear. I previously interviewed the designer, you can check her out here and we talked about creating fashionable items that are also functional for the modern woman. 


WHERE TO WEAR THE DRESS: At work with flats, out with friends with heels. Pair it with a tailored jacket for business attire, or wear it with funky earrings for a night out dancing. The dress is perfect for winter. 

Review Skinceuticals Tinted Moisturizer SPF 50

First, let me say that I have been using SkiCeuticals products for the past 5 years and overall I have been very pleased. I have very sensitive skin prompt to acne/oily/dry and since I live in Florida (hello humidity and sweat) I can't wear any heavy lotion. That does not mean I liked all their products and much it's about your skin. I am grateful for my esthetician who knows my skin better than I do.


For sensitive skin
For summer or humid areas (Florida)
Not running down your face 
Still leaves natural glow/look
Protect for sun 
Good price


Minimum coverage
Not soft/mousse at times hard to spread evenly

VERDICT: BUY IT in the summer only

Where to buy it:

Crop tops

You thought or hoped that crop tops will go away but they are not. They are staying and forcing us to hit the gym or show our fat belly.

This is why I don’t like crop tops:
1.      Who the heck has a flat belly beside Kate Moss?
2.      Who can show up like that at school or work unless you are 16 years old?
3.      What happens if you have big breast and you are short?

This is exactly why designers or whoever launches these trends don’t really think about real women. They have an artistic vision of what they want women to be in their perfect world. Then they will be the first ones to laugh at us if we wear their crop tops without having the flat belly or 6 pack abs.

Ok, so what happens later is that we all buy into this new trend and we end up buying a crop top. I am a sucker for that too, so don’t feel sorry. Infamous items I bought because they were trendy but never really wore were actually a crop top I finally donated the other day. It was a mustard sleeveless sweater that was cropped. I thought it was the shit. I imagined myself wearing it in a 1970s style with high waisted jeans. Well, I did not look that great.

If you really are stuck with a crop top here how to wear it so you don’t look like a fool:

1.      Wear your crop top with a long maxi skirt as you run errands in the summer or when you are walking by the beach. Make sure your skirt does not sit low on your hips. This is especially true for the many of us that do not have perfect tiny bodies.
2.      Wear your crop top with high waisted pencil skirts leaving only a tiny bit of skin showing.

Cropped tops