White on White Power White


This Spring White is the color, but would you really dare to wear ALL white? Is there a way to wear all white without looking like a bride? What do you think? Too much is too Much?

Happy Spring everyone. I wanted to celebrate the beginning of the Spring with a brief overview of what will be trendy in fashion. Patterns and colors will be at the center of your wardrobe this Spring. I feel there is a lot of influence from the style adopted in the TV show Mad Men. We are seeing delicate shapes and delicate colors. A lot of light pink, even though hot neon colors are still in. I don't mind neon colors for accent details, but that is it. J.Crew is so far my favorite fashion line. Such a superb elegance. If you are into stripes like me then get all your stripes out of your closet. It will be the time for you to shine. Let me know what you think.

Spring 2013


Cosmetics: Chanel; Outfits: J.Crew, Kate Spade, and Model Malgosia Bela; Purse Coach; Sandals: See by Chloe; Accessories: Kate Spade.
Glitters are my friends- I love all of these items-
All about colors and having fun with different prints and textures. I feel inspired and playful today. And you?

Week 9


From the top: Sperry, Vintage Enzo Angiolini  (check out Etsy.com), x, Tory Burch, Repetto, J.Crew Mint Ballet shoe, Unknown ???, Pink Chatelles, Hot Pink Jenni Kayne Suede d'Orsay Flats, Marc by Marc Jacob, Chloe, and Victoria's Secret shoes.


We are constantly bombarded with high heels. We see them in magazines, in fashion runways, on Pinterest. I am guilty of posting beautiful shoes with high heels to make us tremble. However, the reality for many women is quite different. We look for functionality. We need comfort. I worked at Victoria's Secret and standing all day long still hurt my legs wearing flats. And you can't forget those nights spent in a club dancing and hardly been able to walk the day after with blisters all over your feet. Unfortunately designers forget to think about the nature of our feet and our activities. I bought high heels that I wore maybe once or never, just because they looked 'pretty.' I had to buy high heels because a lot of pants these days are too long for average height women. I bought heels because flat shoes were just horrendous. Why, don't they make good looking flats?

I compiled some flat shoes I found to be adorable and potentially they can work with skirts or dresses. They are versatile. You just can't have enough of flat shoes just like high heels.

What do you wear to go to work? What brands are comfortable?

Week 8


Dress by Joe Fresh; Jacket Victoria Beckham; Shoes Messina Tassel. All items except for the jacket are under $30.

If you live in a very cold place and you have to fight with snow and wind your outfits need to be functional and protect you. There is no room for showing off how fit or hot you are. You also don't have room to show off the latest trend in fashion, whether it is a pair of sandals worn with stockings or a dress worn with no hosiery. There is also a tendency to wear dark colors in the winter to blend in with the gray colors of our surroundings. But it does not have to be like that. We can still find functionality and style with cold weather. I am the coldest person in the world, so I usually wear many layers (I live in Florida and I am still cold). If I wear jeans I would wear a pair of leggings or thermal pants underneath. I also wear ski socks with boots. And I only wear real wool or cashmere. I know. I told you I am cold.

Week 7


I want this post to be the last one about Winter. I see it as a transition to warm and vibrant colors. I did not include all the missing layers, but you get an idea of how to wear a skirt and colors in the Winter. Add stockings if you need and an extra pair of socks with matching scarf:) I think an eggplant organic wool scarf will look amazing with look. I want it all!!

The Top is by Bel Air, Wool Jacket French Connection, Boots Coach, Skirt Anna Studio, Earrings Stella Dot, Bruno Magli bag, nail Polish Essie.

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