How to look pretty without looking like you tried

In my early days one of the best compliments I would get from women was about how my I would look fashionable without trying. Of course when you are young it is easier to look pretty without even trying, but it was more than that. I was able to put on a bunch of non-coordinated items and looked fashionable. This was the pre-time of street fashionistas and the trend of mixing prints and colors and the messy bun. That has been my style since I was born. Unfortunately now it has been done so many time that it lost meaning to me.

Now, it is harder to pull a messy look without actually looking messy, especially at work, but there are some some items you should have in your wardrobe that you can mix and match without putting too much thought into it.

I personally feel comfortable with an urban style made out of dark skinny black pants, ankle boots, a white loose top, and a leather jacket. Top it with a pashmina, a cool hat and jewelry and you are done. That is literally how I feel cool. Unfortunately, this look does not quite go in Florida because of the weather and the environment. It's fascinating how the environment influences your fashion style. For example the Caribbeans are popular for bright colors, while norther countries rely on cold, dark colors.

I feel my wardrobe is a mess in terms of outfits for the 'correct' environment but here the top must items to look always good without trying and I do own those must have items.

1. Pashmina or light scarf: If you don't have one go and buy one. It can change your outfit completely, add glow to your skin or attitude. You can have prints, neutral colors and different textures. The one below in the picture is from ModCloth for $19.

2. A good pair of shoes: I know you might think "duh" but I mean a pair of shoes you can walk in comfortably whether they have heels or not. Own the catwalk, don't let the shoes dictate how you walk. Take a look of those sandals by DG. You can still pull off a kick ass outfit and be comfortable. I would pair these sandals with dresses, pants, skirts, everything.

3. Some type of Blazer/Jacket: It could be a leather jacket, which everyone should have in their wardrobe, or  a nice blazer. Even a cardigan can add to an outfit. Especially if you are wearing just a simple pencil dress. I like this Chiffon Layered Open-Front Cardigan for $47.  Alternatively I love this asymmetrical blue leather jacket by Helmut Lang.

I love anything that is just easy to wear and yet looks like you took your sweet time to put it together. That's why I like dresses, because you don't have to add too many other items and think too hard in the morning as you wake up. I am definitely getting the sandals for this summer and I already have the zipper clutch since I make similar ones myself. For my this is the best way to west a dress for work, especially as it is getting hotter and you can't wear long sleeves.

Simply elegant

FASHION TIPS: Summer Clothes for Women

1. Pencil Dresses are easy to dress down or up: Use accessories to have some fun.
2. For summer select summer dresses that are lightweight like silk or chiffon.
3. It is ok to wear sandals or open toe shoes at work if they are polished and your entire outfit is professional. Do not ever wear  flip flops at work. But check the  employee's manual before you get busted for wearing summer sandals.
4. A silk scarf like the ones worn by Grace Kelly will change any outfits at work and make it super chic. I have myself a collection of those, accumulated from grandmothers and relatives.
5. Hats are fun and cool. Choose a neutral color and a fabric that is not too heavy for spring or summer.
6. Don't forget to select few jewelry (don't go over board). You don't want to have sounds when you present in front of your boss!!!

What do you think? Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments below. 

This article is the last of a series of beauty pieces for your skin. You can check the other two articles here and here.

This one talks about make up application on a everyday basis. Remember I am pretty lazy and don't like to put heavy layers of make up on my skin. Especially in the summer or spring. It takes me only 15 minutes to get fully ready in the morning and that includes shower and clothing. I like to sleep in as much as possible!!!

For the prep phases of what face lotion to wear check out my previous article. Once you have put your lotion on start with your foundation. I have many because I am always looking for the best but overall I have been impressed with this one from L'Oreal. I use it only in the winter for the summer I use .......

Must have items for a natural make up: 

Highlighter: I use What's Up Liminous Champagne in stick only because I got a sample and it happened that I loved it. Full size is $30. There are also powder versions but do not always work. 

The purpose is to bring attention to few parts of your face creating a glow effect. This way you are distracting from other parts like saggy jaw lines or tired eyes. 

Place it right above your cheek , below your eyes or in other words along your cheekbones. 


Pot rouge: Pot Rouges have a dual function. You use them on your cheeks to give a healthy color and you also apply them to your lips as lipstick. They are better than powders because as you age powder will sit inside your wrinkles giving you the old grandmother look. Plus you really save money by using one product for two parts of your face.

The absolute best pot rouges are from Bobbi Brown. I believe they cost $30. I have pretty much all pink colors, some red ones and some bronze. I have sample sizes and palettes. My good friend used to work at Bobbi Brown so I was rewarded with cool stuff :)

For my skin type I like to stick with pink light colors to give the effect of a natural look. 

This is from 2012 and I hate hate when companies stop producing colors and products I absolutely love. I still have the ones from 2012 but now there are almost gone and can't find the replacement. Sometimes I check EBay for old collections. 

Mascara: the best mascara I ever had is from Borjouis a French company. It is the equivalent of Revlon or Rimmel in terms of prices. In Europe you can find it at the supermarket. I got my first one in 2001 when a roommate in Spain left hers so I just used it. 

I used the brown volume mascara on my eyelashes as well as eyebrows. When I lived in London I was able to buy the black one too. I can't find this product in the States. :( 

Eyebrows pencil: if I don't use the mascara I either use an eye pencil or a brown eyehadow and I fill in any gaps I have. 
The pencils I use are from L'Oreal. They are ok, defiantly better than some other products. If I find something that really works I will let you know. Or please share what you are using. 

Before make up

After make up

As you can see it is a very natural look. I like to wear more make up for special occasions and when I have time. Plus I feel as you age wearing too much make up makes you look old. What do you think? 
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One of the questions I have been getting from my friends who yet need to be pregnant is whether I go crazy and have the so called emotional distress, or mood swings. The typical gender stereotype of pregnant women going psycho over silly things and the husband usually pays for it.

In regards to change in social behavior due to pregnancy I just participated in a study conducted by FSU where I had to fill in a questionnaire answering a variety of questions related to social changes with friends and family due to hormonal changes.

The answer is: not really until........ Overall, I have been very calm, the opposite of the histerical pregnancy moments. I am not stressed or overwhelmed. However, I did experience an emotional crisis when I was in San Francisco, in a public space, in front of an entire restaurant. Yep...

There is an explanation of course. Shawn and I had been walking for hours (at least 3 hours) climbing streets in San Francisco and ending up at the market by the docks. I really had a light breakfast and it was about 4PM. The plan was to visit this market with all kind of restaurants and seat. Well after going up and down we still have not picked a place. In the meantime Shawn had vanished trying to resolve some issues with his card, the Nespresso guy pinched us down for 30 minutes explaining in a velocity of light all the features of the new Nespresso machine, which we did not buy. Then we decided to go for an Oyster bar since Shawn loves them. While in line, we had 2 other couples behind us, we asked for a menu given that I could not have anything on the menu. The place was packed. We stepped out the line to check the menu and one couple passed in front  of us. Ok, no problem. Then the host looked at us and said ok, are you guys ready? I WAS, but Shawn said let these other people go first since we stepped out of the line. I LOST IT. At that point I could not feel my legs, I was tired, hungry and could not handle any more politeness. I just wanted to fucking sit down and eat. I pretty much must have turned red and had tears in my eyes and said something like why, we were eon line, I need to sit. I don't know what I said but everyone had a weird panic scared expression on their face. Within 5 seconds we were seated. I don't think Shawn realized that pregnant women cannot wait. When we said it's time. It's fucking time. There is no negotiation or rationality. I could not control my emotions. I am not a pain in the ass usually. I am really free bird, but since I am pregnant when I say I need to rest and eat, I need to do it. If not, I feel dizzy and about to pass out.

This was definitely the most emotional crisis during pregnancy. Consider also that I had flew from Florida to San Francisco on a Wed after delays. I attended a conference all day until Friday and walked hours on Saturday. I think I deserve some recognition.

The other moment where I almost passed out was at H&M. Determined to get two dresses I stood in line with screaming teenagers and no a/c. yep San Francisco does not use a/c. But I did get my dresses. Ah! And then we went to sit and eat.

The emotional distress caused by pregnancy. I think at that point I was laughing hysterically. 
PS. The waitress behind me was pregnant too. 

Resources on how emotional distress during pregnancy works: 

April 29th I had the pleasure to attend a charity event held by the Power of the Purse: United Way of The Big Bend in Tallahassee, FL.

A colleague of mine is involved in this organization and they do charity events linked to fashion. What more can you like: donating for a good cause and staying fashionable.

The organization (Power of the Purse) is a social network of women in the Big bend who give, advocate, and volunteer to make the community of Tallahassee a better place to live. For example, they provide reading support to children who need help. If you like to learn more about them, visit there site.

The event was held at Fab'rik, a somewhat new store in Tallahassee. I have been wanting to do a piece on them for a while and finally I got the chance to do it. The boutique has variety of clothes for young professional women and also for fun women in general. Their prices are really good. I did not see anything more than $100 and their selection is quite wide. Make sure to get what you want when you see it because they change their inventory quite often.

During the event the store offered 20% off any items so I obviously took advantage. I bought a stretchy pencil skirt to bring to San Francisco with a matching black tank top. Here a picture of the skirt. The picture was taken in San Francisco as I was about to climb that street. Yes, I was a little preoccupied.

J.Crew sweater //  Fab'rik skirt // Calvin Klein boots // Jacket by Banana Republic (not pictured).

If you like to stay in touch with fashion charity events make sure to subscribe to my blog. I will make sure to attend any of these fashionable events. 


 The ladies chatting and trying clothes on.  Donations to attend was around $10 or more. All donations support the programs of the Power of the Purse.

It has been a very busy week so far. We have big upcoming projects at work and my dog Zoe got hurt while I was in San Francisco, so I had to deal with all kind of issues. Poor Zoe, I just want to hang out with her.

Actually it's quite impressive how sensitive dogs or animal in general are. Zoe is really needy now. She wants me to massage her and pet her and just give her attention, otherwise she cries. She is never been a needy, pet dog...On the contrary she is very independent.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a picture of a dress that I bought in San Francisco at H&M. It's perfect for pregnant women and also for work. I was trying to find it online but their site kind of suck. You have to look through more than 14 pages to even find something similar to what they sell in the store. Everything looks the same on their site. I wish you could search by price and color. I also can't stand when the site of a store like H&M or Zara does not carry the same items of their physical stores. I feel you always get second hand clothes and fashion online.



I have mentioned this blog before, but it is pretty good. It's called Bump and Me. Despite been on the commercial side, their content is really interesting and fresh. I always want to read at least two of other stories, just because I really don't know anything about pregnancy in general.

The Day Book Blog had a special on pregnancy and great ideas on how to accentuate the belly and be stylish.

Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Gin
7cfaa5d4e7cc92ff35d1fe89b7bc7c765b933dd07b7bee37b1 I have been traveling to San Francisco for work and given that I am pregnant I asked my doctor for tips and suggestions on how to travel during pregnancy.

#1. Buy compressed stockings. Your doctor will give you a prescription to go and see a specialist in compressed stockings. They take your leg measurements and then they custom make stockings. These are to prevent any clogging of your veins while on the airplane. They are hard to put on and they really suck everything but they are worth buying if you are concerned. They are pricy. You might want to check CVS pharmacy for an alternative cheaper solution.

#2. Drink plenty of water when you fly.

#3. Get up and walk every hour or so when you fly, which should not be a problem given that you have to pee very give minutes. 

#4. My own suggestion is to bring plenty of snacks in your bag. I was so hungry and felt weak I ended up buying some tapas snack on the Delta flight. 

Of course because of the tornado and heavy rain in Florida our flight was delayed and we lost the connection for San Francisco. We were lucky because we cleared out for the standby list for the flight that left 2 hours later. Thank God, because the next flight would have not left until 8PM getting in super late. 

We finally made it to the hotel Kabuki in Japantown San Francisco at 7:30pm their time and had really good dinner at SPQR, a kind of Italian-American restaurant. The best food we had while in San Francisco. 

Spaetzle with mushroom and rabbit

Lasagnette with saffron and bolognese ragu

The most amazing dessert: coffee gelato with pudding and some cinnamon crunch goodness -
Fried mini doughnuts with gelato 

Stay tune to hear about my first official pregnancy crisis in San Francisco!!!