Guest Blogger: Sandy Kacura (former model) 
Post written by Sandy Kacura and Ginevra Adamoli

We use technology in every facet of life. You are probably even reading this on a phone right now, or tablet. The point is that technology changes every industry in one way or another. And now it’s making its way into fashion. Here are the top ways technology is becoming fashionable and is getting into your wardrobe.

1. iWatch is the new luxurious watch.
In 2015 more than 21.3 million wearable devices like Apple watches were sold in the US alone. From watches to shoes that track your daily steps, technology has changed the way you look and you feel. Actionable technology incorporate fitness into fashion. 

2. Personalized shopping apps.
You might not have time to go shopping or you might one of these people who just don't know how to style herself, pick items that go together and look good. In the past 5 years we had a proliferation of stylist apps. Users pay a monthly membership to receive personalized clothes chosen based on a criteria by real stylist. The user then decide whether she wants to keep any of the items. If she does not she can return the items in pre-labeled returning package. You don't have to do go to a store or call. It is that simple. True Fit helps shoppers find the right fit in any item. Rachel Zoe's Box Of Style is a box full of trendy fashionable items curated by the famous stylist.

3. Mobile retail banking apps.

This is something I learned about as I am working in IT and technology. The easy way to explain movie retail banking apps is to imagine Paypal combined with your banking account, personalized to your behavior offline and online. Pretty much you will be able to perform any transactions via your banking apps. Why is this important for fashion? If there was a one-channel way to shop through out different sites in a secure way I would probably shop until I drop it. Why do you think Paypal is so awesome? Because when you shop for that dress on a fashion online site you can just click Paypal and you are done. No need to insert over and over your information. This is in my opinion important as I do most of my shopping on my mobile and I don't really like to fill in forms that are not mobile optimized.

When I was approached by Sandy, a former model she suggested that one part of the industry that still needs be fully explored in terms of technology is fashion, and I mean casting models, putting together shoots, etc. Even before you can buy that cardigan, or those boots, or even the hand crafted eco conscious pair of jeans, it has to be shot. In order for a designer, big or small, to shoot their new collection they have to pick up a phone, call an agency, wait for an email response (if they even get one), and hope they can find the talent they need.This outdated way of doing business has been standard for more than 100+ years. That’s where sites and brands like My Style Blox want to make a difference. On My Style Blox clients big or small can find talent they need to market their brand, without having to deal with agencies. The talent as well are a diverse mix. By not following the industry “norm” of telling people they are too “tall”, “short”, “fat”, “ugly”, “not pretty enough”; My Style Blox opens the doors to new and aspiring talent. Now smaller boutique designers don’t have to break the bank to find the talent they need.

As technology continues to influence our lives it will start to move deeper into other parts of fashion. It’s safe to say that we as a people love technology. And it is good to finally see technology loving fashion just as much.