Buzzfeed came out with top best Christmas pictures/cards with new borns. These 29 kids totally nailed the traditional Christmas card. So motivated and inspired by the possibilities to make a cool Christmas card I decided to set Olly's room for the ultimate photo shoot. Shutterfly offers different templates for Christmas cards so all we really needed to do was take the picture. Well, let me tell you that getting a newborn to stay still is impossible. There is nothing 'perfect' about the pictures we took. By the time we took a FAMILY picture we, the parents, were exhausted and looked like crap (see picture).

Here what really happens when you try to make that perfect picture for Christmas with your newborn.

1. Try to stage Merry Christmas with blocks. They get knocked out from erratic movements of the baby.

2. Try to fit the baby in a Victoria's Secret Santa Hat: It will never stay on.

3. Forgot the cap on.

4. Baby is still but has scratched herself all over her body.

5. The only good picture is the one wearing a diaper

6.  It's  a Merry Imas

7. Your hair and the elephant get in the way of a perfect picture

8. The family picture with the timer is not centered and the baby is not interested whatsoever.

9.  The dog just stares at us like we are idiots

10. The parents are just fed up with the all thing.

New Year Outfits: Whether you are going somewhere or staying home, you should dress up for New Year. Don't get me wrong you can even spice up your new PJ and stay home watching movies but do something fun and different. We are staying home this year but we will be cooking a nice dinner. Below are my choices. Which one is your favorite?

new year outfits

Many of my friends and family members have asked me, "What is like to be a mom." The assumption is that I would answer that being a mom is joyful, exciting, and it's just the most memorable of all my life experiences. But that is not how I feel, at least now. Being a mom in today's society is quite different from the '50s or even '70s. Today we are super moms: we keep our jobs, we keep the house clean, we have time to decorate our rooms like Martha Stewart, we are of course devoting lovers to our partners, and we are the coolest moms for our children. Did I also mention that new moms have Victoria's Secret's bodies right after giving birth? Super model Gisele Bundchen resonates the stereotype of a modern mom when she posted the following picture on her Instagram's account.

Credit to Gisele's account to Instagram
No doubt this picture evokes beauty, a lot of 'awwww', and power to women. I even connected with the supermodel for few minutes, thinking: "look at that, I am just like her, and she is just like me: a mom at work, struggling to find balance in her life. I can do it." Sad enough the more I looked at this image the more I realize I was far from being like Gisele. So I took a picture of me reinterpreting Gisele's image. The results were not quite the same: I don't possess the peaceful beauty that comes with a new mom. Just look at how awkward I am standing in my robe, holding my baby.

Being a mom is not awesome. Who says this is full of BS. Look at my face in the picture. Do I look like I have any expression on my face? No, because new moms do not have time to even think beside making sure the new baby survives. I get between 2 and 3 hours of sleep per night because my baby has really bad gas. I work in the morning and will go back full time in the office in January after my unpaid maternity leave is over, I cook and make sure I eat healthy, I exercise one hour a day (the only time I leave the baby), and I have to do laundry, clean the house, take the dog out, etc.

Did you see my garden? That is the garden of somebody who had a child and does not have time to blow shit around. My partner helps out a lot, don't get me wrong, but even two people cannot catch up with the demands of our lives (e.g. bills, put gas in the car, grocery, Did you remember to call the vet?  Don't forget we have a social event to go to), especially if these two people are both working and career oriented.

Do I have help? Yes, I hired an expensive nanny/babysitter so I could work even thought the majority of my paycheck goes to the nanny. Why I did not quit my job? Beside the fact that I do want a career, financially, despite the fact that we both have good jobs, we cannot afford to stay at home. That is a reality of today's society. If you don't keep rolling the wheel you will end up in the well. Is that sad? Today's society is telling us that we are mothers who need to be super women, super business ladies, super cooks, and we are look down if we choose to pick one path, which we can't even do that. How did we get to this point?

For once, the lack of  support from companies during maternity leave is just repulsive. I can't believe that during such an incredible and physical and emotional hard moment (pregnancy and first months of having child) most companies including governmental agencies do not provide paid maternity leave and it is only 3 months. To me, this is uncivil. This does not even count the fact that during pregnancy you feel like shit (at least I did) and yet you have to go to work and perform 100%. If you want to stay home you use your days off (which we know in the States you get maybe 15 days compared to Europe). Furthermore, it seems that we get into this mentality that we need to suck it up, that me made the choice of raising children and be mothers, while demanding gender equality. Well, I don't see gender equality. It is apparent that women are different and our biological differences make it really hard to be equal when gender equality in society means acting like a man (the office, career, financial stability, etc.).

So, what is like to be a new mom? Exhausting and awkward. You are not sure what this little creature is and you look at her/him and you are puzzle. You try to understand her/him and manage her/him but that is just impossible. She is controlling you more than you are controlling her. It's very hard to change your lifestyle in such a short period of time. You become 24/7 absorbed with this little creature that yet has to show off personality and interact with you in such a way that is rewarding to a person. But I know the love is coming and growing. I am just not one of this people who really explode in emotions right away. It's more of a long journey, discovering and building relationships. What's like to be a mom? Emotional. You are trying to hold on to your previous life, full of social events, drinks at night, and time for yourself. We, as western people, are so individualistic that it is very hard to let go of our 'me, me,me' time and give all you got to somebody you just met.

I don't want to sound like I don't love my child. Of course I do, if not I would not spend all this time making sure I breastfeed her, talk to her in Italian and English, turn the TV off so she does not get used to crappy reality TV shows, and much more. It's just my need to vent my emotions.

Carrots with lemon-thyme vinaigrette 

As you all know, I am on a diet and fitness regime post baby partum. If you like to check out my progress go to the Fitness section of this blog. Since the holidays are approaching I had to come up with ideas for healthy and low calories dishes that still look fabulous on the plate. This recipe is from Thanksgiving and it's just perfect. The recipe is for 4 people


A bunch of long carrots with the green attached to them. You can find them at Publix, Whole Foods. They need to be very long. 
Dry or Fresh Thyme (one table spoon)
1/4 cup of extra verging olive oil
1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice
1 tsp of minced garlic (optional)
1 tablespoon of dijon mustard
1 tsp of honey

Mix all ingredients in a glass jar. Set aside. 

Peel the carrots with the green still attached and boil them in water for 5-8 minutes. be careful because the first time we made this carrots they came out so mushy they were not that great. I would suggest using a fork to pinch in the carrots at 5 minutes. They need to be medium soft, not saggy. 

Serve the carrots on a tray (trim the green leaving some stems for decoration). Pour the vinaigrette on top and serve. 

Where to shop in tallahassee

Shopping in Tallahassee is unique because it does not offer the experience of big cities with an infinite selection of stores and outlets. However, Tallahassee offers local shopping which is great because you will never find the same item twice or on somebody else. Plus, you are supporting local business. If you took the time to go beyond the malls and chain restaurants you would actually enjoy some of these gems in Tallahassee. From clothes to home decor here few shops I like to get lost on a weekend. So here few things to do in Tallahassee.

1. Good Finds: Antique & Vintage Furniture, accessories, and more ($)
                 3100 S, Adams St., Tallahassee, FL 32301
                                  (850) 402-3100

Good Finds is a two-story brick house packed with all kind of items, from furniture to vintage jewelry. I bought two night stands here and plenty of vintage drinking glasses. The inventory rotates frequently so make sure you check it out. 
Try to bargain down the price if you really like something. The store manager rents the space to individuals who want to sell obviously, so don't be shy. 
Audience: Anyone who likes getting lost doing vintage shopping. 

2. Peculiar Goods: Home Décor accessories and clothes ($$)

    215 E. 7th Ave., Tallahassee, FL 32303
                                     (850) 425-4663

Peculiar Goods is a hidden gem on 7th Avenue, right before the traffic light on Monroe Street. Inside thetiny homeit’s all sensory appeal -- from the miniature garden to the seasonal smells of special candles, soaps and perfumes. I particularly enjoy their selection of pajamas for classy ladies.  

Tip: Shop there and then head to Joe Mama’s for a delicious authentic Italian pizza and special brewery beer. 
Audience: Everyone who likes specialty home décor items and adores Provence style.  

3. Fab’rik: Modern clothes and accessories ($$)

              1817 Thomasville Rd # 520, Tallahassee, FL32303
                                        (850) 545-1447

Fab’rik, was one of the first clothing stores to open near Whole Foods Market. I personally love their clothes because they are fresh, trendy and affordable. Expect to find casual dresses and more elegant and classic pieces with a modern twist. When they have a rack on sale take advantage. I bought a wool skirt for $10, which I wore during pregnancy.  
Tip: When they have a rack on sale take advantage. I bought a wool skirt for $10, which I wore during pregnancy.
Audience: Young, professional, modern women.

Cole Couture

    4. Cole Couture: Boutique clothes and accessories ($$$)

               1240 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303
                                   (850) 553-3327

Bring your girlfriends to this boutique in Midtown, right by the Wine Loft. A favorite of my triathlon friend Sandy the store offers everything you need to be the "it girl." From jeans, to shorts, to dresses you will not see anybody else wearing the same clothes. While their selection is fresh and trendy their prices can be quite high for a college student, but you can score dresses from $50 and up. 
Tip: Check their accessories section and interior design of the store.When you are done shopping, get a glass of wine at the Wine Loft
Audience: Anyone with a cheerful personality.

5. Quarter Moon

           1641 North Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32303
                                   (850) 222-2254

The only eclectic and ethnic shop in town provides a wide variety of charming items from Asia. You can find tea pots, chopsticks, Chinese cats, and indian clothes. This is a great place to buy gifts for friends. After done shopping walk down Black Dog's Cafe to sip on some tea and rest on their outdoor patio with your dog.  
Audience: hipsters and locals 

Tips to Stay in Shape during the Holidays

#1. Don't skip your workout. Just because it is the holiday it does not mean you need to lay on the sofa eating pie and watching TV all day. Take walks after big party meals and keep that training session at the gym. Even a 10 minutes job will make the difference. Keep your metabolism up. You can also do burpees for 10 minutes. A great quick exercise can be found here -

#2. Choose your food wisely. You might have to attend multiple Christmas parties in just one week. You will be tempted with brownies, chocolate mousse, egg nog, and who knows what else. This is where you need to pull your will power. If I go to a party and have just one bad item, I get disappointed with myself and I just keep eating all night. Just scan through the menu or buffet and see what food they have that is suitable for a diet. Most likely they will have something. Avoid alcoholic drinks and opt for water or sparkly water. Focus on talking to people rather than hitting the buffet. I know it's hard. Trust me, I started a fitness regime right before Thanksgiving.

You probably want  to avoid heavy breakfasts like this picture. Keep it simple with eggs and fresh fruit. 

#3. Cook/eat with nuts. You don't have to limit you cooking during the holidays. You can still have a memorable feast without going over your daily calories count. How? Choose to cook a roasted turkey marinated in olive oil and herbs. Serve with a side of glazed carrots, salted spinach, or a salad. Provide your guests with a wide variety of natural unsalted nuts and mandarins. Finish dinner with caramelized fruits in the oven served with vanilla ice cream. You can replace the meat with grilled fish. As a matter of fact, in Italy the New Year dinner can be very simple and healthy consisting of broiled meat, including the tongue. Everything is served with a green sauce made with parsley, olive oil, lemon and anchovies.

Sorbetto can be a healthier choice for a dessert. In the picture chocolate ice cream from SPQR in San Francisco. To make it less rich, don't include the chocolate crumbs. It is that simple. Simplify.

Want to know which ones are the best instagram fashion bloggers in 2015 to follow? Here the top fashion bloggers on Instagram.
 Tales of Endearment
Tales of Endearment: a blog about love, friends, vintage, music, and life, curated by Natalie Joo, a Belgian-born casting agent and consultant based in New York City. Her instagram account Jxxsy is truly the storytelling of a modern Alice in Wonderland.

In the Picture: Model Ulrikke Simonsen

Instagram: jxxsy

Atlantic - Pacifica. Blaire Eadie does not need much introduction. She has made us dream with her elegant classic style and yet hedgy urban touches. The Grace Kelly of our times has also done a great job in not selling herself to brands. We love her and will keep loving her. 

Instagram: blaireadiebee

Happy Grey - Mary welcomes us in her everyday life, capturing moments of joy - from a cappuccino to a walk in the woods. We like the style of her pictures, almost as her story was taking place in the Netherland. You will know what I mean if you visit her Instagram account.  

Instagram: happilygrey

Cupcake & Cashmere - Emily Schuman made us fall in love with her blog when she renovated her house, especially her dreamy kitchen. Now, that she is expecting we can't wait to see what she will pull off. 

Instagram: emilyschuman

This Time Tomorrow - Krystal Bick opens her doors and let us in her 'normal' daily life. We love her 'easy to pull' style that everybody can pull off and afford. Now, she probably has the real deal, but we are happy we can imitate her.

Instagram: krystal_bick

Olivia Palermo: While her blog has gone through many transformations becoming to look like a real brand or commerce site, we can't have enough of her Instagram's account. We are still keeping Olivia in our top list as her social influence is GIGANTIC.

Instagram: oliviapalermo

Teggy French: This is somebody we want to see more and more. Alex Weichert has sublime style, knowing well how to wear plaid with sparkling, sequin skirts. Who would ever think that, right? We just want to get to know her better.

Instagram: teggyfrench

The Blonde Salad: Whether you like or dislike her style, Chiara Ferragni is to be admired for making fashion blogging a paid profession. She might have gone overboard with too many obvious product placements in her style but the girl needs to make a living and for now we can only learn from her.

Instagram: chiaraferragni

Do you think you or another fashion blogger should have made the 'best fashion bloggers on Instagram's' list? If so comment below with the name of an awesome Fashion Blog on Instagram.

Disclosure: All pictures are taken from each blogger's Instagram account. All credits to them.
It is December 1st, which means #blogmas. I just learned about this term yesterday while surfing on Twitter for some cute fashion blogs. You blog everyday for the entire month of December. This for me an opportunity to recreate the Christmas calendar I had when I was a child. Each day I would open a little door of the calendar to find a surprise - a chocolate surprise. So everyday I will reveal a surprise about me, about my Christmas traditions and my picks for Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts ideas under $50 

I usually set a budget for all my Christmas gifts, but then I always go over budget. I am a horrible shopper for friends, because I end up buying items for myself. Yes, I know. But this year I am doing great. First, I took notes, while spending time with friends and family. I observed what they needed and liked and when I see something that represents them I just get it now, no matter if there is a reason to buy a gift or not. Second, I got most of my gifts before Thanksgiving and online via Etsy. I decided I would want something made by an artist and Etsy has original pieces. I also sell on Etsy (my shop is empty now though). 

What is in this picture?

1. Notebooks - Naughty and Nice: On Sale right now on One Kings Lane. They are $76 for both. So you could give one to a friend and the other one to another friend.
2. Nice matches - On sale on One Kings Lane. If you are like me you use matches to light your candles.  $15 on sale. 
3. Kate Spade 2015 agenda - You can find this agenda on their site, at Dillards or even at Belk ($14). If you don't care that is Kate Spade, Marshalls sells similar ones for $5. 
4. Pineapple Candle: I am obsessed with pineapple objects. I have a giant white ceramic pineapple just because. This one is from Bed Bath and Beyond. Anthropologies also has them in gold. 
5. This cute candle is from Anthropologie: There are different shapes so you can choose. Prices ranges from $24-36. I really want to buy the pineapple but don't know if I ll have any money left. 
6. Gold drinking glasses: If you run to Marshalls now you will find awesome gold trim drinking glasses with lips, with dots, with whatever you want. I don't have space for more glasses but I so wanted to get them. 
7. Coaster: if you like glitters then get those Kate Spade's coasters. They are $30, available at Dillards or on KS's site. 
8. Shopping mug: Oh yeah... How cute is this mug? I actually bought it for a friend and found it at Marshalls for just $2.00. You can also find it on Amazon, but it is more expensive. 

There you go, you can still buy something for your friends for less than $50 and make your friends very happy. Please comment on this blog if you like something in the picture. I am doing a secret giveaway, so subscribe and check regularly this month for a chance to win something in this picture. 

This Thanksgiving has been a great Thanksgiving. My friend Sophie came to visit and Black Friday deals were just the best I have seen since I lived in the States. Let me recap for you what you have missed out. You still have few hours to shop.

- 1. BCBG: 75% until noon, plus 15% for signing up for their newsletter. 50% after noon.
- 2. ZARA: 30% on entire site.
- 3. Urban Outfitters: 50% entire site, plus 25% off all sale items
- 4. Banana Republic: 50% all site and 60% off sweaters
- 5. Amazon: different deals
- 6. Trovea: 50% off entire site

I wish I had planned in advance my Black Friday. I really did not take advantage of the deals and decided actually to not shop this year. I took care of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, which I actually enjoy. The stores were empty and full of merchandise.


Pearl Studs Earrings

Week 4 of my post baby diet plan? Already? Time flies I swear. Maybe because there is no difference between night and day anymore when you have a newborn.

Before I share my update on getting back in shape post baby I wanted to show you these amazing earrings by BaubleBar. I have been looking for over a year for this type of earrings. I saw a girl once with pearls earrings like these and have been on a hunt since then. Instead of getting the pearls I got this marble like aqua bubblegum 360 studs earrings. And they were only $1o including shipping. They had a special sale going. Even for full price $28 you receive a very cool box that you would want to keep.

PS. I did not cut my hair.

I wanted to show you a close up of the earrings. I love them!!

In regards to losing the baby weight and updating you on my fitness and diet plan...well it's not going as I envisioned it. I thought, "everyone has 30 minutes to work out." Well not really if you have a 7 week baby. Shawn was also out of town and all the baby sitters were sick. The only thing I manage to do is hot yoga twice a week. This weekend I am trying one hour bootcamp for $5. I will let you know how it goes.

Lost 3 pounds since the last check in on October 22. Total loss 7 pounds in 4 weeks or so. Not bad considering I don't do much.

I am sitting in the chair of my favorite hair salon, Dream State, which uses Aveda products, and thought I would take advantage to write my review of my post baby weight loss (is it really though?) and getting back in shape. 

This week was a disaster. I did not lose or gain anything. So far in one month I lost 3 pounds not considering all the weight I lost after giving birth (20 pounds or so). Between the sleepless nights and just my mom cooking Italian delicious dishes I did nothing. 

I tried to go jogging and literally my legs were heavy and in pain, so I walked. The only activity I kept consistent is hot yoga. I must say I am getting better or I should say I am able to bend more and more like the old day. It makes me so happy to be able to stretch even if it is a little bit more. It makes me feel I have accomplished something, that my efforts pay off. Plus my body feels so young!! Ahahah

PS. what do you think of my new hair color? I decided to go darker choosing a caramel-honey color for my hair. 

RESULTS week 2: 
0 weight loss
ACTIVITY: 90 minutes of hot yoga and walks around the block

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Fashion For Real People.

ATLANTIC LUGGAGE SWEEPSTAKES (Read this post on how to win a trip for your whole family):

                                                              Enter to win a family trip

When I was just 6 months old I was on a plane from Italy to Jamaica where I lived for few years on and off. My brother at 20 days old was flying from Jordan where he was born to Italy. So it seems natural that I would be planning a trip to Italy with my new baby between age 6-10 months.

I am already planning where I would go (Paris, Athens and Sicily) and how I will pack. I would say the second part is more important for new moms because we all have seen the dreadfully and horrific picture of family dragging their entire house with them when traveling with kids. I have seen in with friends and family who came visit us in Florida - you can't see from the windows of their cars because it is packed with diapers, suitcases, hello kitty blankets, pillows, floaty objects, and pink toys that I have not idea existed before. I have seen parents at airports with backbags that are nothing compared to young hippies that travel Europe just with their backbag and sleeping bag. Move apart young and free spirit college students because traveling parents are tough and in need of a better traveling system.

I don't want to be that parent (I say this with hope). I hate traveling heavy. I always travel with one bag. I actually end up traveling so light that I have to buy clothes wherever I go to. When I lived in Europe I came with one suitcase and a carry on. I was there for 6 months and did not wear half of what I brought because it was packed with Florida clothes and well Europe was just so cold....

Anyway, now that I am a mom, I need to be a little more conscious of what to pack and how. So I started looking at suitcases that are durable and have multiple functions. For example Kohl's sell Atlantic Luggage, which offers a variety of innovative ways to travel in comfort. One of their cool features, the Link2Go system, allows you to connect multiple pieces of luggage for easy one handed rolling. I think this can come handy when you need to have many bags (one for the baby, one for the parents, one for diapers or emergency baby items, etc). If you can't just travel with one bag make sure the system you buy is easy to use and won't require heavy lifting or you will be that parent who runs to catch a flight while his/her entire bags are falling everywhere in the airport.

The best invention ever for any bags (and I actually have this carry-on when I travel for business too) is the 360-degree-4-wheel spinner, which allows for easy guiding and steering through busy terminals. What does it mean? Have you ever had one of those carry-ons with wheels and you got stuck trying to orient the wheels in the direction you are walking and you found yourself punching your carry-on bag  and sweating from the frustration? Well, you don't have to be that person anymore. Get yourself an Atlantic Luggage 360 bag. You will thank me later for two reasons: 1. you can give the carry on to your children because it's that easy to maneuver and it is lightweight; and 2. you won't fight with your luggage anymore when you are about to lose your flight.

D10dd084-915e-4bdc-a409-43413f25907a_zps5ec7f6e2 Fe522cec-93cc-4e51-88d9-e80b246e3b89_zpsab18058d

Now that you have chosen your luggage and your destination (whether it is in your state or abroad) here few tips for traveling lightweight with your family without having to leave your kids at home. :)


1. Buy those plastic bags that suck the air out so you will have more room in your suitcase. Be aware that you have a limit weight for baggage if you fly. With Delta is about 50 pounds or 23KG. I won't talk today about the option to send an extra baggage and fees, but you should definitely consider it. I do it when I return from Italy and had bought all kind of goodies. You can also ship and sometimes that is cheaper that adding an extra luggage to your trip via plane.

2. Put your sucks inside your shoes to save space.

3. You don't need to put in your suitcase an entire bottle of shampoo, conditioner, etc. I usually just carry sample products for skincare (from face lotions, to mascara, to shampoo, etc.) and then buy a big bottle of shampoo or conditioner when I get to destination and I leave them there. Think about it. It is cheaper to buy big items versus smaller or traveler format. What I do is that I either put some shampoo in traveling containers or I just use sample sizes that were given to me free. Then I get to destination and go to a CVS pharmacy to buy a regular size. It is worth my time, space, and money.

4. Your carry on should have  a lot of pockets and have easy access for emergency items for your children. Your documents should be in the front pocket or at least a pocket easy to reach. You should only have documents. Do not start adding items. Next to it I like to have my cell phones or ipads (electronics). Big important items like diapers will be placed inside the bag. Because I like containers and bags within bags I use my custom-made zipper bags to place items within my carry on bag. So, all my diapers will be in one place, pacifier and small items for the baby will be all in one bag, and so on. I am a lover of shoulder bags, like the Atlantic Ultra Lite 2 shoulder bag. I either carry it on my shoulder using the straps or I just place it on top of the 360 wheels carry on so I only drag one luggage through the airport. For me it's much easier to organize and access items is I use the shoulder bag. I don't know I just don't like the idea of taking the traditional carry on with wheels and set it on the floor and unzip it all the way and start digging in for items. Remember if you have an emergency like a blow out, you need to act fast. And I feel I can only do that with a shoulder bag.

Those are just few tips I found very helpful as I have been traveling both with my family and myself through the many years. If you are looking to try any of these tips Atlantic Luggage is currently running an amazing sweepstakes where you have the opportunity to win a family trip for four to your choice of New York or San Diego! To register for your chance to win a trip for the whole family visit their site at

How To Enter and Details:
  • Go to the included link and fill out the sweepstakes form.
  • Sweepstakes runs October 15 through November 15
  • Winner will be chosen within 7-10 days following the close of the sweepstakes.
  • Grand Prize trip must be booked by 9/30/15 and travel must be completed by 10/31/15.
Prizes and rules:
  • Win a family trip for four to New York or San Diego, courtesy of Atlantic Luggage and Delta Vacations!
  • Grand Prize package trip certificate is valid for: (a) round-trip economy air transportation valued at up to $450 per ticket for the Grand Prize winner and three (3) guests from a major U.S. airport serviced by Delta Air Lines near to the Grand Prize winner’s home (as determined by Sponsor), to a major U.S. airport serviced by Delta Air Lines near New York City or San Diego, CA (as chosen by winner and determined by Sponsor); (b) hotel accommodations at a participating Delta Vacations hotel in New York City or San Diego, C; (c) four (4) Atlantic® carry-on sized suitcases; and (d) $300 allowance to spend on their choice of Delta Vacations Tour or Activity packages.
  • Trip is to last three days and two nights
  • Total prize value of $3,700

Here my entry - Now I really want to win since I have not been to New York since 2001 and I have never been to San Diego.

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