Last day. Happy New Year everyone and I won't see you with a new outfit for a while;) Some required vacation from fashion. Let's the celebration begins!!!

WEARING: JEANS FIORUCCI; TOP BCBG; SWEATER was my grandmother whom I never had a chance to meet. SHOES GUESS; EARRINGS a gift from my mother.

Thank you all for supporting this blog and taking the time to scan through the pictures or write comments. Don't forget to tune in January 9 when Hilary and I will be reporting from Jacksonville on our adventure and our future.

Buon Anno!

It's the last day of the diet... Whoa! It makes me so
excited to start this NEW DECADE with such a fresh, cleansed
perspective. In many ways, I feel like a new lady. New hair do, new
outlook, and new approach to how I present myself to the world. I
feel like I have shed some major layers, both tangible and
spiritual. I have a fun outfit for tonight (which I will definitely
post), but wanted to get this up before the night got lost in a
haze of bubbly good times.

It warmed up
substantially just in time for the new year. Wearing cream and pink
tank dress from H&M, grey Banana cardigan and moccasins.
Easy and breezy, buy now I'm ready for some bling! Happy New Year!
Been nice knowing you 2010.
I have been eying the clog trend for a while now. The thing about trends is that they are great and they are also dangerous. If you follow them too closely you run the risk of being... dare I say it... "trendy". But if you don't follow them at all, well, then you run the risk of being... dare I say even worse... "out of touch".

Anyway, I have wanted a pair of clogs for a while now. Love the vintage throwback, love the chunky yet girly feel to them, and I really adore anything that has some semblance of a woodland creature.

These clogs came to me in the form of an undersized jacket exchanged for cash which then purchased these lovelies on sale at DSW. Actually, on clearance. I am [now] a full supporter of not buying things just because they are marked down, but when a gem lands in your lap, you polish it up and take it home with you.

I am also wearing my Silence + Noise jeans, a new BCBG top given to me for Xmas by my sis and a scarf that was given to me by my step bro. [I have some fashion forward siblings!] The mixed prints is another trend I've been into, but haven't really tried. These together kind of remind me of Gretchen Jones from the latest season of Project Runway.

Anyway, it is nice to have some new things to wear. I am so grateful for our break from shopping. It has genuinely been a cleansing experience. But I am ready for it's end. Ready for the fresh start and to redefine what shopping and clothes and consumerism and my closet mean to me.
What a perfect day to celebrate the end of this blog. New Year's eve.

I wanted to share two things today. Both custom-made. The first is the hat. I love this hat. My mom's friend made it. Literally she made it. I love it. Second, the necklace. I made it myself. It's super simple, but I like it. It looks very good with summer dresses or black dresses. I think I might add a chain or two. T-shirt from Zara. I am wearing Miss Sixty jeans.

Happy New Year y'all!!
You know how when you get something new that you just love you want to wear it every day for a week and a half? Well that is me right now. So, sorry for the redundancy, but whats a girl to do? Deny herself the joy of wearing the same thing over and over again? Pshh!

Had a wonderfully decadent day. Went to the spa at the Ritz Carlton [oh la la]. Ate a delicious lunch of an open faced sandy on 12 grain bread with shaved turkey breast, swiss cheese, asparagus, tomato, and avocado topped with spicy mayo at Gourmet Gourmet in Amelia Island. Took a NAP. [!!!!!!] Ate loads and loads of crab legs and shrimp and oysters at Sliders in Atlantic Beach. And topped the night off with a new black ale at Intuition Ale Works. While playing Jenga. [La ti da.]

Wearing forest green skinny cargos, new BB Dakota sweater, black scarf and moccs.


A disproportionate amount of butter.

Leaning tower of Jenga.

JENGA mother effing bee's!

Three mo' days. I promise to be more creative and to not wear this sweater again in that time period. I should be able to hold out for three days. Plus, it will be in the SEVENTIES. Heck to the yes.

I want to color my hair and I don't know if I should go blonde or brunette. I had dark hair before but not necessarily looked good. I should post some pictures of my hair transformation through the years. Anyway, I like rich dark color because they are low maintenance, but mostly I have been a blonde and I feel the blond color works with my complexion. Here some pictures of celebrities who went dark, but they have always been on the light side. I think the dark is also a possibility because I can do it myself with $10.

Cameron Diaz

Paltrow. I am afraid I am going to look as pale as her....Mmmmhhh

My outfit today is from Zara. My dad picked it with my mom. It does not surprise me that has GREEN in it. The only clothing items I ever received from my dad were wool British Jaguar green sweater a size too large to wear, PJs from Switzerland, and oversize Lacoste or Polo Ralph Lauren. ahahhahahaha Now he learned that I am not an oversized child. :)

Too tired to write much of anything. In a few days the daily posts won't be required, but we will definitely still be posting! As Gin said, we have some ideas. The diet will be finished, but as with any good diet, it's a lifestyle change.

Tonight was yet another wonderful Christmas celebration. Thanks to "The Holiday" we enjoyed some Christmas Fettucine, a nice merlot and sparkling rose, fun gift giving and a viewing of Back To The Future.

Wearing a grey Banana Republic cardigan, black tee and tank, Citizens boot cut jeans, and moccs. An "appropriate family holiday" outfit, as my husband says.

Gunna do something crazy for New Years! Last day of the diet! I also think I am going to buy a sweater wrap coat from ASOS as my one item. More on that tomorrow.
I realized that everyone by now knows what I own. I had a friend e-mailing me about a dress I was wearing asking me if I bought it at H&M and then criticizing my choice. ;) No more surprises I guess:) I also received another e-mail from my friend in Boston supporting the mission of the blog, which was well needed since I have been feeling to break the diet,(which I did), to let it free. I think when people cheer you, you feel you can achieve and do everything.

Outfits for these  LAST days are easy. My mom sent me few things, so I was all excited again. I have new items for the LAST 3 DAYS.

Wearing super cute dress by Zara my mom bought me. It has little women walking with dogs. So cute. Boots by Banana Republic and sweater by Zara.

This is how much I love and missed the sun. And also my lack of skills taking pictures. I like the contrast of lighting.

Hilary and I were talking about the blog and what would happen in 3 days. We did not expect people getting inspired by the blog. Neither we expected receiving e-mails from friends supporting or just providing their opinions on what we wear and write. We thought we would keep it and then let it die. But the feedback ;) made us wonder whether we should keep it and how. What subject should we blog about. What made people write comments or enjoy the blog? So we WANT your OPINION. We want to know what you want this blog to be after the 3 days. What did you enjoy most? We kind of have an idea, but would love to hear from you. Please let us know.

I totally forgot to post this picture. I am intrigued by accordions. I want to buy one and learn how to play. I love it. I already look like a gypsy in the picture. What else do I need, right?

I finally got that drapey BB Dakota sweater from my "fashion picks". I had been eying this sweater in the moments before we started this little journey, only to find out at the last moment that it was sold out on I then found it again on, but was in the middle of our shopping diet, as Gin puts it, and couldn't buy it. And THEN I found it AGAIN at the new store, Private Gallery, at the St. John's Town Center and forced my mom to buy it for me for Christmas.

I held it up to her in great anticipation, to which she replied, "It looks frumpy." I tried it on for her and her mind was completely changed and she agreed to do me the honors.

I think this sweater and I were made for each other. Obviously, with such serendipitous encounters as those.

Wearing it with Silence+Noise jeans, Nine West boots, and a peacock feather scarf [love].

It is still shocking to me to see these pictures of myself with my new hairdo. Looks like I am quickly acquiring a lot of things from my "picks". If I go get some chunky Native American type necklace I will be all set. I need to refresh! Time for some new picks, me thinks.
Christmas is a food feast. My family or Shawn's family usually start eating the 23rd and pretty much we never stop until January 6th. We had so much food that we had to start dinner at 5:30pm and did not end until 1AM (with movie break in between). It's crazy, but I love it. My body can't handle it anymore.

French Onion Soup.

Crab from Florida.

Crab from Alaska.

Not able to move. Wearing turtle neck from Gap, organic white t-shirt, and leggings.

Christmas cookies after dinner.

The infamous dress. Is it that beautiful or what? H&M.

Time for some Kinect and more to cook tonight. Merry xmas.

It wasn't a white Christmas. Florida even managed to warm up drastically for this day only. The curse of warm Florida Christmas's. Although it was still not too warm. Tank tops and flip flops wouldn't have been appropriate.

Got this serape for Christmas. It's like wearing a blanket in public in the name of fashion. I am in love.

Wearing it with a black tank, forest green cargo skinnies, brown boots and wooden bangles.

Getting gifts makes me remember why I love shopping. My wardrobe, which has been really uninspiring of late, is getting exciting again. I don't think I will have any issue remembering how to shop, although I think I have learned some valuable lessons.

Like, be picky. And don't be deceived by sales. Don't be scared of high priced, high quality items. They can be a great investment. And don't shop because you're bored, sad, happy or mad. Shop when you know what you are looking for.

The Christmas festivities have only just begun for us. We will be celebrating until New Years, when we will celebrate some more.

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas Eve. XO

Wearing jeggings, mauve sweater from Urban and grey knit vest from Old Navy with black and cream scarf.

Too cold and too busy (and living out of a suitcase) to be very creative. Really enjoying feeling cozy and relaxed and full o' cheer.

Remember to leave out some cookies and milk.
First official Christmas party of the season. Festive cooking (pigs in blankets!), Christmas tunes, bubbly and egg nog, gifts to be exchanged.

Wearing black Cheap Monday cords, grey H&M sweater, black tank, black Dolce Vita moto boots.

Happy Holidays everybody. I hope you're spending it with the ones you love.
I see snow outside Cincinnati. It's beautiful. I saw 4 deers yesterday, one being a little one. The dogs love the snow. They like to run through the infinite fields of snow. I am making a snow man soon. I just have to find the strengths to stay outside more than just few seconds. I also had the great idea yesterday to walk around this market place with stores. I was like: "Yeah, I can walk to that store. It's just around the corner." Well, it was not and the icy rain was cutting through my face. I forgot that it's cold here;)

Shopping stores are amazing here. I went to TJmax and the selection, quality and brands of clothes is just supberb to Tallahassee. They had Diesel Jeans, BCBG awesome pants, and perfect leather jackets for cheap. I did not buy anything, but you could tell I was tired of this 91 'diet.' The main reason is because is xmas and because I don't come to Cincinnati that often and would love to store some goodies.

After TJMax we went to Kenwood Mall, a giant indoor mall. I mean GIANT. Magically, I found H&M and had to go inside. I had limited time and 3 men following every step (Shawn's family). It's like I had my own bodyguards. Bodyguards preveneting me to shop. I sinned. I sinned. I bought two things: (1) one for my friend (beautiful), and (2) a dress I just had to buy it.

Shawn obviously caught me and we started this conversation about why I had bought the dress. How I could have given up my 91 deal now that I am coming to an end. What was that trigged me. Why was this dress so different? I can't explain it. I just can't. So my solution for buying this awesome dress is: 1. give it to a friend as a present; or 2. keep it and justify the fact that I bought it via parents, meaning that my parents subsidized my purchase. Ah ah!

Here I am struggling ice skating downtown Cincinnati. It was so much fun. Please note my outfit. I am wearing wool xmas socks that are very prominent (look at that pattern). Coat by Benetton dated 1999. Ear muffs by Marshall. Leggings Forever21, clutch by I can't remember some Italian designer made in USA. Scarf and gloves by Benetton.

After our ice-skating adventure we went to the Art Museum and bought few presents at the museum store. I love museum shops. They have the best items: unique and well-designed.

I saw this graphic on different walls around the Cinci. It was beautiful. I like the urban old industrialized feeling of Cincinnati. Buildings from the 1900s are now left to their fate, decomposing almost. It's such a pity. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Back home now, preparing for a mega feast. Before I go here a picture of the dogs just having the time of their time.

It's true. I still get a Christmas break. Today was the last day at work for 11 days. Hallelujah!

Got a new iPhone for Xmas and I am posting this while in the car! Isn't technology impressive?

Wearing grey tank dress from shopbop, blue sweater from BB Dakota, flower pin, black and cream scarf and black Aldo flats.

The cold will be back tomorrow, just in time for the holidays!
Sometimes taking photos for the blog helps me to realize some major fashion faux pas. I was going to post the first two outfits as evidence and then decided not to display the incriminating evidence.

That is a face of skepticism.

Wearing Paper Denim skinny jeans, grey H&M tank, white button down blouse from Victorias Secret, maroon velvet blazer from The Gap, black socks, black flats from Aldo.

Only 10 more days to go!! Wow. What then?
I was really tempted to use the "all my good clothes are dirty" excuse until I realized the entire point of this blog was to wear all my clothes, not just my faves. So, maybe from here on out until the end of the year I will only launder the necessities... undies and socks and what not.

Had to use my own devices to get the pictures for today. That included the living room mirror and a timer with the camera precariously balanced on a stack of clothes.

Wearing a vintage dress from Sick Boy Vintage in Tally [I think!], jeggings, grey H&M tank, white target tank, wooden bangles, suede mocs boots from Urban, chain and wooden necklace from Anomaly in Five Points [I think!], and brown beanie from Urban.

I've come down with stupid bronchitis and haven't felt like doing much of anything lately. Sorry for the spotty posting. I know we are almost done! So, I vow to keep it up these last few weeks. With the holidays there is so much going on that it can be hard to find the time... even for a tiny picture and a few quick words! [I know sickness/laziness + holiday busyness are contradicting each other, but they are both equally true!]

I haven't worn this dress in a long time. Mostly because it is sheer and really short. But when I went through my last "to go" round, I kept it still. It's one of those things I may not where often at all, but enjoy wearing on the occasions I do.

Okay, off to rest some more in between hectic holiday madness. XO.
The comfort of my house and the fact that I am on some sort of vacation brought the 'Beaver' out of my third wave, multiracial, eco-feminist ideology. [You can read more about who I am as a feminist here]. I have taught myself how to knit, baked cookies, cleaned, ironed. You name it! I have been domesticated by boredom. Will boredom get me to create this 'simple' centerpiece? Watch from 3:20. It's a video about gender stereotypes of the '50s.


Wearing black wool tights from DKNY, Ugg boots, skirt H&M, top Max and Co.

Pictures courtesy of my friend Brigette. It's nice when I do not have to use the timer.

Also I wanted to show you a video of this band that I dig. The video is just amazing. Shawn showed it to me a while ago.

I love everything about this kids. Their innocent, creative, out-Kast way of being alive, being human beings. It reminds me of who I am inside, living in this world made out of pink elephants who speak in Shakespearean.