Olivia turned 1 September 13, 2015. It seems like yesterday she literally came out of me. The first 4 months were pure hell but now that she turned one I have totally forgotten what it was like being pregnant, giving birth and going through the first months of having a new born. For the occasion of her first birthday we had a party in Italy. This was very special as Olivia met many of her cousins, uncles, etc. I wanted to have an american first birthday party with a theme, cute decorations and awesome pretty food. This is how I managed to organize her first birthday party. 

First Birthday Party Ideas:

1. I bought a party kit at Marshalls containing cupcake wraps, balloons, decoration for the table, straws, and name tags. For the price of $14. The theme was glittery and pink. 

2. I made vanilla cupcakes with a prune butter cream icing, wrapped them in cute paper and embellished with glittery gold tags.

3. Drinks were served in glass jars and we decided to have grapefruit (pink), pineapple (yellow) and just water. We then served coffee with desserts which we had in a thermo.

4. To make it simple but impressive we bought from a local farmer some pecorino and served it on a big fig leaf. It was gone by the end of the party.

5. The easy way to decorate with food and fill a table is to use long toothpicks filled with cherry tomatoes, small mozzarella or feta. Then cut a watermelon in half and place it upside down on a cake stand. Insert all the toothpicks in the watermelon as seen in the picture.
Five easy ways to glamor up your baby first birthday party. We had tons of food and took one week to plan it, but it was all worth it. The cakes were ordered in this local pastry shops that specialized in chocolate (Caniparoli) and everything else my mom cook. It was much easier to divide core. I set up the tables and room, my mom cooked, and we bought desserts and few other things in local places. That way we actually enjoyed the party. 

I have written another post on where to buy vintage shopping from the 1950s. This time I want to provide a list of my favorite vintage shops online and in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee Vintage Clothing Shops

Curio Goods: Located in RailRoad Square Curio is the real deal - a curated good quality vintage shop that organized clothes by color like me :) You will find dresses from the 1920s up to the 80s, including furniture and accessories. The store owned by Jackie just turned one year recently. Read more about my chat with Jackie on my previous post on vintage clothes in Tallahassee.

Wearing Curio's Vintage Dress and bag

Diva's and Devil's: This store used to be on West Pensacola in a tiny street mall. I must be honest the selection of the clothes is great but the owner of the store is far from being pleasant. She charged my friend $96 for 'vintage' boots she claimed were unique. The same day I found the exact pair for $26 on Ebay. I have gone to her new location only once when I was desperate to find a Mad Man dress for a party. At that time Curio was not opened. Again, great selection but be ready to pay and meet a real Diva.

Online Vintage Shopping Clothes

It's Vintage Darling: This store has a wide selection of real vintage clothes. It seems focused on the 1950's and 1960's with cute flower jumpsuits and checker 1950s dresses. It gets better because they have home and decor section with some unique finds. Spend some time on here to go through their database.

Asos: Believe it or not Asos has a sister site called Peekaboo Vintage with clothes categorized by size,  designers, colors, etc. The focus is on the 1990s but you will see once in a while some pieces from the 1970s.

Back In Style: For Florida residents (although the store ship elsewhere), this store is nostalgia heaven. While the site might look old and outdated their inventory is impressive. With designers from Pucci to Dior and affordable prices this place is one of my favorite vintage online shops. Just sit back and sip on coffee while going through their inventory.

Cry Violet: Curated vintage clothes from Canada. Cry Violet does not offer a wide selection like other online stores but the pieces are well chosen and in fact they sell out quickly. If you are not one of those people who like to scroll down for hours this site is made for you.

Want more suggestions to find vintage clothing online? Read my other article on shopping for a 1950s style.  Did I miss your store? Just comment below and I will add your name to the list!

**All pictures taken by Mallory Brooks. Thank you Curio for letting me wear your awesome clothes.
Wearing Curio's Vintage Clothes, Glasses, and Bag