As my parents left (they were visiting) and I am approaching to go to Italy (and other locations) this summer I decided to do a post on Italian items that are supposedly 'made in Italy.' I have selected a range of 'things' from make-up, to clothes, to shoes, bags and jewelry.

Now, this is my last post. The blog has come to and end. Hilary and I are just over it, for multiple reasons. We are both into other things and blogging is a lot of work. When I was mentoring this on-line class about new technology students had to create a blog. Some of the students expressed to me that younger generations in college do not frequently use blogs because of their erratic and busy schedule. I have to agree. Blogging takes time and DEDICATION. I hate just to post meaningless information. If I had to create another blog I would want it to represent what I am doing now, my passion for gardening, food and communication. What I have noticed is that I enjoy much more to read other fashion blogs, but not mine. They do a much better job. I also feel embarrassed and shallow. This guilt of showing off, of being a girl. At the same time I love it. I mean, I once applied for a Master to become a designer....But seriously who give a s...t about this blog, beside some dear friends? Before the blog had a purpose, now it is all gone and so this blog should too. Enjoy the last goodbye --

Versace eyeshadows. Absolutely love the package.

Santa Maria Novella's Perfume. A historical pharmaceutical "profumeria" located in Florence (Santa Maria Novella) that uses infuses of herbs and flowers to create unique fragrance.


D&G swimsuit. They make the best swimsuit at a reasonable price if you buy them in Italy.

Furla Bag. Furla and Coccinelle are probably my favorite Italian brands for bags and accessories, including shoes. They are both pretty pricy and never offer good sales. However, their bags will never go out of style and last a life. They are just amazing. My first engagement ring was from Furla. It was beautiful. A light blue mother pearl heart on silver band. Though it broke the same night he gave it to me because I was tipsy. I got a new one the day after. Apparently the stone was just glued. Go figure. My personal experience with Italian designers that work with leather is the high quality. If you ever go to Italy buy leather.

Talking about leather here another Italian brand called Motivi. They sell primarily clothes. Motivi is not a high fashion, classy brand. I would say it's probably average, but at times it has great items, like this amazing leather jacket for only $40. You can't beat that. Or can you? The leather is very light , which makes it perfect for a/c during the summer. I love investing on jackets. In regards to the trend of eco-leather, which supports the environment and animals, I am torn. I think it's a great idea, but I wonder of the quality and resistance of these new products. I would rather buy one good leather jacket that lasts me forever than 10 eco jackets, because at that point we have just indulged in green consumerism. I have coats and clothes that belonged to my grandmother, mother and cousins that I still regularly use. Those are the items that I wish designers still made. Consume less and wear more often.

Talking about wearing items that belonged to my family, this is a doctor bag coming from my family's closet. It's great in many ways. The only thing with leather bags is that you need to feed them by using a special wax.

Yes, it is obnoxious, but I bought it. Typical Cavalli's obnoxious dress. Maybe I will wear it tonight....

Stefanel makes the cutest and best knitting sweaters. Another pricy store with good quality items.


Wearing: Shoes by Emma Lou; Vintage skirt; vintage purse; G Star Raw leather jacket; Tank top by Forever 21, $3.50; H&M cameo; RayBan $129; and silver and pearl earrings (vintage).




I love jump suits. The first one I bought with Hilary at Anthropologie. She convinced me to buy it. I was skeptical because you always risk to have a giant 'ass,' but once I wore out it on I just fell in love. This year I found another one at Forever 21. It's beautiful, very refreshing and it is in style with the exotic pajama pants and prints I have seen on the runaway. I thought I had to sew a pair but these days you can find anything already for sale and cheap, which makes me sad because it means that it is made in China. I always try to support local business. A jacket made in USA at Anthropologie can costs up to $200; a jacket by CK made in some foreign country an dbought at Ross costs $20. Where do we draw the line?

This is the Jumpsuit from Forever 21, which costs around $34. I love to pair prints with other prints so I wore those Minnie's shoes with white dots. The man on the left is my dad;) We are in Jacksonville Beach.
My family has been here in the States since April 28. My parents, uncle and aunt, cousin + bf came to stay with me. We decided to take a trip to Boston, rent a car to go to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and back to MA. I think I drove 2000 miles. Back in Fl we went to Saint George Island, Apalachicola, Jacksonville, Havana, Thomasville, etc. During this never-ending traveling I barely used the computer, my iPhone and all the superfluous stuff that comes with those devices. I am referring to checking Fb, Twitter, or even blogging. I know of the utility of these media, but at the same time I realized I survived without them. I did not need to know what my friend were doing every second, and I did not care to read the same information about Osama Bin Laden on each newsfeed I subscribed to. We are enslaved by a fast pace technology, but we can also free ourselves and physically socialize. I wonder if social frenzy is just going to be a historical trend.

Going back to my outfits, the North is COLD. No, cold is actually nice to say. It was freezing: windy, rainy, wet, and cold. I wore the same clothes for 10 days, trying to make different outfits from the same clothes. Here the outfits:

Tallahassee: Jacket from Rebecchi Massimo, bought in Italy for $10. Jeans from Banana Republic, bought on sale for $50. Neckless from Dillards, a gift from my mother-in-law. This is my office. Sign courtesy of my german friend:)

Provincetown: boots from Promod, Jeans by Banana Republic, Leather jacket from Sisley, Hat by Forever 21 and sweater Stella Starr.

Boston at the Public Library: Shoes bought on Ebay, sucks by H&M, jeans by UO, jacket (my fav.) by Banana Republic.

You all might be surprised, but I did not buy ANYTHING in Boston, or during my trip. The stores were too crowed and I was not impressed.

Same outfit plus a bag from UO and a scarf from India. Earrings from  free trade store in Cleveland. Shawn is wearing Zara and Express.
Been loving this cool weather we have had the last few days. I know it won't last, ninety plus degrees hovering off in my future, but for now I am sweat free.

AKA I am wearing boots and not melting.


Wearing vintage turq boots from Brooklyn, gray aztec dress from F21, Old Navy denim vest from years ago, harmonica necklace, [unknown precious stone necklace] from Naked Label, floral fringe scarf from Urban and turq rings.



Ready to play my way through the weekend. Sweet surrender of freedom, at last.
I've always said it isn't who you love, it's how you love. Genitalia is just simply god's way of accessorizing. - Debbie, QAF

[caption id="attachment_1505" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="One of favorite/oddest wedding gifts: fungi yard art."][/caption]

I've been watching Queer as Folk online for the last few weeks. I can go through about ten episodes [okay twenty] in one day and lose myself completely. Other than the occasional sour grape, it is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. And it's really interesting to watch the way they address homosexuality in America and how much has changed [and how little at the same time] in the last decade. I remember thinking at the time how progressive we all were as a society as the LGBT community stood up and made themselves known [which I'm sure people will agree was happening long before the year 2000] and how hard they had to work to become more accepted and understood. Obviously there is still a long long long ways to go, but if Louis Marinelli,  the guy who arranged the Protect Marriage Tour for the National Organization for Marriage can realize he was being a total jackass, then there is hope left in the world.

[caption id="attachment_1500" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Wearing black leggings, black tank, hand painted scarf vest from Anthro, black Aldo stud flats, gray fringe H&M purse, denim AWOL jacket, turq rings and turq sunburst necklace."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1501" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Put on my jacket and nearly walked outside wearing my Yanni silk. Nice."][/caption]

Anyway, just like people should be free to love who they want, they should also be free to dress how they want. Each unique expression of self is what makes this world beautiful. So I want to pretend I live eternally in the Summer of Love? High waisted jeans look good on me and there's nothing sweeter than some soft flowing cotton covered in beads.
We have to stop seeing things in black and white all the time and that is, I’m afraid, what NOM does in terms of marriage. The world isn’t black and white, it’s yellow, it’s green, it’s purple, it’s red, orange, it’s blue. It is, in fact, all of the colors of the rainbow and that’s what makes up our world and that’s why the rainbow flag represents not only the gay rights movement but the diversity the gay community brings to this world. - Louis Marinelli
I have spent the last three days in Durham at Full Frame Festival, a documentary festival. My eyes are red from watching all sort of movies. I just finished talking to New York Times reporter Brian Stelter who appears in Andrew Rossi' s documentary One Page. The film revolves around the life of three journalists working for the famous newspaper. Brian was hired for his Twitter mania so I had to talk to him
since I am myself a Twitter fanatic. beside his fast pace way of speaking I was pleased to finally talk to a smart and eloquent person. I forgot how influential and stimulating talking to smart and open minded people are. I suggest everyone to follow him on Twitter.
I am wearing some crazy stuff today. a leather jacket, UO jeans, ballet shoes, top by Hilary's swap.

"Our battered suitcases were were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life."

- Jack Kerouac

I've had a tremendously hard time pulling together an outfit post lately. Blame my scattered mind, or from another perspective, my extremely focused mind that has left little room for anything else. Between the novel, which is halfway through it's "editing", a magical journey I must say, that has taken me places in my mind that are in some ways much more real than anything real I have ever known, my day job as a Publicist for the stars [pshh], and my sometimes scarce, sometimes plentiful attempts to have a "life", I haven't had much room for... thought.

I've thrown on whatever my hand gravitated towards most quickly in the rushed five minutes I allow myself to get dressed, which usually ends up as some kind of boheme inspired mash of clothings, although nothing too much to blog home about. Nothing no one has seen before.

Wearing gray Gap slacks, white button down blouse from lulus, vintage baubles, suitcase, scarf, sigg water bottle.

I've also been a travelling fool, from Athens to Destin to Tampa [today] to the FL Keys [in a few weeks] all in one months time. My life has been one big mental and physical dash. As I was throwing things into my suitcase I thought it made perfect sense to document this oft occurring occasion.
"We were all delighted, we all realized we were leaving confusion and nonsense behind and performing our one noble function of the time, move."

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

I defended my prelims. Yes! I am so happy. For the occasion I took 3 days or 4 days off, catching up with friends and socializing. I went to see the Mickee faust show, attended a documentary about Martin L. Anderson and went to a BBQ.

For the BBQ and documentary screening I wore a French Connection's dress I got out of the swap with Hilary. It's very short, but very cute. Perfect for the steamy hot weather.

For the show I wore Fiorucci Jeans (about to die), a top my mom owned and bought in Jordan, and a small blue purse by Forever 21. I hate clowns, but Frank was just too nice to avoid taking a picture with.
Urban Outfitters is having a renewal contest called This into that Contest, encouraging people to post a picture of a dress or piece of furniture made with an old vintage item. I decided to participate, even though I am sure they are more talented people out there. here one of the picture. I also have posted more pictures on my other blog:

Hilary and I have been neglecting the blog in any possible ways. I had a friend inquiring about the blog, which prompted me to decide what to do with it. We are offering a special Spring/Summer edition with weekly entries. The topic will still revolve around fashion, more specifically on Summer clothes, since the weather is now steamy and hot. I will also traveling a lot, which should be interesting for my fashion style or lack of. So I will report from different cities and countries. Stay tune.

Here a peak to what expect in the next months.


Urban Outfitters New Collection

Urban Outfitter Catalogue (what me and Hilary would wear)

Here a concert of band of Horses I went to see last night. It was great. I saw them years ago in Chicago, but last night they were amazing. I had a decent spot too;) Taylor, the guitarist is coming out with a new solo album and it is just magic, very nostalgic.

so, currently gin is diligently working on getting her PhD and i have been moving as deftly as i can between book editing [working with this amazing editor!] and my actual job as a publicist. hard times for those trying to fashion blog.

[caption id="attachment_1467" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="tunnel vision."][/caption]

this is sort of how i feel right now. and it is DEFINITELY how gin feels. one of these days we will return with a renewed sense of purpose and more time to pick out fun clothes instead of wearing whatever feels best confined to the sofa/computer/stream of consciousness.

til then.


Saw the B-52's on Sunday, thanks greatly to my friend/DJ extraordinaire Wes Reed who was opening for them. Let me just put it in the form of a simple mathematical equation: B-52's + 80 degrees and sunny + no work on Monday + 24 ounce beers inside a converted church = obviously a great time.

[Wearing grey tank maxi dress by Torn by Ronny Kobo, brown sheer top from Anomaly, various turq rings and salmon colored earrings, flats [not shown] from]

[Just a glimmer of the awesome prints and lucite heels in attendance to regale our waiting gazes.]

Standing around in the converted church [that looks a little too contemporary church fellowship hall and not enough old gothic meant-to-still-look-churchy for my taste], my beer cup sweating against my fingertips, I came to realize that all the crazy 60 years old filling the joint were exactly how my friends and foes will look at concerts for our favorite bands thirty years from now. Silly, over the top, with a horrible taste in wardrobe, but still awesome nonetheless. Like, you go grandma with your insane wig and glittery clothing!

On another note, I am now working with an awesome new book editor for the next few months to get this novel rolling! Thought I would share that update since I've posted some on the book here and there. In reality it is consuming so much of my mental and physical space, but in a great way. I loved it when she told me, "Surely this won't be your only novel." Damn straight.

It's 80 degree outside or 27 celsius.

Apparently our blog idea of 91 days without shopping was not that drastic compared to this young lady who wore the same outfit for 6 months. 6 months? In a certain way our idea was the total opposite: wear everything you have, everyday differently. I can't imagine wearing the same outfit for 6 months, even thought we tend to wear the same items all over again: same jeans for 6 days, the favorite sweater or pair of shoes, etc. What makes me even more jelous of the 6 months outfit or about this other woman who wore the same jeans for about a year is the fact that there is a cause beyond the frantic choice: charity. Amy Seiffert has worn the same outfit to create awareness about sex trafficking. My reason was just to stop being so consumerist and consumed by materialist items. Gosh she totally made my reason looks useless and selfish. Here below the web-site talking about Amy Seiffer and a picture of her outfit.

If I was going to pick an outfit to wear for 6 months it would have to be jeans, a long confy t-shirt, ankle boots and a cardigan.




I have a list of American food items that I want to try. When I watched Mary Poppins I was hypnotized by those caramel apples with a stick so you could hold them and eat them. I have fantasized about these apples for years. Finally in SF when I was 17 I had one and was DISAPPOINTED. I thought the apple was supposed to be soft, caramelized in the oven and then cover in caramel and nuts. It was a sad day. Anyway, back to my Pig Festival's story.....I have on my list fried candy including sneakers, oreos, etc. They had them at the Pig Festival, but I just could not do it. I just could not eat it. So my list is still on-going....
I am not a big fa of Valentine's day. The first time I ever received chocolate from a guy (I think I was 11) I refuse to accept it and gave it to my friend. I think the guy was crashed. I was already arguing like a feminist. Then when Shawn and I got engaged I decided to be romantic because I guess I have been told that I am not. So I prepared this elaborated dinner, petals of roses where all over the places, candles and hot water in the tub....The problem is that Shawn had his bachelor party the night before and he came back at 8AM to pass out until the next day. So we never had a Valentine. That was the last attempt to celebrate. A close attempt was convincing Shawn to get be a box of Godiva that ended up costing $50. He believes I trigged him in buying expensive chocolate when he thought he was spending $10. Ahahahahaha. This year we had no plans to to anything, but last minute without even knowing we had made plans. Again, without consulting each other. Shawn dropped his plan to stick with mine. I wanted to do something together and different that was not associated with Valentine's Day. There is a specialized gym in town called Sweat Therapy Fitness. It 's amazing. It's the only gym that I love with passion. They offer a romantic row fitness class for couples. You row for an intense hour with candle lit and after you go next door to drink beer. I mean, what a genius idea, right?

Shawn preparing to row.
Truth be told, it was never NOT mainstream a little bit. I do like Lady Gaga some of the time... although this latest "anthem of our generation" is a complete rip off. Whatever.

ANYWAY my point is... three of the six cds in my car right now are from artists who performed at the Grammys last night. I don't know if that has ever happened to me before. Does this mean The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and Arcade Fire - which won best album - are considered mainstream now? And if so, is this good or bad? Or neither?

I'm a little [still pleasantly] surprised that Arcade Fire won best album for The Suburbs, considering I find this to be one of their less impressive albums. Unless we are counting strange conceptual art noise as music, in which case it is awesome, but some of the songs seem so disjointed to me. Still, I love Arcade Fire [thanks Aliea] and the album is still growing on me, as I have heard it does. Maybe in ten years I will really consider it to be the best album of 2010. And I'm not even really saying I don't think they deserve the award. Just find it interesting they didn't win it sooner.

On another unrelated note I went shopping this weekend! Got some fancy new clothes. A great crocheted gray vest from Anomaly [SWAP IS THIS WEDNESDAY!] and this gray/army green denim jacket with bronze studs from Downtown Diva [great new shop in 5 Points, terrible store name], amongst other things.

I wish I could remember who made those items, but I am not wearing any of them now and didn't bother to look at the labels. Here is the new denim jacket that I wore to my cousin's surprise birthday party at The Peninsula Saturday night. I'm in love with it.  I wore the gray crocheted vest last night to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. Ran into Frankie backstage and I dare say he liked the vest as much as I do.

The view from the 38th floor of the Peninsula on South Bank. So lovely.

Loving this amazing 70 degree and sunny weather. Can't wait to try out my new clothes and make new, not-for-warmth-only outfits.
How to say this....? I have been less than inspired to post or even add a picture. My mind as all of you might know is in my prelims, which will determine whether I can work on my dissertation. Inspired (I should say 'copying') Hilary's idea of visual minds here mine: