As my parents left (they were visiting) and I am approaching to go to Italy (and other locations) this summer I decided to do a post on Italian items that are supposedly 'made in Italy.' I have selected a range of 'things' from make-up, to clothes, to shoes, bags and jewelry.

Now, this is my last post. The blog has come to and end. Hilary and I are just over it, for multiple reasons. We are both into other things and blogging is a lot of work. When I was mentoring this on-line class about new technology students had to create a blog. Some of the students expressed to me that younger generations in college do not frequently use blogs because of their erratic and busy schedule. I have to agree. Blogging takes time and DEDICATION. I hate just to post meaningless information. If I had to create another blog I would want it to represent what I am doing now, my passion for gardening, food and communication. What I have noticed is that I enjoy much more to read other fashion blogs, but not mine. They do a much better job. I also feel embarrassed and shallow. This guilt of showing off, of being a girl. At the same time I love it. I mean, I once applied for a Master to become a designer....But seriously who give a s...t about this blog, beside some dear friends? Before the blog had a purpose, now it is all gone and so this blog should too. Enjoy the last goodbye --

Versace eyeshadows. Absolutely love the package.

Santa Maria Novella's Perfume. A historical pharmaceutical "profumeria" located in Florence (Santa Maria Novella) that uses infuses of herbs and flowers to create unique fragrance.


D&G swimsuit. They make the best swimsuit at a reasonable price if you buy them in Italy.

Furla Bag. Furla and Coccinelle are probably my favorite Italian brands for bags and accessories, including shoes. They are both pretty pricy and never offer good sales. However, their bags will never go out of style and last a life. They are just amazing. My first engagement ring was from Furla. It was beautiful. A light blue mother pearl heart on silver band. Though it broke the same night he gave it to me because I was tipsy. I got a new one the day after. Apparently the stone was just glued. Go figure. My personal experience with Italian designers that work with leather is the high quality. If you ever go to Italy buy leather.

Talking about leather here another Italian brand called Motivi. They sell primarily clothes. Motivi is not a high fashion, classy brand. I would say it's probably average, but at times it has great items, like this amazing leather jacket for only $40. You can't beat that. Or can you? The leather is very light , which makes it perfect for a/c during the summer. I love investing on jackets. In regards to the trend of eco-leather, which supports the environment and animals, I am torn. I think it's a great idea, but I wonder of the quality and resistance of these new products. I would rather buy one good leather jacket that lasts me forever than 10 eco jackets, because at that point we have just indulged in green consumerism. I have coats and clothes that belonged to my grandmother, mother and cousins that I still regularly use. Those are the items that I wish designers still made. Consume less and wear more often.

Talking about wearing items that belonged to my family, this is a doctor bag coming from my family's closet. It's great in many ways. The only thing with leather bags is that you need to feed them by using a special wax.

Yes, it is obnoxious, but I bought it. Typical Cavalli's obnoxious dress. Maybe I will wear it tonight....

Stefanel makes the cutest and best knitting sweaters. Another pricy store with good quality items.


Wearing: Shoes by Emma Lou; Vintage skirt; vintage purse; G Star Raw leather jacket; Tank top by Forever 21, $3.50; H&M cameo; RayBan $129; and silver and pearl earrings (vintage).




I love jump suits. The first one I bought with Hilary at Anthropologie. She convinced me to buy it. I was skeptical because you always risk to have a giant 'ass,' but once I wore out it on I just fell in love. This year I found another one at Forever 21. It's beautiful, very refreshing and it is in style with the exotic pajama pants and prints I have seen on the runaway. I thought I had to sew a pair but these days you can find anything already for sale and cheap, which makes me sad because it means that it is made in China. I always try to support local business. A jacket made in USA at Anthropologie can costs up to $200; a jacket by CK made in some foreign country an dbought at Ross costs $20. Where do we draw the line?

This is the Jumpsuit from Forever 21, which costs around $34. I love to pair prints with other prints so I wore those Minnie's shoes with white dots. The man on the left is my dad;) We are in Jacksonville Beach.
My family has been here in the States since April 28. My parents, uncle and aunt, cousin + bf came to stay with me. We decided to take a trip to Boston, rent a car to go to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and back to MA. I think I drove 2000 miles. Back in Fl we went to Saint George Island, Apalachicola, Jacksonville, Havana, Thomasville, etc. During this never-ending traveling I barely used the computer, my iPhone and all the superfluous stuff that comes with those devices. I am referring to checking Fb, Twitter, or even blogging. I know of the utility of these media, but at the same time I realized I survived without them. I did not need to know what my friend were doing every second, and I did not care to read the same information about Osama Bin Laden on each newsfeed I subscribed to. We are enslaved by a fast pace technology, but we can also free ourselves and physically socialize. I wonder if social frenzy is just going to be a historical trend.

Going back to my outfits, the North is COLD. No, cold is actually nice to say. It was freezing: windy, rainy, wet, and cold. I wore the same clothes for 10 days, trying to make different outfits from the same clothes. Here the outfits:

Tallahassee: Jacket from Rebecchi Massimo, bought in Italy for $10. Jeans from Banana Republic, bought on sale for $50. Neckless from Dillards, a gift from my mother-in-law. This is my office. Sign courtesy of my german friend:)

Provincetown: boots from Promod, Jeans by Banana Republic, Leather jacket from Sisley, Hat by Forever 21 and sweater Stella Starr.

Boston at the Public Library: Shoes bought on Ebay, sucks by H&M, jeans by UO, jacket (my fav.) by Banana Republic.

You all might be surprised, but I did not buy ANYTHING in Boston, or during my trip. The stores were too crowed and I was not impressed.

Same outfit plus a bag from UO and a scarf from India. Earrings from  free trade store in Cleveland. Shawn is wearing Zara and Express.
Been loving this cool weather we have had the last few days. I know it won't last, ninety plus degrees hovering off in my future, but for now I am sweat free.

AKA I am wearing boots and not melting.


Wearing vintage turq boots from Brooklyn, gray aztec dress from F21, Old Navy denim vest from years ago, harmonica necklace, [unknown precious stone necklace] from Naked Label, floral fringe scarf from Urban and turq rings.



Ready to play my way through the weekend. Sweet surrender of freedom, at last.