Today I had some extra time to organize my make up: tossed what was old, clean containers, and selected the best way to access to my 'must have' in the morning. Here my tips

1. Buy clear plastic containers of different shapes and sizes. They are easy to clean and perfect for drawers. The ones in the pictures are from Bed Bath & Beyond

2. I organize by frequency of use, steps in the process of putting make-up, and face features. For example, the top containers have face lotions and primers. The big square container has foundations and powders, and the small rectangular container has eye items. Those are the steps I take in the morning after I wash my face. I put additional make up only if I have time so it is stored in a different drawer from this one. 


 Items in the picture: (from top to right) Skinceuticals SPF 50 light foundation (amazing) // BB cream by L'Oreal // Primer Revlon // Chanel Cream Compact VitaLumiere Aqua (Amazing) // MAC concealer (not impressed) // T-LeClerc Bronzer // YSL Matt Touch Compact // T- LeClerc Powder // and I can't remember the other two products but they are highlighters. 


3. The second drawer as I mentioned is for items that I don't use frequently. This includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, face masks, and what I don't know where to store. I do have all my lipsticks in a different container on my counter top, but the ones that are long or for special occasions I keep here. 

 Items in the picture: (from top to right) Sophia Milano lipgloss // Revlon Balm Stain (don't buy it. It is nasty. It's like applying concealer to your mouth and it tastes funny too) // Mary Kay lip gloss // Labello lip balm // Naj Oleari lip pencil // T-LeClerc eyeshadow // Victoria's Secret eyeshadow (awesome) // Versace eyeshadow // YSL blush powder // Skinceuticals face mask // Pupa eyeshadow // Dental floss


3. I am lucky because I have a deep drawer which stores tall items. I try to organize this drawer by hair, nails and feet, and body. It's not always easy but it makes it easy. I can just grab one of the smallest containers when I need it, put it on the counter top and then immediately put it back. I bought the small containers at Target. I wish I could find more. 
 Items in the picture: (from top to right) Bath and Body Works Body Spray // Garnier hair wax // a bunch of other hair stuff // body lotions from Bath and Body Works and eye contact liquid. Nothing special here. 
I am sick. There is a flu bug going on in Florida and of course I got it. I have a fever not too high but I feel weak and just blah. I thought I would share what I am wearing on these days. It is all about been comfortable, snuggled with your pet and a good stack of books.

I will post the info about where to buy the items in the picture when I feel better. Hope you all feel better- Gin

A Camel Coat has been on my Wish List since I was 8 years old. It depicts the Ultimate Elegance. You can wear a PJ underneath and you will still look stylish and classy. I would love to own a Max Mara cashmere camel coat, but the price is really high and I live in Florida. Otherwise I do believe it is an investment. These coat last forever and can be passed from generation to generation. 
Here few tips on how to wear and shop for a camel coat

Where to find a camel coat:

a.    Max Mara is a staple for really good quality camel coats.
b.    Polyvore provides a good database for all kind of camel coats with links to the appropriate sites.
c.    Zara has few camel coats but make sure those are either wool or cashmere.
d.    Department stores like Macy’s and Dillards have a wide variety of selection for all kind of coats. 

How much does a camel coat cost?

a.    Expect to pay for a good quality camel coat. Max Mara coats range from $900 to $3000.
b.    Burberry has one on Stylebop for $1,335.
c.    Asos has a version of camel coat for $143.45.
d.    Nordstrom has a variety of prices ranging from $300 to 2,000 and up. 

How do I tell if a camel coat is good quality and worth the money?

a.    The price tag does not necessarily tell you that you are getting a great deal and great coat, but it is a sign. If a coat costs $100 it won’t keep you warm in the winter.
b.    Read the label. You want to have higher percentage of wool and best cashmere. A blend of the two will be great too. Stay away from polyester, which is almost impossible these days. Not only polyester feels rough on the touch, but it does not provide good insulation in the Winter months. So if you live in Boston, Milan, or whatever cold city you better invest in real wool or cashmere, otherwise you will freeze. It’s all about been warm.

Any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment on here and subscribe to my channel on the right side of this page. 

Camel coat

Burberry coat

$3,020 -


Theory coat

See by Chloé brown coat

MaxMara beige coat

Running Errands

Uniqlo dress

Loft boots

Tote bag

Giles & Brother earrings

Lightyears lighting
$695 -

Nearly Natural bonsai plant


Home decor

What To Pack for the Beach

So many essential items to pack for the beach and yet you don't want to carry a suitcase, looking like you came out from one of the National Lampoon's movies. What are your 'Must Have' at the beach? Share your thoughts on here. Those are mine. I 'll see you at the beach tomorrow. 

What to Pack for the Beach

Gucci print tote bag
$770 -

Miu Miu acetate glasses

GUESS zip top

Jessica Simpson hat

MAC Cosmetics lip care
$17 -

La Mer sun care

Beauty product

Crate and barrel patio umbrella

Music Notes wall art

Beach towel

Home decor

Sea shell lamp

I used to love denim. I could wear jeans every day and feel the most IT girl. My favorite pair of jeans is from Urban Outfitters from the collection of BDG High-Rise. They had small pink flowers on top of a gray solid color. I looked like a little girl. I even adore white jeans because they look so sharp. Here wearing a pair from Guess that do not fit me anymore. Now, I can wear jeans only once a week at work on Friday and I have to pay $2 to wear them (charity). I only have 3 pairs and I only like one. I definitely want to get some new ones but it is always impossible to find the perfect fit. While I search for the best pair of jeans let me show you few of the items I adore in the denim department.


In addition to my favorite denim items I collaborated with my Australian-Italian fashionista to share what is trendy in Sidney in the denim department. If you don't remember about Moni you can check her blog here or check one of my oldest entry discussing her role as a fashionista from Italy living in Australia. Definitely check her blog because she is having a giveaway/ sweepstakes contest and it is opened internationally. Curious to see what she is about to give away? I do love collaborations with other fashionistas because you get inspired and learn about new brands. You also build relationships with people who share the same passion and that is such an incredible sensation. Here Moni's take on the denim. "Each of us has grown with some denim in our wardrobe. Denim pieces have grown with us and kept changing adapting nowadays trends. The denim jacket has progressed from its origins in workwear utility into a fashionable staples. Denimd fesses are the new stylish throw-on items. Denim is timeless like pearls. Perfect for Spring layering, wear yours artfully draped over your shoulders with a floral dress. Cut-off shorts: No wardrobe is complete without a great pair of denim shorts, paired with a tank top or polo t-shirt.