This Thanksgiving has been a great Thanksgiving. My friend Sophie came to visit and Black Friday deals were just the best I have seen since I lived in the States. Let me recap for you what you have missed out. You still have few hours to shop.

- 1. BCBG: 75% until noon, plus 15% for signing up for their newsletter. 50% after noon.
- 2. ZARA: 30% on entire site.
- 3. Urban Outfitters: 50% entire site, plus 25% off all sale items
- 4. Banana Republic: 50% all site and 60% off sweaters
- 5. Amazon: different deals
- 6. Trovea: 50% off entire site

I wish I had planned in advance my Black Friday. I really did not take advantage of the deals and decided actually to not shop this year. I took care of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, which I actually enjoy. The stores were empty and full of merchandise.


Pearl Studs Earrings

Week 4 of my post baby diet plan? Already? Time flies I swear. Maybe because there is no difference between night and day anymore when you have a newborn.

Before I share my update on getting back in shape post baby I wanted to show you these amazing earrings by BaubleBar. I have been looking for over a year for this type of earrings. I saw a girl once with pearls earrings like these and have been on a hunt since then. Instead of getting the pearls I got this marble like aqua bubblegum 360 studs earrings. And they were only $1o including shipping. They had a special sale going. Even for full price $28 you receive a very cool box that you would want to keep.

PS. I did not cut my hair.

I wanted to show you a close up of the earrings. I love them!!

In regards to losing the baby weight and updating you on my fitness and diet plan...well it's not going as I envisioned it. I thought, "everyone has 30 minutes to work out." Well not really if you have a 7 week baby. Shawn was also out of town and all the baby sitters were sick. The only thing I manage to do is hot yoga twice a week. This weekend I am trying one hour bootcamp for $5. I will let you know how it goes.

Lost 3 pounds since the last check in on October 22. Total loss 7 pounds in 4 weeks or so. Not bad considering I don't do much.