I found interesting reading Hilary's post where she talks how this journey has changed her way of shopping in a way that now she does not feel obligated to shop or hysterically needing to buy. I feel the opposite, which is interesting because we went through the same regiment and yet we came out with different views or somehow distorted views. I realized that going on a shopping diet is like going on a food diet -- a true estimate of your own will -- Well I always failed at diets because in the moment you tell me I am on diet I eat an entire chocolate cake. The only reason why I was somehow successful with my 91 days of no shopping is: time, money (lack of), lack of fashion in stores, I live in Tallahassee and more than anything a disgust for consumerism and trends.

These forces still push me to be a diligent shopper but the point is that I want to buy clothes and redo my entire wardrobe, because I feel it still sucks. There is this insatisfaction that pushes me to look, always look and maybe touch (buy). So, I have a dilemma now. I have seen pretty dresses, pretty shoes, pretty jeans and scarf that I want....but....I am struggling..struggling because I just can't buy..I just can't justify spending money in clothes, because I feel they are useless. I feel I should save money, pay travel expenses to go to conferences, or buy plants for my garden. So what is the line? How much is too much? How much should I save for clothes and the rest for more useful items? This is my struggle these days, just because I need to come up with a struggle beside sitting in my office, reading all day...You know...PhD students without a life beside books = a need for superfluous hobbies such as talking about shopping.... Anyway, the point is this one. I have never really being a shopaholic. neither I am frugal with my money. As a matter of fact I am very economical. I think because I am European. We don't have credit cards. We buy when we have cash. So there you go if I end up with few more items in my wardrobe it will all 'budget' with at the end of the month. [are we all full of excuses?:)] BUT remember Month of February only 2 items allowed.

You see? I went to look at plants for real:)

Wearing Uggs, Yoga pants from Victoria's Secret, Leather Jacket from this place in Montecatini, purse by UO, hat by Forever 21 and Indian scarf.
"Is there anything so wrong with that?"

Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic again the other night. There was one scene during the movie where Rebecca Bloomwood, the affable main character who has a dire addiction to shopping that threatens to ruin her well-dressed life, describes the joys of shopping during a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting.

"The experience is enjoyable. It's more than enjoyable. It's beautiful."

[Wearing Zigi Soho clogs, old Guess jeans that have shredded themselves, white cowl neck sweater for Alloy.com, tan chiffon coat from Lucky, brown studded belt from Wolfgang, and silver fringe earrings.]

I have never been as far down the rabbit hole as Rebecca Bloomwood, but I can relate. There is something inherently satisfying about "swiping" that card and bringing home something nice, shiny... new. However, like in the movie, it's an empty promise. It's a hallow high. And it threatens to destroy your finances while filling your closets with unneeded items that end up cluttering your mind, as well.  And, unlike how Carrie in Sex In The City famously said, shopping does not equate to cardio.

I am happy to say that I'm much much MUCH less of a shopaholic than I used to be. It took a massive clean sweep and 91 day break to realize how futile it all really was. I thought after Gin and I's first trip to the stores I would be forced to restrain myself to keep from falling back into old ways. Instead, I just don't even think about it that often. I think it's good to update your wardrobe every now and then, insert some interesting pieces for a fresh approach, but that's pretty much it.

Fashion is an amazing thing. Gross over consumerism is not.

Oh, and don't forget, come out to the Clothing Swap at Anomaly in Five Points for some "free" new clothes! It's a great way to cleanse, refresh, and donate all in one fell swoop!

Big Pendant. We have seen all shapes and sizes but one single big pendant makes a statement.

This one available at Girlprops (http://www.girlprops.com)

2. Invest in clutches that serve multiple functions. What I think is very in is having a personalized ornament that holds your drink, like the one picture here. A lady should never have to hold her drink;)

Custom-made pillow drink. I usually make my own with oriental fabrics.

3. Be ELEGANT at all times. Invest in a silk or taffeta jacket. It will change your outfit from casual to elegant. Silk is your best friend.

Italian women being who they are. Wearing (me) Moda Silk jacket and Anthropologie Silk dress.

This one is from Robert Rodriguez Black Ruffle Peak Jacket. You can buy it at Nordstrom. Nordstrom actually have a good selection of fancy jackets.

4. Add some pins to your wardrobe. I know this might sound childish but pins are fun and a way to make a statement about your identity. I used pins on my jeans (see picture).

My friend Cathrine and I back in the days of summer spent in Italy:)

I found those on Shana Logic Blog but you can find them for free at many organizations or at stores (if you paid) like Urban Outfitters and Hot Topix. I never paid for pins and have a nice collection.

I will stop here for the day but will add more as we go. Enjoy and post comments.
Been rather antisocial lately, if you don't consider time with imaginary characters to be valid social interaction. Which I do, frankly. May return to the tangible world in a few days, if I can just squeeze out these last few words.

Wearing navy knit leggings, white tank, grey cardigan from Banana, sweater boots from Urban, black pashmina, and Yamaha headphones.

Am in love with this guys voice. Apparently this song was recently in a commercial for the Ford Explorer. Interesting that they've been joining me on this little journey, as well.

For those who know me, you probably know that I am into organic, natural, local, or fair trade stuff. For this matter this Christmas I received these beautiful earrings from my friend Brigette. They are from this store in Cleveland called Revive Fair Trade. The earrings were handmade by "a fair trade organization in India that employs economically disadvantaged artisans, paying them a living wage and providing a safe and healthy working environment" (www.revivestore.com). It is one of those items that you like so much that you wear it everyday. I get really into certain items and I just cannot NOT wear them. For now these earrings are my "must" have of the day. What's yours?

Wearing Black Max and Co. t-shirt and blue contact lenses
I rarely use Ebay. I think I bought 4 items over the existence of Ebay and sold 4. I don't understand Ebay. I don't 'buy' into Ebay.

First, items are overpriced. I think items on Ebay should be cheap. That is the all idea. You can buy a used French Connection dress for $5.00, but instead that used pair of shoes by BCBG are $50.00 or $70.00. I saw items selling for $1,000.00. Why in the world would I buy stuff that expensive on Ebay? Why don't just go to the store where I can actually touch the item, get a receipt and know that is real. I saw this dress the other day at the mall by French Connection. It was on sale for $80. I was curious to find out if I could find it on Ebay for cheap. Ebay's price was $99.00. Really? Are you that stupid?

On a different note, I have not bought anything since the big shopping spree, which I am proud of. Shopping is not that important after all, after 91 days without it.

This is a French Connection dress that I got from the swap (free). I did not pay $100. That is why you should too go to the swap on February 16 in Jacksonville.

Sometimes I love really cheap, trendy clothing. Forever21 is great for things like chartreuse cropped peacoats, red cordoroy bell bottoms, and dusty rose sequined skirts. Things I would probably never allow myself to spend more than $30 on, but things that take a closet from a boredrobe to a wardrobe. [I'm so clever.]

[caption id="attachment_1335" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Legally Ginger. "][/caption]

Here I am standing awkwardly outside of the Times Union Center [at Legally Blonde], my mom holding my camera at full arms length, squinting at the screen and trying to figure out which button to push. It's hard to pose, instruct, and fend off public embarrassment all at once.

Wearing tan BB Dakota sweater, dusty rose sequin skirt from Forever21, brown J.Crew tights, brown Nine West boots, wooden chain necklace [from Anomaly I think...] and harmonica necklace from Violet.

[caption id="attachment_1336" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Poof."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1337" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Monger."][/caption]

Bella's tail holds mysterious powers of manipulation that can woo even the most rigid of individuals. Unless you're my aunt, who runs from the site of any cat. Even kittens. You don't choose your phobias people.

Maybe you love to spend beaucoups of money on over the top statement pieces, which is bold and awesome and there is a small part of me that even envies you. [Allie, I'm looking at you.] But if you're like me and don't want to blow my dough on sequins, it's easy and possible to mix it up inexpensively.

Just don't go to Forever21 and walk out wearing a whole new outfit. Everything in moderation.
I've been holed away inside my own mind for hours on end lately... working diligently on the writing when I'm not working diligently on the work. Have some more sequins to post, which will come soon, but for the moment Bella is my biggest fashion statement these days.

The details are finally here! Thanks SO MUCH to the marvelous, fabulous Emily from Anomaly and Underbelly for hosting this event and really helping to bring it together. Another special thanks to the equally awesome Torrey for jumping in and getting involved! I am really excited about this. Not only will everyone get a chance to get some great new clothes FOR FREE [with participation], but all remaining clothes [or any that aren't suitable for the swap but you want to donate] will be donated to a really deserving charity... the Hubbard House!

Wednesday February 9, 2011

It’s a new year!  Time to clean out those closets and spruce up your wardrobe at the same time.   Anomaly/Underbelly will be hosting a clothing swap for the ladies of the neighborhood.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Drop off your gently used or new clothing, purses, jewelry, belts, scarves and shoes at Anomaly the between Monday Jan 31st-Monday Feb 7th.  Items must be dropped in advance so we have time to organize everything!

  • A volunteer will go through the items and select the creme de la creme to have at the swap.  We will go through the items you’ve brought in and give you tickets for the items we are going to accept for the swap. We may take them all or we may only take a few so bring your good stuff!

  • We are looking for contemporary boutique clothing and designer brandsNo Abercrombie, Gap, Old Navy, and the like will be turned down…

  • Bring hangers if you can. We will provide some but as this is the first time, we have no idea how many items we’ll have.

  • For each item you bring you will earn one ticket which will enable you to “purchase” another item up for “sale” at the swap.

  • Luxury items will have a separate section and will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on what it is, quality, etc…

  • We will have designated areas for each section: tops and pants, dresses and skirts, shoes, bags and jewelry/accessories and will organize everything so you don’t have to.

  • The swap will commence promptly at 7:30. Wear clean underpinnings since you will probably be almost nudie among new friends (strangers).

  • Tickets can be traded between customers as necessary. No fighting over items. All is full of love at Anomaly. Additional tickets can be purchased for a donation to the Hubbard House!

  • After the swap, all remaining clothes will be donated to the Hubbard House- all the hangers stay at Anomaly.

  • Everyone goes home happy, remixed and more fashionable, plus you’ll be able to grab a beverage at Underbelly too!

This is going to be awesome. Get pumped and spread the word! I already know people who have collected their items. And remember, you can bring additional items to be donated for charity that won't be included in the swap. Let's give some other very deserving people some great "new" clothes while we are at it!

I found this great vintage sweater [a total steal: $15!] at this new vintage store in Five Points called Vintage Recalled during Gin and I's shopping extravaganza.

It's super thick and warm. I love the elephant print with tiny silver stitching subtly mixed into the pattern. And the sleeves are nice and baggy and don't go all the way to my wrists. It makes it less ugly sweater party and more dainty cool girl from 1983. Paired with my high waisted Silence + Noise jeans and black suede slouch boots, you would never know I am from two decades later. Especially with the hair!

Then! I! Saw! This!

Practically an exact, less cool replica of my sweater found on Nasty Gal!

I love when my fashion selections are validated with random online window shopping.

When my coworker told me today that I reminded her of Flight of the Conchords, I knew the day was alright.

Happy [3 day for me!!!] Weekend!
Gin and I have been discussing some adjustments to "The Rules". Since we can now shop it's like the floodgates have been opened. I still believe everything I learned on our little break, but I am getting that all too familiar tug to constantly consume. I just bought a bunch of new stuff last weekend and I am already looking to buy more! When does it stop being about the item you have purchased and more about the act of purchasing?

Still... here is a slew of things I found online today that I either want, hate, or want/might hate.

[caption id="attachment_1296" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Chelsea Shearling Coat"][/caption]

I am obviously a huge supporter of all things oversized, drapy, and resembling sleep. As in I could stretch out this here coat and sleep under it on a cool afternoon in a park in San Francisco at one of their many random music festivals [one of my favorite things about that city]. Wouldn't that be divine? I will go there now mentally and dwell there for a while.

[caption id="attachment_1297" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Fields Silk Maxi Dress"] [/caption]

I love the flowy whimsy of this dress, and that it comes with a detachable sheer top. It's versatile!! I would probably [definitely] wear this with the above jacket at the fictional music festival, splayed out on the grass, cool beer resting precariously in my hand, threatening to tip over and feed the bugs.

[caption id="attachment_1298" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Jesenia Fringe Pump"][/caption]

These are weird. There is one large part of me that is channeling my My Little Pony days of yore in a stong way. In a not so great strong way. But then there is another part of me that is all "Fringe! Yeah! Groovy!" and wants to kick up my heels in these babies like my feet have grown their own little tails.

[caption id="attachment_1302" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Ditsy Flare Pants"][/caption]

Are these cool? Or are they hideous? It's kind of walking a thin line, me thinks. I enjoy the wide leg, the vintage throwback, and the floral print. They could be awesome or they could be the kind of pants that would make me feel like I am back in middle school.

[caption id="attachment_1299" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Jeffrey Campbell Comma Ice Slouchy, Curvy Platform Boots"][/caption]

Ummm... these should be illegal. Who created these monstrosities??! [Jeffrey Campbell, that's who.] These boots DO make me feel like I am back in middle school, shopping in Wet Seal trying desperately to figure out what's cool. Jeffrey Campbell... shaking my head.

Now that I can shop again I am starting to wonder if I will slide back into that shop 'til I drop mentality, running through new clothes like fresh air. I want all my choices to be thoughtful. I want to shop well and wisely and creatively. I don't want to forget about all the wonderful things I can now purchase as soon as they hit the bottom of the shopping bag!

SO ALAS. The new rule for Gin and I [fingers crossed we can hold to it] will be no more than two new items per month. It will give us at least an average of two weeks to enjoy and appreciate each new item fully. Plenty of time, no?

"In any society, sleep and other nonwork activities are necessary to restore and maintain life and labor power. Work itself is not intrinsically oppressive. It is the inclusion in so-called leisure time of commodity-producing work under monopoly capitalism which creates the contradiction between oppressive liberating in time for which people are not paid." Smythe, 1981

As I was reading this article by Smythe (1981) I started thinking about my personal habits. How exactly do I spend my leisure time? Am I still working? Am I an audience commodity? Smythe explains that even the action of watching TV is a working action. We are constantly working. The idea of working to consume was also reinforced by Stuart Ewen who discussed how industrialization gave people higher wages and less working hours to fill leisure time by buying the mass production that industrialization was generating. So what do we all do to relax to fill our leisure time? Miserably I can say that I always work and it's pathetic. How wonder why we are so envious of Italians, French or Spanish people. They know how to stop, how to regain energy lost from working all the times. When you watch TV you are working. Your brain is working, you are exposed to ads. You are continually being part of a cycle of production and consumption. Doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, feeding the dogs..... We need to do better than this. How wonder why we are always stressed at the point that we need pills to calm us down.

So, I am going to take an hour and just enjoy my leisure time. Do the same.

Today I am wearing the first item I bought after the 91 days. I am so proud of this fur (fake) vest. It is something I would have never bought it but I saw it and it was fun, different and funky. I love it.

3 shopping girls: Brigette, me and Hilary.
No way.

Been swirling in a delusional mist of new ideas lately.  All things grand and exciting and fresh and adventurous. Big things. Things I don't really understand and seem so lofty that only a few ever even attempt such things. It feels really good to get out of the mediocre mindset and push myself, at least mentally. Hopefully some of these things come to fruition... Like they say, Shoot for the moon. If you miss you will still land amongst the stars. [That is, BTW, a complete fallacy. Obviously the stars are further away than the moon. No juh.]

I had to interupt the husband in the middle of a moment with his new toy to get my picture taken. Some kind of fancy schmancy peddle that I have heard more details about than I care to remember. A long time ago I used to sit there and soak all this information in, like a little groupie sponge. Then, the inevitable happened. I got bored. I'd heard enough. It's always going on in the periphery. If I waste my brain power focusing on his brain power I would literally only be a groupie.

[caption id="attachment_1279" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Spotless Office."][/caption]

I don't go in this room very often. It's full of the things that make him tick. One of those things is clutter. Every few months I go in there and demand it gets straightened. Every week or so I go in there and collect bottles and mugs and bowls and clothes that need washing that somehow end up in there. Very very rarely I go in there for music purposes. And even less rarely I go in there for purposes of my own. [I am the complete opposite. I function much better in a clutter free environment. Less brain distractions.]

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="New to me."][/caption]

I swapped this EXTRA LONG cardigan by Liz Claiborne [yes, it's true] from Gin. It is so long it makes me feel like I am still in bed, which has been a major running theme for me lately. Worn with white tank from Banana, black Cheap Monday cords, brown Nine West boots, peacock scarf, new harmonica necklace from Violet in Five Points [that actually plays!] and turq ring.

My hair is growing out and sort of turning into some awesome pseudo mullet from the 70's.

[caption id="attachment_1281" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Magical."][/caption]

Turquoise, peacocks, and tiny little music makers make me feel somewhat powerful. A dandy combination.

The husband was playing "Walking On The Moon" by The Police all on his own, all the parts [except for the drums obvi] with his one little guitar and one little peddle. It was impressive and gave my day a nice start.

I have been sick for the last two months while and it feels like it will never go away. It has recently manifested in new and surprising ways and I am trying a lovely concoction of meds. So, we will see. I have so many things I want to post about... new clothes, the first time shopping since October [for myself], some awesome new stores I have discovered, and what it all means to me [lofty thoughts, obviously]. But, I am stuck on the sofa. It's not SO bad. I have watched 7 movies in the last 36 hours.

I just got this square pattern blanket wrap in the mail on Saturday. I ordered it from ASOS as my ONE ITEM after months of salivation. I ordered it on December 29th or something like that. Not even sure if that counts, since I didn't receive it until after the 91 days were up.

The last [and first] time I ordered from ASOS they sent me the wrong thing and then took FOREVER AND EVER to refund my money. I had to email them 21239398259864 times to get my money back and I vowed to never order from them again. Too bad for me they have some really amazing things on their site for reasonable prices. So, I gave it one more shot with this wrap and turns out they done good. I love it. ASOS has been restored in my book.

I've literally not taken it off except to sleep since I opened it. It's perfect for sick days. Warm, soft, super cozy, and doesn't make me feel quite as loafish since I still feel kind of fashionable and cute.

I also gotta say that it's nice being able to wear the same thing over and over again with no blog guilt and pressure to find new outfits every day. Double comfort.

As I was reading, which is pretty much all I do during the day, I came along this quote that reminded me of why we started this blog.

“Advertising helps to keep the masses dissatisfied with their mode of life, discontented with ugly things around them. Satisfied customers are not as profitable as discounted ones” (p. 39). From Printers’ Ink and published in the Captain Consciousness


So before you buy consider why you buy and who made you think you need that item. Will you think that you look hotter with that new mini dress by Urban Outfitters? Mmmhhhh

Wearing black leather boots from local shoes store in Viareggio; Calzedonia tights, Dress by Forever 21 (Hilary's Swap) and purple sweater (my mom's); scarf (my mom's).

Can you all tell my hair is lighter? I got highlights!!!

The Swap was great as HIlary mentioned. It was actually better than shopping. But before I recount stories about the shopping spree experience I must say that I did not miss letting these clothes go. As a matter of fact when I got back to Tallahassee and reorganized my closet I wish I had thrown away more clothes. I want to share with you two items I got from shopping. In the next days I will share pictures of items I got from the swap and shopping. I only bought 3 items: a pair of shoes, a bag, and a furry vest. That' s it. Shopping was intimidating after the absence. It was awkward. It took me a sandwich to get in the mood. Once we got to the mall I was exhausted, overwhelmed by the quantity of items and people. Also, instead of spending a lot of time looking at each single item in the store, I was able to shop in 10 minutes, getting to the point of what I needed or inspired me. I have also noticed that I enjoy shopping on-line much more because the selection is infinitive and I don't have to socialize with the outdoor world. The lesson of the 91 days is that I am more selective: I just don't buy for the sake of it; I don't buy because that dress is cute and it' sonly $29. I shop based on how many times I will actually wear the item and for what occasions. I also choose items based on character and how unique they are. For example, the purse I got is just a pearl in the ocean. Very vintage. I feel it will add to my collection of vintage look. It's cute.

Shoes bought at DSW. They are not leather but were only $20. The bag is from Urban Outfitters.

There is so much I want to share in terms of pictures and thoughts but I ll start with these. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't forget next weekend there will be another swap at Five Point in Jacksonville. More info to come.
Gin and I are finally together, finally sorting through the clothes we have bid adieu to these last three months. To say it was a lot would be a gross understatement. How we still have any clothes in our closets is a mystery, especially considering both our closets are still full!

We laughed, we cringed, and we told some great stories... the kinds of stories that clothes are made of. Little treasure chests of memories.

More to come tomorrow!

XO Hil and Gin
Maybe they call it "Free People" because the only people who can wear their clothes they way they are meant to be worn are people who are just that. Free. Not dressing for work. Not dressing for the classroom. They are dressing to go roll around in a field, or walk down a tree-lined dirt road while making faces at the lazy cows, to pick flowers, elevate their minds [ahem], lay around in a lush music room listening to scratchy records, and tanning on docks looking for Upside Down World. Maybe in Upside Down World that is who I am.

[caption id="attachment_1241" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Free People January 2011 Catalog"][/caption]

I would like to think that this could be Gin and I. If we were freer. And if I was both taller and skinnier. Much skinnier. And blonde. So, not quite us really! But, if my wardrobe had no societal bounds, I would dress like that all the time. Lacy and free. Although I am not into the frilly shorts. Those are weird. Trade them in for some cut offs and I am golden.

In the real world, I am something different. Something, or someone, that I love to be... but not quite as free as my mind would have me.

[caption id="attachment_1242" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="The cold hard truth of reality."][/caption]

Wearing Silence + Noise jeans, white tee from The Loft, taupe sheer cardigan from Lucky, printed pashmina, turq beaded frindge necklace, turq ring, Zigi Soho clogs, and brown beanie from Urban.

Ahh the cubical. I try to liven it with things that inspire me.

[caption id="attachment_1243" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="James Michener."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1248" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Love."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1244" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Reflected."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1249" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Beyond."][/caption]

Here's to a rainy day behind a computer in a cubical. Perhaps this is what imaginations are for.

That should really read "National Spaghetti Day!!!!" Seriously, who doesn't like spaghetti?

These pictures are actually from last night, before I knew about the upcoming holiday [ahem, it's a holiday in my book], but I ate leftovers tonight which means I celebrated twice.

I love the look of old photos. I miss REAL photos. Digital images, for all the amazing things they can do and be and become [like the images above], it's just not the same. I miss not knowing what the pictures look like until your print them out. Laughing over goofy faces and funny accidental angles instead of outrightly deleting them immediately for not being "good". I would love to say that I still print out photos or have a film camera that would somehow fit my nostalgia, but honestly I am much too lazy for that.

I am wearing a new sweater [I got so many new sweaters for X-mas, which is super fitting... my friends used to describe me as the sweater girl] from Anomaly in Five Points. Husband did good. I love the oversized sleeves. It is also extremely warm! Worn with black Cheap Monday skinny cords, white tank from Sway in Berkeley, black pashmina, Nine West boots, fuscia fringe earrings, turq ring and tortoise shell cuff watch.

[The husband's favorite "smile" pic.]

IMPORTANT NEWS: We will be doing a Clothing Swap at Anomaly/Underbelly in a few weeks! If you don't know about Anomaly, shame shame! If you do [or don't], pick out your best clothes you're ready to part with and come out for some new [to you] clothes, drinks and mingling! We will be giving out tickets for each item you bring and you can trade each ticket in for one new item to take home. Date and additional details soon to come!

Go eat some spaghetti! And to end with some interesting trivia, did you know that the Chinese originally invented pasta? The Chinese!!! I am becoming more and more convinced of their world domination.
Welcome to the teens.

Rang in the new decade with lots o' sequins!

Don't want to write much, but wanted to post the pics from my last outfit of 2010 (and our diet).

Got my dance on, wore goofy hats, kissed my love, and drank the bubbly.

Wore Topshop shorts, black tights, grey H&M tank, black Dolce Vita moto boots and a vintage black sequined jacket.

Sequins. (Shaking my head.)