Dressing fashionable during pregnant is not easy. I have not found a cool selection of maternity clothes at stores or online and everything out there is tiny for tiny bellies, for tiny waists, for tiny little girls with tiny everything. The other day I found a new boutique in town that sells super cute clothes. It was me shopping and 13 years old girls.... I tried one summer dress, could not even fit one boob.

I did find most of my clothes at Forever 21. Yes, I did. They are cheap so even if I use them for 9 months I don't feel bad and pack them away I don't feel bad. Plus it is the only place I feel I can somewhat be trendy.... Everything I am wearing in these pictures is from Forever 21.

Up Front Side of my Belly: Week 20th (what happens at 20th week) 
 Front side of Belly: Week 20th 
 Side belly: Week 20th 

Side belly: Week 20th 

By the way, I found this blog by Amy Tara that gives some great pregnant style tips and as a matter of fact I am wearing a maxi skirt like she suggested. Check it out if you like.


This is the second article about tips for your skin. The first piece was on general tips on how to have a long term young skin and for free. Check that out here.

This one is about skin care products before you actually put make up on. Let me give you the background. I have a mix skin oily but some spots can be dry. Depending where I am geographically I can get really dry skin or really oily. Also consider I have fair skin and delicate. A lot of products will cause acne. Currently I live in Florida, which equals humidity but free moist at the same time. 

About 3 years ago I developed some bad acne problems on my face. I never suffered from acne as a teenager. I decided to see a special esthetician and invested in $400 to get a consultation, products, and a very light peeling. The peeling was not a laser aggressive peeling. It does have some type of acid, which I suppose take care of pores, prevent any wrinkles, and give you a glow.

I get a peeling once a year (now I can't because I am pregnant so I am skipping). The results were/are impressive. Over time my skin was balanced. Yes, I did get pimples once in a while, but I did not break as often as before and overall my skin was good. I also stopped using many products so I actually saved money. The $400 I spent initially served me to get annual products which included toners, soap, masks, foundation, SPF lotion and acne/wrinkle serum. So that is like $33 a month. I did not have to buy any other products. I also did not have special wrinkle lotions for eyes or face. The only thing I use is this acne wrinkle serum but I can only use it when a pimple comes and visits. So I use it rarely.

Now, I strongly suggest anybody to find a specialist/dermatologist and do your research on their credibility and understand your type of skin. I will talk about my products but I cannot advice you to buy them for your skin type. That is why I described at the beginning my skin type. Now the products I use don't need a prescription and are sold on line or at special stores.

For special care at night I am not an expert so I would suggest you to check out Carly's post on 4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should be Using. 


Most of my products are from Skinceuticals and Avene. They are not super expensive like Chanel. They don't have smells and are formulated to help your skin. That's why you would actually go to a pharmacy in Europe to buy these products. I also used La Roche.

Did I also mention that I am lazy and don't like having to spend too much time putting stuff on my face and cleaning my face at night? We will get to that....

TIP: Keep your face scrub in the shower so you can kill two birds with one stone. 


Micro-Exfoliating Scrub (5fl oz.) $30

This is an effective and delicate face scrub to use in the morning in the shower and/or at night (sink). I should probably use it at night but I have the bad habit of been lazy and skip the steps of face washing. The scrub eliminates dead skins, reduces black heads, and leave a clean face. Suitable for mix skin or oily. I love this stuff.


Equalizing Toner (8fl oz.)

The toner I would suggest only if you have really oily skin and have acne problems you are trying to resolve. I used it for a while when I was trying to equalize my skin. I would use first the scrub, then follow up with the toner. Use cotton balls. You will see the dirt collected on the cotton balls as you use the toner. It's alcohol base so if you use it too much your skin will dry and won't be pretty. You can probably skip it if you don't have very oily skin and acne. 


Blemish and Age Defense (1fl oz.)

This is the best thing ever if you have pimples and just that greasy skin from PMS, stress or humid weather. I cannot tell you how great this product was for me. I used first the scrub then the toner and then added one small, tiny drop of this serum on my palm then with my fingers I put it on key areas of my face that needed attention. You don't need much. Just really a tiny amount. Use it ONLY when necessary. This product is strong and will burn your skin and make you peel if you do not use it properly. You need to use it only when you have to and then stop. I have not use it since I am pregnant because it has salycic acid and I am not sure how I feel about that now that I am pregnant. I also stopped using it when my skin was balanced. I would only use it again when a pimple would pop up. The product also works to decrease wrinkles (fine lines). I think it has done the job for me. This is the only product I use for wrinkles believe it or not. 


Hydraphase Intense Light Facial Moisturizer (1.69fl oz.)

There are a bunch of products like this one. I needed something light, oil free because Florida is hot and humid and I don't need the extra moist. Anything heavy will cause me to break out and did not work with my make up. The make up would melt and run down. Overall, I am pleased with the product. I only need to buy one bottle per year, because again I don't need that much. Another favorite of mine is Avene Optimal light cream. It's about $30. 


Tinted Moisturizer SPF


I wrote about this product on another post so you might want to check out the pros and cons. In general, this is great for people who want to get sun protection (SPF 50) and some coverage in the summer or while doing sports. 

These are the products I use on a regular basis. I have other sample products that I try so maybe I will talk about those in another post, but generally speaking this is all I need. 

I am though curious to learn more about overnight creams and skin care regimes. I feel I can benefit from using something stronger at night. In regards to this topic I just read this blog by Carly Woods that talks about products to use at night. I have not tried the products yet but it made me think about what I might need to add to my must have in skin care. 


I have been asked few different times what skin products I use on my face. Some of my friends were interested to know how I keep my face moisturize or glowy. To tell you the truth  I was surprised they asked me because I have acne problems so I never feel I have good skin even now that I am pregnant. I will share here my regime. It is pretty simple because I am lazy but I do use specific products. I am breaking down this session of beauty in 3 different articles, so follow my blog if you want to make sure you receive all of the tips. It's just a click on the right of this article.

First, let me just tell you that I don't smoke or drink much alcohol well of course now that I am pregnant!!! But even before. I quit smoking in 2005. There are not lies: if you smoke your skin will get wrinkles fast! 

Second, I am an active person (not extreme) but I always do something physical. Running will really help your skin get that glow because you will have more blood flowing. Look, you could be gardening, cleaning or lifting weight. The more active you are the more young your skin will look. That's a proven fact.

Third, I do not tan. Crazy right? I live in Florida. I was obsessed with tanning because it is a big part of Italian culture, but then I visited my dermatologist in Tallahassee. I asked her: "why are you always so busy?" Apparently there are many cases of skin cancer due to the sun in Florida and in fact I met so many people who had some form of it. 

I have fair skin (yes the only Italian with fair skin). That means I have more probability of getting burned and skin cancer than other type of skin. 

Sun also has been proven  to cause wrinkles, discoloration of the skin (brown spots) and overall skin cancer. Well, I don't know about you but I don't want that.

I love the sun and the beach but I always wear protection 30-70. And just so you know even black people have a high risk of sun burning. Actually 300% more than other ethnicity. My friend did a speech on it and I still remember how surprised I was. So sun is bad for everybody. 

Fourth, when I was young and did not know better I used to eat crappy food. Then I learned things in school and wrote my dissertation on how bad GMOs foods as well as plastic bottled waters, pesticides, etc. are for you. Ok fine I like to research a lot and I do get obsessed but I like to know facts if I decide to change something in my life. 

So my eating habits have changed. I try to eat organic foods. I try to grow my own veggies. I do not eat fast food. I say 'I try' because in our society it is a challenge to eat only organics or to buy organic toilet paper, soap, etc. When I was in my first trimester I could not eat anything because of morning (all day) sickness. I relied on boiled potatoes, plain chicken and plain pasta. Was my pasta 100% organic at all times? No. At that point it was more about eating something rather than nothing, which it would have been worse. My point is that you don't have to be an extremist to take advantage of the benefits of a healthy life style. 

Before I actually talk about products and make up I use I just wanted to share these fundamental elements that have set the foundation for my overall skin. I guess now that I am over 30 I am trying to minimize potential harm. Next week, I will actually do a tutorial so stay tune. 

Interested in getting the names of my skin products? Check out my next article next week!!!!

BTW, this is my progress with my pregnancy. I believe I am 19 weeks so far. 

My work outfit consists of a J.Crew T-shirt (lilac) // Skirt by Express (one size bigger so I could fit the belly)

It is official. I am having a girl!!

I went to see the doctor probably sometimes in March and he said there was an 80% probability of having a girl, but that they usually wait until the 18th week. The way they can tell is by taking an ultrasound and looking at the end of the belly. There should be a white line. If this line is straight and in line with the belly you are having a girl, if it is up, it’s a boy.


I also took the baking soda test, which is supposed to predict the sex of your baby. Take a plastic cup and pee in it. Take 2 spoons of baking soda. Place them in the cup. If it frizzes it is a boy, if it does not do anything it’s a girl. Mine frizzed just a little and created a foam….So I think this test is not very accurate. LOL

I officially started the baby registry and working on the baby room. I need help. Seriously, I have no idea what you need for a baby and when I try to choose a baby tub I get overwhelmed by the choice and reviews of people and whether it's organic or not. I am however very disappointed by the lack of organic products for babies. I am selecting my registry based on availability of organic products and yet it's so limited. All this plastic crap can't be good. And what the heck are onesies or rocker or playgrounds?

I have been wearing many dresses, mostly maxi dresses. I just found out that Piperlime has a large selection of maxi dresses for under $50. If you are pregnant you should check them out.

To tell you the truth I am still wearing most of my regular dresses. The only thing I stopped wearing is pants and you all know my old bras. But I am only 18th weeks so I can only imagine what will happen to me at 38 weeks. 

So few months ago I found out I was pregnant. For those who don't know me I was never a fan of kids, neither I ever engaged with them. I waited 10 years of marriage to finally give up and decide to try this all motherhood thing.

I am 17 weeks now and had so far a miserable pregnancy with 24 'morning' sickness (they tell you it's morning but it is all day), nose bleeding, congestion, headaches, weird allergies reactions, over salivation, etc. The worst has passed but there is really no much glory or the infamous glow. I actually have acne.

If I was to explain how you feel when you are pregnant imagine having had your worst or best drunk night in your entire night. The night you drink so much you blank out and wake up with your make up all over your face next to the toilet of the trashiest bar in town. Imagine the next morning, as a result you have the worst hang over in the history of any hang over. You can hardly move or feed yourself, your head is the path for thousands of elephants and your stomach has gone through a mixture of toilet waters.... remember the Sundays spent on the sofa trying to make sense of the pain? Trying to eat but you can't really because everything makes you want to puke?

Pregnancy during the first 3 months is that every day every hour every minute of your 3 month. While with the hang over you got the light at the end of the tunnel - you start slowly feeling better- with pregnancy there is no such a thing. There is no, "Hey it's getting better," it's the endless hang over of the century.

Top that with the fact that you can't take any drugs, you still have to show up at work, and manage your everyday functions and BAM you got PREGNANCY!!!


Gin second month of pregnancy 

Are you preganant too? If you are share your thoughts with me and subscribe to follow my journey through fashion and pregnancy and who knows what else.

Second Trimester Must Fashion Items

It is quite depressing at this time to go on a weekend shopping with your friends when you are pregnant. Forget about looking at cute tiny dresses because you can't even fit one of your boobs in it. But you can still get some fashionable items to show off and be comfortable during your second trimester.

1). At this point you really need a new bras or even more than one. I have changed 3 sizes so far going to Victoria's Secret every week. The other week I bought two new bras, by the time I got home my boobs had grown already. True story. Then I got measured again at the store and I was told that the style I had selected the previous week (when my boobs were slightly smaller) was not available in my new size.  So the lesson is buy a new supportive bras during your second trimester and go for something fun and sexy like the bras at Victoria's Secret. You are not at the breast feeding phase yet, for that you will need to go for a maternity bras. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

2). I bought a small J.Crew cardigan that shapes my belly (shown in the picture). I figured given that I am big I should show my belly and shape more. I tried a very floaty dress by BCBG at Dillards and it looked horrible on me. It was yes floaty and roomy but just because you have a belly it does not me you need to look like a watermelon. It was the one below:


3). Big necklaces: everything is big so even your accessories must match with your new proportions. Get yourself chunky bracelets or a statement necklace. You will be able to use these accessories even when pregnancy is over. I bought this one at J.Crew Factory and it was 40% off.

Now I need a nap. Ah!

My Sunday Outfit: J.Crew cardigan bought at J.Crew Factory; Urban Outfitters cotton skirt (just something I had for years that I don't care to stretch out); an Anthropologie bracelet; and vegan pink nail polish, which I love.

If you are reading this and you are pregnant I would love to hear from you. Share your fashion tips, struggles and laughs.

Every woman young or mature should have a couple of blazers. They are versatile and can change any outfits. You can wear them at work, out with friends, and even at school. They are also good because they are not as heavy as sweater and yet they do the job of protecting from cold chills. 
You don't have to spend a lot of money these days to find the perfect blazer. Let me show you two that I enjoy wearing for any occasions.

#1. THE WHITE BLAZER: wear with black pants for a party or happy hours on Friday, or wear with a dress at a wedding or work. I wore this one with a 1950s inspired dress for the office. I matched it with chunky jewelry and I was all set. 

#2. THE CASUAL BLAZER: The casual blazer is also a jacket that you can use for cold nights or cold offices. You can pair it with sweat pants and sneakers or with a cute dress. This particular jacket is from On and On by Silvia Di Grazia, an emerging Italian designer based in Milan, Italy. She is actually from my hometown Lucca and has quickly become a new icon in the world on contemporary fashion that is also comfortable.  

 #3. THE BOYFRIEND BLAZER: a bigger feel and fit than other blazers, the boyfriend jacket works well paired with heavy sweaters in the winter or to elongate the body of heavier women. Pair it with skinny pants, a dress, or a pencil skirt and you are set to be a trendy office girl. I choose a satin like fabric and a pink color to stay girly enough.

TIPS: Make sure you don't pick a blazer too small on your shoulder and back. You need to leave some room. Many blazers are really small on your arms and even short. Go bigger rather than small. 
TIPS: Depending on the fabric and cut of the blazer pick colors that do not add weight to your body. For example, the boyfriend blazer can risk to look too baggy if the fabric is too heavy. Go for light weight. 


I never really posted pictures from my trip to Miami back in December. I just wanted to share my favorite place to visit and items to pack for a weekend in Miami. I actually wrote already about it here, so check it out. 

101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, 33130 
website: http://www.pamm.org

WHY VISITING: The architecture is phenomenal and the view is exceptional. Don't expect great art inside. Just go to take pictures of the building and enjoy a picnic outside. 




As my usual weekly work out outfit I decided to share an old picture of mine when I still could fit in some of my tiny clothes. For those who don't know I am pregnant now, so my fashion adjusted to a belly. You can follow fashion for pregnant women on my blog searching for pregnancy. 
The dress is from Gianni Bini, a gift from my mother-in-law. The necklace is a vintage piece my mother gave me. 

I don't like to do much with my hair and I am a horrible fast hairstylist. I don't even brush my hair. So I pull them up all the times in my best capabilities.