This is a list of top fashion and design bloggers to follow on Pinterest. Some of them are not popular bloggers but actually just regular people with great style. They truly post the best fashion pictures on Pinterest.

1. Evie Mitchell: Her clothes's board is full of charming casual but cute outfits, ranging from cute skinny jeans with big sweaters or bohemian dresses paired with leather glad sandals.
2. Bea Herzberg: Follow her arts & craft and her fashion boards to get inspired by art, beauty, and vintage style. As her introduction states "images help to notice the beauty of the world" and we can only agree with Bea.

3.  Anne Louise: Australian Anne inspires us through her clothes and food & drinks boards full of minimal but colorful looks. Outfits are clean with a hint of color and girlish accessories. 

4.  Helena Kerr: Follow her Hiden Beauty you will find cute polka dots swimsuits and tropical one piece swimwear. Her fashion board captures designers' clothes that resemble art paintings. 
5. Amy S.: Follow her {Street Style}'s board to stay in touch with the latest from all fashionistas walking the streets of major fashion streets. You will learn what's in, what to buy next, and how to wear it. 
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Are you intrigued by trench coats but are not sure how to wear them without looking like a British Detective? Let me show you how I wear my Coach trench coat. A trench coat is a must item in your wardrobe for the simple reason that it does its job. When it rains you need something that is impermeable, will dry fast, and will get the water off you.

There are limitless styles of trench coats, the most classy one is by Burberry and if you are lucky enough and are in London you will find them for a good price at flea markets. No matter what your budget is you will find a trench coat that fits your needs. At the end they all look very similar. I compiled a list of the best trench coats by price and check out my pictures on how to wear a trench coat.

How to Wear Your Trench Coat

PS. All pictures taken by Mallory Brooks

Everyone knows that I have been following a consistent plan post baby (body) to get back in shape. I have expressed on Facebook last week-end how disappointed I was that I have not seen the scale going down in the past two weeks. I had reached a point in my work out regime that the pounds were shedding without even thinking about it and then I hit a plateau or at least that is what I thought/think.

No matter what I eat or how often I work out I can't seem to shed those last 16 pounds. I was surprised I got so many responses on Facebook. I never realized I had so much support and so many friends who are into fitness and health. I was reading that there are different reasons why even athletes hit a plateau. It could be that they need to rest more, eat more or eat less, increase weight, and so on. I even had a long discussion with my friend Sandy who is a professional Triathlon coach.

I feel for me working all day in an office has really slowed me down. I was instructed by my personal trainer to hit 10K steps a day. Well, that is not happening. If you think about it 10K is not that much. A jog or 50 minutes walk will get you there so how sad that we humans in this society do not walk. We are so busy with being busy that we don't prioritize what is important. And yet we set high expectations one being to get Miranda Kerr's post baby body in just few weeks.

I get up to get dressed for work at about 7am after a sleepless night with my newborn. I get in my car by 8:45am and then I come back home by 5:15pm when the baby sitter leaves. From there I just care for my child: bath, diapers, feeding, nap, etc. I go to the gym for one hour and then back home to care for Olly again or cook. By 9PM I am in bed trying to put the baby to sleep. And that is why I don't get 10K steps a day. At least now. I imagine with longer days in the Spring and a 6 month child it will get easier to be more active. I have visions of me jogging down being a cool fit mom....

The rationale 'you are building muscles, the scale does not count': I must admit, it's very hard for me to accept this concept because I was grown up to think that the number of the scale is what matters. Now, I don't strive to be skinny at all or to obtain Adriana Lima's post baby body; I just want to be able to fit in my clothes and make sure I am healthy for my child (obviously looking tone makes me feel good and proud of myself). And here my disappointment that the scale did not go down, despite my consistency at the gym and my ok diet.

The diet: I like to eat and I will start with that. I am queen snacker. I am like a mouse eating little crumbs all day long. Now, I eat healthy and organic. I cut on all dairy because it causes colic for Olly. I rarely eat pasta, rice or bread. This is very hard for me given that I am Italian. I do eat cupcakes and ice cream for special occasions like Christmas, birthday parties, etc. And if I want a beer I will drink it. I can' stick to diets. Today I was trying to follow a diet plan by Kayla which specializes on building strength and muscle with a 12 weeks work out and nutritional help. Well, I was hungry. Even  if her plans are supposed to be based on a 1,500 and more calories intake I was hungry. I will give it another try tomorrow but my point is that when I feel deprived of food I am not happy. I like to eat. I like the presentation of food, the social aspect, the colors, the meals, etc. And I don't believe in fads, or diets that eliminate one category or the other. Because that is unrealistic and again I like to eat. I think the real problem is our society, the fact that we don't move much all day long. So how do we fix that?

NOTE: I wrote this at week 8. Now I am at week 10 (beginning) and have already shed 2 pounds. I did adjusted my diet to include protein for every meal, even snacks I take. I guess I should not complain and I need to be patience and consistent.

PROGRESS: Week 0 - Week 4 - Week 6

Week 9:

What are the must items to have in your wardrobe? 

Every Year I clean and organize my closet. I try to do a good cleaning every change of season. There are different criteria I use to determine whether I will keep an item or not, from it is totally consumed and has holes, to ' my body is not 20' and the last but not least, 'too many sequins.' Cleaning and organizing the closet for me is very calming and relaxing. It cleans my vision from the clutter accumulated through years of consumerism or necessity and it provides me a beginning to really understand what are the top fashion items I need in my wardrobe. So I put together a list of items I want to buy this year. Many are classic items that everyone should own at some point in their lives. Some I need to replace after 10 years of well use.

Item to buy in 2015

1. A Cashmere Coat: I can't street enough the importance of investing in a good quality coat that will actually keep you warm in the winter. Cashmere coats will cost you but they will also last forever and will keep you from freezing your ass at the bus station when it is below 20. Max Mara has probably the best coats but they are pricy. Modi Operandi sells some really nice ones. On Ebay you can score a real cashmere coat for around $600. The point is that you need to stop wasting money here and there and put your pennies in the 'cashmere' jar.

2. Leather: Whether you need a leather jacket, leather pencil skirt, leather dress, or top you will never go wrong with investing in genuine leather. As controversial as it can be to buy real leather (animal cruelty) it is also true that continuing buy clothes that are poor quality has an equal impact on the environment and animal kingdom. I personally would rather buy one good item only than many through my life. I own real leather boots that my mom used to wear when she was in her 20s. Leather jackets for women can be as heavy or light as you might desire. I love light and soft leather jackets for the spring and summer. They keep me warm from wind and a/c. All Saints has probably the best leather jackets at very high prices. But you can score nice ones on sales everywhere from Burlington Factory to Motivi, to Good Will etc.

3. Silk or Satin long Skirt: I am obsessed with smooth silk fashion items. From pj to maxi skirts I find these pieces classic and long-lasting. I am particularly looking for a nude or powder pink long silk skirt to pair with pretty much anything and wear any season. I am actually about to sew one myself because I can't find one that I can afford.

4. Hunter Rain Boots: I don't know how a pair of rubber boots have become fashionable and expensive. Especially when you can go to Home Depot and score a similar pair for $10. However, here why I would pay the money to buy a pair of green or black rain boots. You live in Florida and it rains during hurricane season every single day. You have to fight the snow and rain of norther cities. You do gardening or attend outdoors events. And you are an architect and are checking out muddy projects. Let me tell you that these boots do not protect you from freezing temperature. I know because when I was in Paris in December wearing Hunter boots I was freezing my feet. I had to buy 3 pair of sucks.

5. A Cashmere Burberry Scarf: There is something about owning a classic item such as a Burberry scarf that makes it ok to spend all that money in a small rectangular to wear only for one season. But again I was given an awesome cashmere/wool giant pashmina by Fendi. I used that pashmina everyday, every year as a blanket, as a hat, while freezing in my office, while raining outside....And it never broke, never lost its shape, never got weird nods or dots. It was and still is the best scarf I could have had.

6. Tan or Nude Hat: I am obsessed with these bohemian hats. Some are wool, some are expensive, but they all look awesome. Floppy hats if in neutral colors can really change an outfit. Just get one and don't ask why.

7. UGG: So, in theory Ugg boots are pretty ugly. When paired with denim mini skirts and a football t-shirt you just want to immediately vanish and replace your Uggs with heels. In reality Ugg boots are famous for a good reason. They keep you damn warm. It's quite amazing. I bought a pair 10 years ago at TJMaxx for $50 and ended up wearing them as slippers when the color faded and my dog had puked on them. I finally donated them (after cleaning them well), but I need to get another pair. One of these fashion items you need to be comfortable in the house or taking your dog for a walk. I would not wear them at the grand gala.

8. A light brown tote: for some reasons I have not bought a purse or bag in years. The only ones I wear are the ones I make and sell in this boutique in Key West because they are clutches and small. 5 years ago I was probably into huge bags, but now I am all about being free. Less is better. There is one bag that I do want to get. It is a simple brown tote to use for work, grocery, running errands that require loading items in bags. I see a tote as a grocery bag you won't forget at home when you are at the supermarket.

9. An awesome leather laptop case: I don't own a cell phone or laptop case. I feel it takes away from the original design of an item. However, I am clumsy and I have dropped my cell and old laptops thousand of times (rest in piece white ibook). Two of my favorites cases for cell-phones and laptops are the gold plastic iPhone case and a leather iMac book case. Now I just need to motivate myself to buy them even if I really don't need them and want them.

10. High knee leather boots. With the first money I ever made I bought a pair of black leather boots in Italy. They were expensive but beautiful. They were made with soft leather that came up my thighs, but you could also flip them to your knee. That was 10 years ago. I still have them and they are my only pair of black leather boots. They are starting to wear off so I am looking for a new pair with low heel. I want something for everyday, that is classic. Everyone needs a simple and low heel pair of boots. J.Crew probably has the best and wide selection. You can score a pair of their boots on Ebay for $120 and up.

Those are my top 10 fashion items to have in your wardrobe. What do you think? Did I miss anything? 

Best Clothes to Wear After a Baby 

What are the best clothes to wear after having a baby? This is a very important question because your body will keep changing for the next 6 months, especially if you are breastfeeding. Some mothers might find themselves going back to work and thus requiring to look polished and professional. As frustrating as it can be finding clothes that fit you after having a baby is not impossible.

The best part of not being pregnant anymore, beside having the child, is wearing your old clothes again. It is literally like going shopping and scoring all your favorite pieces in just one store. While I still need to lose more weight (if you have followed me you know that I have been working out everyday) I found few pieces that I can still pull off and actually they seem to work well to define my current shape. These items are great flattering clothes post pregnancy.
1. Blazers: Holy Blazers and Jackets. Believe it or not in the first picture on the top I am wearing UO's blazer bought years ago in navy blue. Choose dark colors because we all know dark and solid colors make us look slimmer. I chose a white top, which I know it's a bad choice if you have a big chest, but I feel the chunky necklace by JCREW balances the entire outfit. 

2. Jackets: again small and cropped jackets can change an outfit in just few seconds. I love the taupe jacket by BCBG I am wearing in the second picture. That is an outfit I would wear on casual Friday at work. If you are concerned about the appearance of your arms, a blazer or jacket will help you look amazing. 

3. Scarf: in general I think accessories have been helping me to disguise imperfections and focus on my best assets. I am probably known for wearing scarves. Scarves to me are like diamonds and necklaces. I love them and make me feel strong and pretty. The one from the photo is from Zara.

4. Layers: You need to be careful when you layer because you might actually end up looking heavier. The trick is to stay away from all heavy fabrics, drastic changes in lengths (a camisole on the bottom and then a shirt, and then two other sweaters the same lengths). Try a blouse and a vest on top and pair them with leggings and high boots. 

5. Flowy and light tops: The top with elephants, which I bought at Forever21 is great to hide post-pregnancy belly and love handles. This is because it flows and the fabric is like silk/satin. I like to pair it with the blazer from Urban Outfitters and I am all set to go. 

Which one is your favorite outfit? Leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.