11 Things I learned from Hurricane Hermine

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Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee and while the storm did not damage and kill people the city was left with no power for several days. Having lived Hurricane Gilbert in 1987 when living in Jamaica this was not that bad, but I definitely learned something.

1. Never ever I have seen so many people working out and going to the gym when the power is off at their house.
2. Never ever I have seen so many people walking on the streets. PERIOD.
3. Never ever I have engaged and talked to ALL my neighbors this much, like all day because there is nothing to do.
4. Never ever I partied on the front porch with my neighbors dancing to Nirvana and drinking champagne and having a blast.
5. Never ever I thought I would be so American and desperately searching for air conditioning and then complaining it is still too cold
6. Never ever I had 6 portable chargers in the house to charge my phone
7. Never ever I had so many candle light dinners and realized there is nothing romantic about it
8. Never ever I enjoyed not been on social media or in front of a TV
9. Never ever I met my step goals and hit 10,000 steps every day. EVER
10. Never ever I cleaned my fridge and freezer from left overs from 2008
11. Never ever I learned that Americans don't know a gas stove can be lit with a match!

What were your never ever from Hurricane Hermine?