Baby Food

Food is vital for the development of our children. Everything they ingest will help them be strong, healthy, build their tiny bones, and develop their brain. Ever since I was pregnant I knew my child would only be eating organic goods and that I would be cooking and making everything from scratch. Olivia started eating solids at about 6 months and since then we have filled our fridge with jars of home-made apple sauce, squash, peas and cream of chicken. It is here where I will share some of our favorite recipes for children.

Home-Made Baby Apple Sauce 

Organic Mcintosh (3 pounds)
Organic Cinnamon (1 TB spoon)
A blender 
Glass Jars (2)

Peel the apples and slice them. Place in a pot full of water. Add the cinnamon and cook over medium-low heat until the apples are tender. Drain the water and let the apples cool a little bit. Place in the blender and pulse until you get a creamy sauce. 

You should be able to make two full glass jars as shown in the picture. I store one in the freezer and one in the fridge. You can you any type of apples you like. 

Mele Dolci Bio (1 KG)
Cannella Bio (1 cucchiaio)
Mixer o frullatore
Contenitori di vetro

Sbucciate le mele e tagliatele a fettine sottili. Metterle in una pentola colma di acqua. Aggiungere la cannella e cuocere a fuoco medio-basso fino a diventare soffici. Scolarle e lasciarle raffreddare un pochino. Passare le mele nel frullatore fino a quando otterrai una salsa soffice come nella foto. 

Potete mettere la crema di mele in due contenitori di vetro, uno del freezer ed uno nel frigorifero per consumazione immediata. Potete usare delle altre mele.