Vintage Shopping in Tallahassee

I used to love vintage clothes. My favorite decade is the 70s with big sunglasses, high waisted jeans and flare. I stopped wearing vintage when I moved to Tallahassee because there were just not authentic vintage stores. On my seldom trips to Europe I would indulge in vintage shopping to pick some key fashion items to add to my wardrobe. Things have changed since then. Vintage shopping in Tallahassee has changed since 2014 when Curio Goods opened its doors to vintage lovers. Jackie Skelding fresh out of college had a mission driven by her passion for history and fashion - to open a vintage store in Tallahassee with hand-selected and in pristine condition vintage clothing items. The inventory ranges from 1920s to 1980s with few replicas accessories like the oversize shades I am wearing in this photoshoot. Those are a big seller at the store as well as on Etsy. For the next weeks or so I will dedicate a post to this vintage gem in Tallahassee wearing some of Curio's vintage pieces (on sale at the store). I hope you will have fun going through these pictures like I did and get yourself to visit the store located at 1046 Railroad Square, in Tally. When you go mention my name to Jecki and she can help you identify few pieces based on you fashion decade you like. And get the details on this dress at the bottom of this article.

*** Photos by Mallory BrooksI am wearing a Vintage purple floral dress from the 1970's. Size M/L $42. I usually wear a size small but this fits me as I like comfy dresses for the summer. You can also wear it with a belt if you want more definition. And if you are pregnant it is the best stylish dress.