What to wear when you feel bloated and fat

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I must admit I have gained some weight lately and my clothes are starting to fit weird (yes I am purposely using the word weird.) I have a bloated stomach. My breast just wants to come out and show off, my pants cut my waist every time I sit at my desk and my dresses do not zip up anymore. I am just feeling fat.  

It is ok. I am a little sad I gained weight but I am more depressed about not fitting in my clothes and not having anything to wear. I also did not realize how clothes fit completely different depending on your body shape and extra meat on certain locations. For example, a deep low cut dress looks better on somebody with a curvaceous body while shapeless clothes look better on skinny and tall women. I feel I am Betty Draper in the season of Mad Men when she gained all that weight. Though her wardrobe was still awesome. 

I am on a dilemma where I am forced to adapt to a new fashion style because I feel either bloated or fat.  For example, how do you wear leggings when you are bloated? Are leggings good or bad when you are fat? Then I sat back and realized that we all had these days. When women are on their period they certainly feel their once flat belly is bloated and round. We all had our fat feeling days even if we are not really fat. So I wanted to share and ask you, What do you wear when you feel bloated?" What are the outfits not to look bloated? And do how do you wear leggings when bloated?  

What clothes to wear when we feel bloated or fat? How to feel better?

My personal staples for a slimming wear are:

1. Floating tops 
2. Dark leggings 
3. Heels or boots
4. Wear a size up
5. Avoid jeans

In the summer it is more difficult so I try to wear dresses and stick to dark colors, but I totally love casual yet stylish outfits like leggings, a white tee and boots. 

White Topshop; Amrag white tank; NewLook $12 leggings; Donna Karen leggings; Tall boots Golden Goose; short boots Sam Edelman; Scarf Oasis.

I already feel slimmer and better. What about you? What do you wear when feeling fat?