How to Wear Pink Without Looking Like Confetti

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H&M pastel pink blazer // J.Crew Top // Cluse Watch

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I don't think I have ever been a fan of pink growing up. I prefer pink for objects, flowers, designs, but pulling off a pink outfit is very difficult, you could end up looking like a confetti. Here few tips on how to wear pink pants, pink jackets, pink leggings, pink everything without over doing it. 

How to Wear Pink

1. Select a shade of pink that it is not too strong. I like pastel colors like a powder pink, closer to white than to a neon shocking pink. This shade of pink is classic, elegant and timeless, a nice alternative to nude or just ivory. 

Photo by Mallory Brooks 

2. Select only one pink item if you don't know how to pair colorful items all in once. If you choose pink pants you might want to think about what to pair pink pants with. Do you need solid colors or can you play with prints? Depending on the shade of your pink pants you might want to pair them with a simple gray tee, or a gray cardigan. If you are bold you could pair hot shocking pink pants with a red top and shoes. Just make sure you are ready to pull that outfit off. I chose to buy these gray and pink skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters few years ago and love them. As you can see I just pair them with a simple blazer, denim top with beads and ballet shoes. But I have literally worn the pants with denim jackets, white converse and white tops, and nude tops as well. 

3. If you are super afraid of wearing pink pants or jackets start with pink accessories. A giant pink scarf adds character to a neutral, boring black outfit. It also adds happiness to your winter cold days. It brightens your smile and your skin colors. Trust me, just try this winter to wear a vivid colorful scarf against a black coat and walk into a coffee shops. Everyone will be delighted to see you. Colors bring happiness. If you don't want to invest in a pink scarf, you could wear a pink lipstick, or watch. You can really play around here without going overboard with pinkness!